Lot Polish Airlines Name Change Policy – Change Name on Ticket

LOT Polish Airlines Name Change Policy

Did you make an error while typing your name on your flight ticket? Wish to rectify your mistake? Lot Polish Airlines Name Change policy is in place by Lot Polish Airlines to help you with the same. Misspelled names is the most common issue passengers come across while making bookings. Lot Polish Airlines understands that sometimes an error is made that can either be a man made error or system error while filling details for flight. This article sums up the ways you can make changes or correction to your name on your Lot Polish Airlines flight ticket.

When is Lot Polish Airlines Name Correction needed?

Are you wondering how to rectify the error made in your name? Did you misspell your name?

Wondering how to fix Lot Polish Airlines change name on ticket? then read ahead. The need for making sure your correct name is mentioned on the the flight ticket is essential as failing to do so might cause you to miss you fight. The airline might ask you to not board the flight as your means of identification that is your passport’s information doesn’t match the one on your flight ticket. So to avoid any delays and confusion making sure you have all the information correct on the flight ticket is mandatory. This article sums up all the ways you can make corrections or name changes needed by the Passenger on their Lot Polish Airlines flight ticket. All the ways a passenger can request these changes are mentioned in detail here.

Lot Polish Airlines Name Change Policy Rules

Check LOT Polish Airlines Name Change on Ticket Status

With any policy listed there are certain rules that need to be followed and be kept in mind while requesting or seeking changes. These rules simplify the quest of wondering about what changes are allowed and how to achieve them. So before you seek any assistance regarding name change with Lot Polish Airlines you can go through these Lot Polish Airlines name change policy rules and get a better understanding of the Lot Polish Airlines change name policy crafted by the Lot Polish airline. The changes airline allows and the conditions that are attached with them are explained down below.

  • As per this policy Lot Polish Airlines allows corrections if the mistake was unintentional of up to 3 letters even if the name ends up sounding different for the same person.
  • For surnames consisting of more than 1 letter, changes up to 3 letters are allowed only if the name is not completely changed.
  • This policy allows passengers to make changes or corrections to gender and title on the Lot tickets.
  • Name and surname changes and corrections are accepted by the airline due to reasons like adoption,marriage or divorce as long as the paperwork is submitted.
  • In cases when passengers have inverted their names or used short forms or nicknames then as per Lot Polish Airlines change name policy they can make corrections to the name. 
  • In case when names are cut off by the system or passengers wish to add names middle or last to match the one on the id proof then they can do it.

Keep in mind that the Lot Airline does not allow Lot Polish Airlines change name on tickets other than the ones mentioned above. For any assistance or query to be answered in detail you can always call the customer care line of Lot Polish Airline. For passengers looking for name change that is partial of full following guidelines mentioned as per lot polish airlines name correction policy mentioned below can be helpful:

  • This change name Lot Polish Airlines policy is applicable on the flight tickets starting with 080.Policy is applicable irrespective of the class type and fare type.
  • Keep in mind the change in name based on the documents like marriage, divorce or adoption means changing the name of the same person not changing the person.
  • Such changes like name change requires reissuing of tickets and entering NCL 080 at endorsement field.
  • Up to 3 characters correction can be made by passengers as well any third party agent that made their bookings. If you are looking for more than this then you need to call the Lot Polish Airlines customer care line.
  • For codeshare flights and international flights with travel segments, it is advisable to cancel old bookings rather than requesting name change and making new bookings by calling the customer care line.

However there are certain exceptions under the Lot Polish Airlines change name on ticket policy for corporate programs. Programs such as CIP and DLA get exceptions under this policy. These exceptions are mentioned below for better understanding:

  • Under these programs the change of passenger is allowed under some class types and fare types.
  • For promotional and basic ticketing fare like Saver no passenger change is allowed but it is allowed for standard, flex and non-VAB for classes Q and above.
  • Also under the CIP program no name change fee is charged.
  • The DLA program is applicable to the Polish region.

Lot Polish Airlines Name Change Fee

If you find yourself wondering what Lot Polish Airlines name change fee is then read ahead. The Lot Polish airlines allows passengers to make changes for free of charge as long as they make changes within the window of 24 hours of original flight bookings made. Once the flight change window is missed then the name change or corrections made are done by paying a correction fee ranging from $100 to $250.The fee charged for name change by the Lot Polish Airlines depends on the complexity of the request made by the passenger as per the Lot Polish Airlines name change policy.

How to request name change with Lot Polish Airlines?

Lot Polish Airlines has a very simple name change policy and even simpler ways for passengers to seek name change with the airline. It can be requested either online or by offline means. Online ways include visiting the official website, by using mobile app and offline modes are at the counter, at self service kiosk and by calling the Lot Polish Airlines customer care.

Name change Via Lot Polish Website

This step allows passengers to make corrections to their flight tickets by visiting the official website (www.lot.com) and logging in with your booking reference number and last name and making the corrections or changes needed. This way is easy and is accessible to passengers from anywhere at any time. The thing to keep in mind while using this method is that with this you are allowed to only make corrections up to 3 letters in the name.

Name change Via Lot Airline Customer Care 

For passengers who prefer comfort with a helping voice, this option is in place you can call the Lot airline customer care line and seek assistance with your query. It is advisable to be handy with all the the information that will be needed by the Lot airline member so that they can identify and help you. Lot Polish Airlines have highly trained and qualified professionals who are ready to help be at airport ,in flight , at destination or just a call away. This is recommended when the changes or correction needed are of more than 3 letters and if changes require additional document in support of them.

Name Change Via Lot Polish Airlines Mobile App

Another convenient way to make a Lot polish airlines name correction to your flight ticket is using the mobile app of the airline. You can start by downloading the app and logging in your account. Once in go to my booking and start making the changes needed. This method is another alternative to making changes via the official website. So the corrections made are limited to 3 characters here as well.

Name Change via Airport Kiosk

This service of change name Lot Polish Airlines on ticket is accessible at the self service kiosk at the airport. Passengers can make requests at the kiosk be it a minor misspell or last name changes that require documents for proof all can be done here as well.

When it comes to change name Lot Polish Airlines have a set of rules mapped out for the passengers. Your question like fee charged, different method available for corrections, free change or corrections and much more are covered here. Lot Polish Airlines care for the passengers safety and their convenience so the airline makes sure to ease their worries by the help of policies. There are the policies in place by the Lot Polish Airlines, be it cancellations ,Minors,Infant or pet travel to answer any query you have. The well trained staff of the Lot airline is available at all times throughout your journey to guide you and assist you with anything you need. So you can plan your trip with Lot with a carefree mind.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) – Lot Polish Airlines Name Change Policy

The name correction required on my Lot Polish Airlines flight ticket is of more than 3 letters is it allowed?

This is allowed per lot airline name change policy and you have to call customer care line and seek assistance for the same.

Can I change my wrongly mentioned gender and title mentioned on the Lot Polish Airlines flight tickets?

Yes you can change it as per the lot polish airlines name change policy.

How can I make changes to my Lot Polish Airlines flight ticket?

For any changes required it is advised to reach the airline’s customer care line and seek assistance for the same.

How much is the name changing fee charged by the Lot Polish Airlines?

Lot Airline name change fee is subjected to fare type, destination and fare class.

Can I make name changes or corrections to my Lot Polish Airlines ticket for free of charge?

It is possible to make all the changes and corrections to your Lot flight ticket free of charge if the changes are made within 24 hours of original booking.

Can I change my Lot flight ticket to my husband’s name from my name?

Lot polish airlines name correction policy allows you to make changes or corrections to your name but does not allow to change the passenger.

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