Avianca Wheelchair Assistance – How to Book?

Avianca Wheelchair Assistance

Avianca assistance is dedicated to providing a comfortable and accessible travel experience for all passengers, including those with mobility challenges. The airline’s commitment to inclusivity is exemplified through its comprehensive assistance services. From pre-booking arrangements to specialized assistance at airports, Avianca wheelchair assistance services prioritize the needs and comfort of individuals requiring mobility aid. In this article, we will delve into the details of Avianca’s wheelchair assistance services, exploring the range of services offered, accessibility features at airports, staff training initiatives, and the airline’s dedication to continuous improvement.

Through its efforts, Avianca sets a high standard for wheelchair assistance in the aviation industry, fostering a travel environment that is genuinely inclusive and accommodating.

In this article, we will explore Avianca’s efforts to ensure a seamless journey for passengers requiring wheelchair support, including the provision of Avianca special assistance, accessibility features at airports, and the training of staff to cater to the unique needs of individuals with disabilities.

Overview of Avianca Assistance

Avianca’s wheelchair assistance program is a comprehensive service designed to cater to the needs of passengers with mobility challenges. From the moment of booking, Avianca offers pre-booking assistance, allowing passengers to request wheelchair support in advance. The airline provides both manual and electric wheelchairs to accommodate different mobility requirements. Trained staff members are available to assist passengers with boarding, disembarking, and transferring between flights, ensuring a smooth and seamless journey. Avianca’s commitment to accessibility extends to its airports, which have designated parking spaces, accessible restrooms, ramps, and elevators. The airline collaborates with airport authorities to maintain and improve accessibility standards. 

Feedback from passengers is actively sought and utilized for continuous improvement. Avianca’s unique assistance program exemplifies its dedication to inclusivity, ensuring that passengers with mobility challenges can travel comfortably and confidently.

What Are The Facilities Provided in Avianca Assistance?

Book Avianca Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

Avianca provides a range of facilities and services as part of its Avianca wheelchair assistance program to ensure a comfortable and seamless travel experience for passengers with mobility challenges. Here are some of the facilities provided:

  • Pre-Booking Assistance: Avianca understands the importance of early planning for passengers with mobility limitations. Passengers can request Avianca travel assistance when booking their flight, ensuring the arrangements are made in advance.
  • Wheelchair Availability: Avianca offers manual and electric wheelchairs to accommodate passengers with different mobility needs. These wheelchairs are available free of charge and can be used throughout the journey, from check-in to arrival.
  • Trained Staff: Avianca’s staff members undergo specialized training to provide professional and compassionate Avianca airport assistance. They are trained in proper wheelchair handling techniques, effective communication, and sensitivity toward passengers’ emotional and physical well-being.
  • Boarding and Disembarking Assistance: Avianca’s trained staff is available to assist passengers with boarding and disembarking from the aircraft. They ensure a smooth transition between the aircraft and the terminal, ensuring passengers feel supported and comfortable.
  • Airport Accessibility Features: Avianca recognizes the importance of accessible infrastructure at airports. Its airports are equipped with designated parking spaces for passengers with disabilities, accessible restrooms, ramps, and elevators for easy movement.
  • Personalized Avianca Assistance: Avianca’s wheelchair assistance program offers personalized support tailored to individual needs. This includes assistance with navigating through security checkpoints, immigration procedures, and transferring between flights.
  • Collaboration with Airport Authorities: Avianca collaborates closely with airport authorities to maintain and improve accessibility standards. This collaboration ensures that passengers with mobility challenges have a smooth and hassle-free experience at Avianca’s airports.
  • Continuous Improvement: Avianca values customer feedback and actively seeks input from passengers with disabilities. Feedback is carefully analyzed, and necessary adjustments are made to enhance the quality of wheelchair assistance services continually.

