Air Canada Flight Change Policy – Change Date & Time Online

Air Canada Flight Change Policy

The Air Canada Flight Change Policy is in place when passengers go through last minute changes, or the flight change is by the airline. Any last minute changes can make us change our plans and that can lead us to seek flight change. If you find yourself concerned with question like how much is Air Canada flight change fee? What is change flight policy? Then you are at the right place. This article lists all the information regarding flight change policies you may need while traveling with or will need when you plan to travel with Air Canada in future.

What is Air Canada Flight Change Policy? And why do we need it?

Air Canada change flights policy exists solely to answer your queries about Air Canada changing flights ,fees charged and what to do when flight cancellation happens. In times when you are stuck with change of plan and have a flight booking in hand and are wondering what to do with it, this policy comes in handy then. It could be a number of reasons that might make you change your flight reservations and Air Canada change policy is in state to help you make these changes. So before you make any make changes below listed policy rules will help you make a sound decision.

Air Canada Flight Change Rules

Wondering how you can make changes to your flight? Whether you qualify for making changes to your Air Canada flight or not? Then read ahead. Here you will find a list of rules compiled by the Airline to guide you and make it easy for you to make desired changes to your Air Canada flight. Listed below are the rules for Air Canada change flight policy for passengers:

  • If passengers are making flight changes within 24 hours of flight booking then Passenger is not charged any extra fee for flight change.
  • However, If the 24 hours window is missed then you will have to pay the airline flight change fee.
  • If passengers are making a change in flight date and there is a price increase then passengers have to pay the difference in price.
  • However, if after the new bookings are made and there is a drop in flight price then the airline will compensate you for the same.
  • Any changes you wish to make are all subject to availability for that flight else you need to look for a flight at a different date
  • If passengers made their bookings with a third party then they are responsible for making changes via third party, Air Canada is not responsible for the changes.
  • If passengers are going through a medical emergency or there is a Death in the family which is the reason for flight change, then passengers can show the required document to the airline and the Airline will waive off the flight change fee.
  • If there is an Air Canada flight delay of more than 3 hours, then passengers get the flight canceled for free and they can make desired changes to it.

Same Day Flight Change 

Air Canada offers same day flight change policy to its passengers as per Air Canada change flight date policy. As per this service passengers are available for same day flight changes with Air Canada for an available seat on the same day. This feature makes it feasible for the passengers to enjoy any last minute flight changes and gracefully transit towards a different flight which is about to take off within 24 hours window. This service is available for domestic flights 90 minutes prior to passenger’s Air Canada flight departure and for international flights this service is available till 120 minutes prior to passenger’s Air Canada flight departure.

Flight Change Fee

Looking for information about Air Canada flight change fee. Here you will find all the information regarding Air Canada change fee. There are few things to keep in mind when you are looking for a flight change such as your fee depends on whether you are doing a flight change for a one way ticket or a round trip ticket. For one way flight change fee $50 is charged in addition to any fare difference and $75 for a round ticket in addition to any flight difference.

And there is no fee charged for flight change within 24 hours of booking this is also called free charge. Air Canada charges a fee of $100 to $120 for date change if flight departs in 60 days or less than that. If your Air Canada flight Departs in 61 days or more than fee charged is $25 to 35. Below listed is information of Air Canada change fees regarding fare type with Air Canada.

Basic Economy Ticket Flight Change Fee

Air Canada doesn’t allow you to make changes to your Air Canada Flight, if you have a Basic Economy ticket.So if you wish to later make any changes to your flight you must either have a full fare economy ticket or pay the applicable fare difference between the two.

Standard Fare Flight Change Fee

Air Canada charges a fee of $100 as Air Canada ticket change fee for Flight Change for Standard fare type. This fee charged is applied as per person.

Flex Fare Flight Change Fee

Air Canada charges a fee of $50 if passengers are requesting a flight change keeping in mind that there might be a flight difference that needs to be paid depending if the difference is higher or lower.

Comfort Fare Flight Change Fee

Passengers looking for flight change in comfort fare have to face some type of limitations. If a passenger is flying within North America, then you can change your flight for free for up to 24 hours of flight booking. For International flights you can make changes for free up to 48 hours of flight booking and pay Air Canada change fee international for your respective flights.

Award Ticket Flight Change Fee

Air Canada allows you to make changes to your Flight date and time at no extra Air Canada flight change fees if you are traveling on a Award ticket provided that your new flight is within 45 days of original flight booking. If the flight changes that passengers seek are change in route and number of person flying then a fee of $100 is charged which is to be paid by credit card.

