Alaska Airlines Wheelchair Assistance – How to Book?

Alaska Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

Alaska Airlines Wheelchair Assistance service is provided to the passengers to help them have a comfortable ride with Alaska Airlines. This policy is mapped out to help you understand the do’s and don’ts when you are traveling with a disabled person. The Alaska Airlines staff will be available to assist you at all times during your journey with the airline. Alaska has a well-thought-out policy including your mobility devices. Whether you need a wheelchair temporarily at the airport or you have your own foldable or battery-operated wheelchair Alaska Airlines has considered it all. This content will help you identify what you can bring when traveling with a disability and what services you are offered by Alaska Airlines.

What is Alaska Airlines Assistance offering?

Alaska Airlines offers wheelchair assistance to passengers who need it. You can request this service if you are using a wheelchair or any other mobility assistance. While traveling with Alaska Airlines you will find wheelchair assistance and wheelchair escorts at the airport. The escorts will help you to move around the airport and get the checks done. Electric carts are available at some airports for use so you can check before arriving at the airport. Alaska Airlines transports your wheelchair with them either in the cabin or as cargo depending on the space availability. The list of types of mobility devices that are transported by the airline are:

  • Non-folding manual wheelchairs.
  • Electric-powered carts or scooters.
  • Electric/battery-powered wheelchairs.
  • Folding or collapsible wheelchairs.

Alaska Airline Wheelchair Assistance At The Airport

How to Book Alaska Airlines Wheelchair Assistance at Airport

Are you wondering about the wheelchair assistance provided at the airport while flying with Alaska Airlines, Then you are at the right place. Alaska Airlines is not offering curbside skycap service as Alaska Airline Wheelchair Assistance at every airport. So in these cases, you have to make sure that someone can inform the airport authorities that you are at the airport. The airport staff will send you to a meeting area where the assistance staff will escort you.

It is essential that you inform the airline staff member helping you of the assistance you will need. For boarding or deplaning at connecting the staff will make appropriate arrangements in advance. The wheelchair escort or the airline service staff can escort you to the plane, help deboard, or with the baggage claim. But they cannot help you with ground transportation. If you are someone who needs assistance with this then it is advised to have a ticketed safety assistant.

Alaska Airlines Mobility Assistance While Boarding The Flight

Once you are done at the airport and ready to board the flight, here is what is offered.

Passengers who need assistance while boarding the flight are provided with two options by Alaska Airlines. You get either a lift or a ramp to board Alaska Flights. Additionally, there are 

slings, slide boards, and aisle chairs available to make transfers. In order to make sure you are getting access to these services when you arrive at the airport. You need to access them 45 minutes prior to your flight departure. Also if you are boarding Alaska flights with your own wheelchair, then you are advised to be present at the airport. At least 2 hours prior to your flight departure be present at the gate to board the flight. At least 43 minutes prior to the departure and 30 minutes prior if you are traveling with non-electric and non-battery powered wheelchairs. In case the flight gets canceled or delayed and the disabled passenger is left alone. It is advised that you stay with the passenger while the plane leaves and stay for 15 minutes till it departs.

Alaska Airlines Mobility Assistance On The Aircraft

On the Alaska flight, you will find wheelchair assistance to take you to and from the lavatory as per the Alaska Airlines special assistance. Additionally, passengers whose disabilities make it difficult for them to understand the safety briefings. They are given the safety brief individually and assistance with caring carry-on is also given. 

The staff available on the flight has limitations to Alaska Airlines disability assistance. The staff is not capable of helping in certain scenarios and they are mentioned below.

  • Lift or carry customers
  • Eating Assistance
  • Provide medical services or administer medication
  • Assist within the lavatory

If you need additional assistance than what the staff can offer then you are advised to travel with a ticketed safety assistance. Keep in mind if Alaska Airlines determines that you need a safety assistant to travel and are unable to provide one. Then the airline will not allow you to board the flight. Also, you need to notify Alaska Airlines in advance approximately 48 hours so that adjacent seats can be assigned.

Alaska Airlines Assistance – Foldable Wheelchairs

If you travel with foldable wheelchairs and assistance devices then read this content. On Alaska Flights 1-1499 at the time of pre-boarding request to store your foldable wheelchair. Keep a note that the number of foldable wheelchairs allowed on Alaska flights is one. Which is allocated on a first come first come service. So reaching the airport on time will help you in making the cut. Also, wheelchairs stored on Alaska flights hold preference over carry-on baggage. However, if the wheelchair fails to fit then it will be transported in the cargo compartment at no extra charge. 

To give a better understanding of whether your wheelchairs can fit the breeze flights or not. Below are the dimensions and weights applied by the aircraft types in the Breeze Airlines fleet. 

Aircraft TypeWeightHeight And Width
Boeing500lb34 inch * 45 inch
Airbus500lb46 inch * 71 inch
Embraer300lb84 inch * 39 inch

Alaska Airlines Assistance – Battery-Powered Mobility Devices

When it comes to the battery-operated devices accepted by the airline here is what you should know. It is important that the devices that Alaska Airlines carries have a single power outlet meaning they cannot accidentally get activated on their own. Also, these devices should have only one means of power disconnections. If the battery is removable then remove it and pack it separately with a label on it. Also, leave an instruction manual stating the instructions to dissemble and reassemble your mobility device when needed at the destination.

This content is centered around the Alaska Airlines passenger assistance with wheelchairs. This information will come in handy when you or any member you are booking a flight for needs mobility assistance. Safe Travels!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Alaska Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

How to request wheelchair assistance Alaska Airlines offers to its passengers?

This can be done while making reservations or later on, can be added to your reservation by either calling the airline. Or using the mobile app or the website.

I am a disabled person and I am traveling with Alaska Airlines. I want to know will my wheelchair be transferred to the cabin with me. Is there a procedure for it?

Alaska Airlines has a one-wheelchair-on-the-plane policy and it is provided on a first come first serve basis. So you have to be the first one to claim this service.

I am traveling with Alaska Airlines this weekend with my dad and he needs mobility assistance to travel. Does Alaska offer any senior assistance?

As per the Alaska Airlines Senior Assistance airline offers mobility assistance on the ground and on air.

I booked a flight with Alaska Airlines for my grandma and she is a disabled person. She needs assistance with moving. Is there any assistance service airline offers to disabled passengers?

The airline staff will provide limited assistance to disabled personnel and you can read the content above for better understanding. But if the passengers need help with everything then you need to travel with them and the airline will be sure to book your seats adjacent. 

What happens when my mobility device is not allowed to travel in the passenger cabin? 

If your mobility device is not allowed in the cabin then it will travel in the cargo of the plane.

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