Rules and Regulations For Avianca special assistance

The airline has specific rules and regulations to ensure the provision of Avianca special assistance for passengers with disabilities or special needs. While these regulations may vary depending on the specific circumstances and jurisdiction, here are some general guidelines for Avianca’s special assistance:

  1. Advance Notification: Passengers are encouraged to notify Avianca of their specific Avianca assistance requirements at the time of booking or at least 48 hours before the scheduled flight. This allows the airline to make necessary arrangements and provide appropriate support.
  2. Documentation: Passengers may be required to provide relevant documentation or medical certificates specifying their disability or special needs. This documentation helps Avianca understand the specific requirements and offer suitable Avianca travel assistance.
  3. Check-In and Boarding: Passengers requiring Avianca airport assistance should arrive early to allow sufficient time for check-in and boarding procedures. Avianca’s staff members will assist in the check-in process and ensure a smooth boarding experience.
  4. Communication: Effective communication between passengers and Avianca’s staff ensures appropriate assistance. Passengers should communicate their needs and any specific requirements to ensure the necessary support is provided throughout the journey.
  5. Seat Selection: Avianca offers seat selection options that cater to passengers with disabilities or special needs, including seats with extra legroom or proximity to the lavatories. Passengers should inform the airline of their seating preferences to accommodate their needs. It can be done through Avianca upgrade plan. 

Types of Avianca Special Assistance

Avianca provides various types of particular assistance to accommodate the specific needs of passengers with disabilities or special requirements. Some of the types of Avianca special assistance offered by Avianca include:

  1. Wheelchair Assistance: Avianca offers wheelchair assistance for passengers with mobility limitations. This includes providing manual or electric wheelchairs during the journey and training staff to assist passengers with boarding, disembarking, and transferring between flights.
  1. Visual or Hearing Impairment Assistance: Avianca assists passengers with visual or hearing impairments. This may include guiding visually impaired passengers through the airport, providing information in accessible formats, and offering support for passengers who are hard of hearing or deaf.
  1. Cognitive or Developmental Disabilities Assistance: the airline offers Avianca special assistance to passengers with cognitive or developmental disabilities. This can involve providing clear instructions, offering additional time or support during check-in or security procedures, and ensuring a calm and accommodating environment.
  1. Medical Equipment Assistance: Avianca assists passengers who require medical equipment during the flight, such as oxygen concentrators, CPAP machines, or other essential medical devices. The airline provides guidelines and procedures for bringing and using such equipment.
  1. Assistance Animals: Avianca has specific regulations and procedures for passengers traveling with assistance animals, such as guide dogs or emotional support animals. The airline ensures these animals are accommodated appropriately and compliant with applicable regulations.
  1. Seating Accommodations: The airline offers Avianca airport assistance, including seating accommodations for passengers with disabilities or special needs. This may include providing seats with extra legroom, proximity to lavatories, or other specific requirements to enhance comfort and accessibility.

How to Request the Avianca Wheelchair Assistance

To request wheelchair assistance, the passengers need to follow these steps:

  • Booking Process: During the flight booking process, you can indicate your need for wheelchair assistance. This can be done online or through Avianca’s customer service helpline. Provide the necessary information regarding your mobility challenges and the level of assistance required.
  • Advance Notification: It is recommended to request Avianca special assistance at least 48 hours before your scheduled flight. This allows Avianca to make the necessary arrangements and ensure appropriate assistance is available.
  • Contact Avianca: You can contact Avianca directly to request wheelchair assistance. Contact the airline’s customer service department via phone, email, or their website’s contact form ( Provide your booking details and clearly express your need for wheelchair support.
  • Specify Requirements: When requesting Avianca wheelchair assistance, specify your requirements. Mention if you need a manual or electric wheelchair or assistance during boarding, transferring between flights, or navigating the airport terminals.
  • Documentation: In some cases, Avianca may require documentation or medical certificates specifying your need for wheelchair assistance. Check with the airline if any documentation is necessary and provide it as requested.
  • Confirmation: Avianca will confirm your request once you have requested Avianca travel assistance. They will provide instructions on where to meet the staff or how to identify the designated wheelchair assistance area at the airport.
  • Arrival at the Airport: Arrive well before your flight departure time. Proceed to the designated wheelchair assistance area or contact the airline’s staff for further guidance.