Latitude, Premium Economy and Business Class Flight Change Fee

Air Canada offers two type of options for flight change if you have a business class, premium economy and Latitude fare type that is either online or offline. You can visit the official website or do it by calling customer care or at the Air Canada Airport counter. Also you need to remember this that if you cancel your entire trip then no refund is provided for these fare type by the airline. However used portions of your flight ticket will be revert back to you upon request received by the airline within 30 days.

How to make Air Canada Flight Changes?

No matter what the reason you have for requesting a flight change here is how you do it. Air Canada allows you to make changes to its flight online as well as offline. Online means include making changes by visiting the official Air Canada website or by mobile app and offline modes include calling the airline customer care and visiting the Air Canada Airport. In detail information regarding these steps in given below:

Online Air Canada Flight Change 

With the comfort of being anywhere you can easily make desired changes to your Air Canada flight by visiting the official Air Canada website. Mentioned below are the steps that will help you  making desire changes online:

  • Visit the official website ( and click on My Bookings Tab
  • Now enter your last name and booking reference number and once a window pops up
  • Choose the flight you want to make changes to.
  • Click on change date and fill out the required information and click on submit
  • Now you can make payment if it is required for fare difference.
  • Once done you can go ahead and print or download your boarding passes.

Flight Change Via Customer care

Air Canada has a team of professionals who are trained and are ready to help you with any assistance you need. You can call them at 1-888-247-2262 and a trained professional will guide you and assist you throughout the process. It is important that you are handy with all your information that might be required by the agent in order to help you with Air Canada change seats as well. Once the process is done and you are through with the changes you can request the Air Canada staff member to mail you the pass.

Flight At the Airport Counter

Check Air Canada Flight Change Status at Airport

For passengers who prefer a person attending and assisting them with the changes then they can visit the Airport counter as well and request the Air Canada support staff present to guide you with your query. Be present at the airport with all the documents necessary to guide you with your request. Once done you will be notified of the changes.

Flight Change via Mobile App

Furthermore, with the ease just at your fingertips you can also make changes to your Air Canada flight with the Air Canada mobile app. Below mentioned steps needs to be followed when making such changes with the mobile app:

  • Install the Air Canada app on your phone and click on it.
  • Then go to the Bookings Tab and a list of your flights will appear 
  • Choose the one you wish to make changes to and make the desired changes.
  • Once done you can make payments if needed.
  • Once it’s done you will get notified for the same.

What happens when Air Canada changes its flight schedule?

There are times when the airline might change its flight schedule, which causes inconvenience to the passengers. There are certain choices you can make if this happens that is listed below:

  • When this happens it makes passengers eligible for compensation from the airline.
  • Passengers get to reschedule and go for Air Canada change name on ticket as per their flight date free of cost.
  • Passengers also get to ask for refunds if they wish for it from the airline and it will be made through the same way money was received.

This article focuses on the flight change policy that Air Canada has to offer. So that it can help you in focusing and planning properly if you wish to travel with Air Canada. Air Canada has got it all covered with policies present that can help with cancellation, change or rebooking with the airline. You will also find information regarding Air Canada change flight fee here. Also the means through which you can do it are also mentioned in detail. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How to change flight Air Canada that i have booked?

Yes you can change Air Canada flight and depending upon the fare type you will be charged a flight change fee.

Can I change the flight date of my Air Canada flight for free?

Yes you can make Air Canada ticket change for free or charge with Air Canada.

Can I change my Air Canada ticket?

The means to change an Air Canada flight are both online and offline as well.

Can I change my Air Canada flight more than once?

Yes as per the Air Canada change my flight policy you can make flight changes any number of times and pay the fare difference fee every time.

Is there a policy where I can make same day changes to my Air Canada Flight Ticket?

Air Canada does have a same day flight change policy so you can make changes as per it.

What is the time duration of Air Canada no change fee?

No change fee flight duration of Air Canada is till  about 5 days prior to Air Canada Flight Departure. 

How to change Air Canada flight by calling customer care?

You can call Air Canada customer care at 1-888-247-2262 and ask the airline staff member to guide you with this process.

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  1. Considering Air Canada’s commitment to passenger safety and operational excellence, I am interested in learning more about their current initiatives and innovations in enhancing the overall travel experience. Can anyone share insights or experiences with Air Canada’s service quality and reliability?

  2. Dealing with flight changes can be stressful, but Air Canada made the process surprisingly painless. Their change fees were reasonable, and the online platform made it easy to navigate through the process.

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