What are Avianca Child Assistance and Avianca Elderly Assistance?

The Avianca special assistance services also include those provided to the Childs and elders traveling with Avianca Airlines. Avianca recognizes the unique needs and requirements of children and elderly passengers and offers specific assistance to ensure their comfort and well-being during travel. Avianca Child Assistance and Avianca Elderly 

Assistance are specialized services the airline provides to cater to these specific passenger groups.

Here’s an overview of each:

Avianca Child Assistance

Avianca Child Assistance is designed to support and care for children traveling alone or with an adult companion. The specific features of Avianca Child Assistance may include the following:

  • Unaccompanied Minor Service: Avianca offers a designated service for minors, ensuring their safety and well-being throughout the journey. The airline provides Avianca special assistance during check-in, boarding, in-flight, and arrival procedures and ensures that trained staff members adequately supervise unaccompanied minors.
  • Memorable Meals and Entertainment: Avianca may offer unique meal options for children, taking into account dietary restrictions or preferences. In-flight entertainment options for children, such as movies, TV shows, or games, may also be provided.
  • Priority Boarding: The airline offers Avianca travel assistance that includes priority boarding for families traveling with children, allowing them to board the aircraft before other passengers, ensuring a more relaxed and convenient boarding experience.

Avianca Elderly Assistance

Avianca Elderly Assistance aims to provide support and comfort to elderly passengers during travel. The specific features of Avianca Elderly Assistance may include the following:

  • Priority Boarding and Seating: Avianca may provide priority boarding for elderly passengers, allowing them extra time to board the aircraft and settle into their seats comfortably. The airline may also offer seating options that cater to the specific needs of elderly passengers, such as seats with extra legroom or proximity to lavatories.
  • Assistance with Mobility: Avianca’s staff members are trained to assist and support elderly passengers with mobility challenges. This Avianca airport assistance includes guiding and assisting them during check-in, security procedures, boarding, and disembarking from the aircraft.
  • Special Meal Requests: Avianca may accommodate special meal requests for elderly passengers, considering dietary restrictions, preferences, or medical requirements.
  • In-flight Comfort: Avianca aims to ensure the in-flight comfort of elderly passengers by providing amenities such as blankets, pillows, and assistance using the in-flight entertainment system.

Avianca’s commitment to wheelchair assistance services showcases its dedication to accessibility and inclusivity. By providing comprehensive support, including Avianca special assistance, accessible infrastructure, and well-trained staff, Avianca ensures a comfortable and seamless travel experience for passengers with mobility limitations. The airline’s efforts meet regulatory requirements and exceed expectations, creating an environment where passengers with disabilities can travel with confidence and dignity.

Avianca’s commitment to continuous improvement and open customer feedback approach further demonstrates its dedication to providing exceptional service. As Avianca continues to prioritize accessibility, it sets a commendable example for the aviation industry, encouraging other airlines to enhance their own Avianca wheelchair assistance services and promote inclusivity in air travel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Avianca staff members trained to handle wheelchair assistance and support passengers with disabilities?

Avianca’s staff undergoes specialized training to provide professional and compassionate assistance to passengers with disabilities, including proper wheelchair handling and communication techniques.

How can I provide feedback about Avianca’s wheelchair assistance services?

Avianca values customer feedback. You can provide feedback directly to Avianca through their customer service channels or by participating in their feedback programs.

Does Avianca have specific weight or size restrictions for wheelchairs?

Answer: Avianca may have specific weight and size limitations for wheelchairs that can be accommodated on their aircraft. It is advisable to contact the airline in advance to obtain the specific guidelines and ensure compliance.

Can I book Avianca wheelchair assistance online?

While Avianca does not currently provide an online booking option specifically for wheelchair assistance, you can indicate your need for assistance during the online booking process or contact Avianca directly to request it.

How early should I arrive at the airport if I require wheelchair assistance?

It is recommended to arrive at the airport well before your flight departure time, typically 2-3 hours for domestic flights and 3-4 hours for international flights, to allow sufficient time for check-in, security procedures, and boarding with wheelchair assistance.

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