RyanAir Cancellation Policy – How To Cancel Flight Online?

RyanAir Cancellation Policy

Unexpected change in plans making you worried about RyanAir bookings? Do not worry! When travel plans hit a bump, knowing about RyanAir cancellation policy can save you from unnecessary stress. It knows that unexpected circumstances may arise, prompting the need to change or cancel a flight. With their straightforward approach, they offer passengers the option to cancel or also on the other hand can make changes to their bookings online. It allows them for easy and convenient management of travel plans. In the event of a cancellation, it provides eligible passengers with the choice of a refund. Also a flight voucher for future use, giving you the flexibility to decide what suits your needs best. Their policy ensures that you can cancel your reservation up to a certain time frame before your scheduled departure. It has varying conditions based on the fare type selected. By making yourself familiar with Ryanair cancelation policy, you can navigate any unforeseen circumstances with confidence. You will then know that they strive to provide a hassle-free experience when it comes to managing your travel arrangements.

Guidelines For RyanAir Cancel Policy

Cancellation policies are an important aspect of air travel, providing passengers with the necessary information and guidelines when plans change. It has a clear and straightforward cancellation policy designed to offer flexibility and convenience to its customers. Know about the guidelines for cancel policy of RyanAir, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for all travelers.

  • The online platform also allows you to change flight dates, and cancel your booking altogether.
  • In the event of a cancellation, it offers eligible passengers the choice between a refund or a flight voucher.
  • Opt for a Ryanair cancel flight refund to receive money back to the original payment method.
  • Choose a flight voucher that can be used towards future travel, providing flexibility for rescheduling plans.
  • It specifies a timeframe within which passengers can modify or cancel their reservations.
  • Review the fare conditions at the time of booking to understand the cancellation deadlines applicable to your specific ticket.
  • RyanAir cancelation policy may have different conditions based on the fare type chosen.
  • If a passenger fails to show up for their flight without notifying them in advance, the ticket is considered a “no-show.”
  • No-show passengers are typically not eligible for a refund or voucher.
  • In certain situations, such as flight cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances or events beyond control, different rules and guidelines may apply.
  • If you have any questions or need assistance with cancelling. Reach out to their customer support team. They will provide you with the necessary guidance and support.
  • If you need your pet to travel with you, you must check the pet policy to check eligibility of your pet.
  • If in case you need special assistance, you must contact the airline or check their special assistance guidelines.

Ryanair 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

When it comes to the convenience and smooth procedures for the passengers, the airline offers a 24-hour cancellation policy. It allows passengers to do Ryanair cancel within 24 hours and receive a refund. Here’s everything you need to know about 24-hour cancellation policy:

  • The 24-hour cancellation window starts from the time of the original booking.
  • The policy applies to all bookings made directly through the website/app.
  • If you cancel your booking within the 24-hour period. You can choose between a full refund to the original form of payment or a voucher for future travel.
  • They do not charge any cancellation fees for eligible bookings cancelled within the Ryanair cancel booking within 24 hours window.
  • Any additional services or extras purchased during the booking process. It concludes seat selection or baggage fees are not included in the refund and will not be reimbursed.
  • After cancelling your booking, it aims to process refunds within seven working days.
  • It may take additional time for the refund to reflect in your account, depending on your bank or payment provider.
  • Certain fare types, such as “Value” or “Regular” fares, may be non-refundable even within the 24-hour period. 
  • Review the fare conditions at the time of booking to understand the specific terms and conditions applicable to your reservation.
  • Ryanair 24 hour cancellation policy does not apply to bookings made within 48 hours of the scheduled departure time.

Ryanair Flight Cancellation Fee

The airline charges a flight cancellation fee in certain situations. The specific amount of this fee varies based on several factors. It includes the type of ticket purchased and the timing of the cancellation. Here is some information about Ryanair flight cancellation fees:

  • Cancellation fees are structured in a way that takes into account different ticket types and the time of cancellation.
  • The cancellation fee can differ depending on the type of ticket purchased. 
  • The fee may also depend on how close to the departure date the cancellation occurs. 
  • Additional services or add-ons, such as checked baggage or seat selection, may have their own cancellation fees.
  • The remaining amount can be credited towards future flights or refunded to the original payment method, depending on the cancellation policy.
  • It does offer certain ticket types that provide more flexibility for changes and cancellations. 
  • To get the most accurate and up-to-date details on fees, visit their website or contact their customer service directly. 

How To Cancel Ryanair Flight?

Check RyanAir Cancelled Flight Status

Cancelling their flight can be done through various mediums. It includes online methods such as their website or email, as well as offline options like phone or airport assistance. Here’s a guide on how to cancel Ryanair flight using each of these channels:

Ryanair Cancel Flight Through Website

When you want to cancel your flight without facing the hassle of approaching the customer service, you can choose to cancel online. You can Ryanair cancel flight via website by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the website(www.ryanair.com) & go to “My Bookings”.
  • Log in to your account using the provided credentials or booking reference.
  • Locate the specific flight you wish to cancel and select the cancellation option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and provide any required information.
  • Review the cancellation details and any applicable fees before confirming the cancellation.
  • Keep a record of the cancellation confirmation for future reference.

Ryanair Cancel Booking Via Email

Apart from the website option, there is another way to request to cancel your flight online which is by email. To cancel your flight via email, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Find the email address of the airline on the website.
  • Compose an email to customer service email address.
  • Mention about your concern in the email subject.
  • Include all relevant details such as your booking reference, flight details, and passenger names.
  • Provide a brief explanation for the cancellation.
  • Wait for a response.
  • The response will include further instructions or a confirmation of the cancellation.
  • Ensure to check your email regularly for any updates.

How To Cancel Ryanair Flight Via Phone

There are many individuals or passengers that want a more direct approach than the online medium. For that, you can choose to call the customer service directly. Follow the steps below for a better approach:

  • Find the contact number for customer service and dial it.
  • Once connected, tell them about your concern.
  • Give them all the details required.
  • Follow any instructions provided by the representative.
  • Ask them for a cancellation confirmation or reference number.
  • Keep a record of the call details and confirmation for future reference.

Ryanair No-Show Policy

It has a no-show Ryanair flight cancellation policy to address situations where passengers fail to show up for their scheduled flights without notification. This policy is important to avoid any potential penalties or complications. Here’s an overview of no-show policy, including important details and considerations:

Consequences of No-Show

If a passenger is classified as a no-show, it typically considers their ticket as non-refundable. This means that the passenger may lose the entire value of their ticket, including any associated fees or charges.

No-Show Fees

It may impose additional fees or penalties for passengers who are classified as no-shows. These fees are separate from the fare paid for the ticket and are typically non-refundable. The specific amount of the no-show fee can vary depending on factors such as the route, ticket type, and fare conditions. Here is the no-show fee mentioned below:

Missed Departure/Missed Flight€/£100

Rebooking or Rescheduling

In most cases, a no-show passenger cannot simply reschedule their flight without incurring additional costs. This policy typically requires no-show passengers to book a new ticket if they still wish to travel. The cost of the new ticket will depend on the current fare prices and availability.

Situations Acceptable

It may have certain exceptions in specific situations. If a passenger is unable to make their flight due to a significant event such as a serious illness. They in that case can request a waiver from the airline. It is essential to contact customer service to inquire about any alternative options in such cases.


To avoid being classified as a no-show, it is crucial to tell them about any cancellations in advance. If you know that you won’t be able to make your flight, it is recommended to contact them to check options. This can help minimise any potential fees or penalties.

Ryanair Refund Policy

There are times when passengers may need to cancel their flights and request a refund. In such cases, it is important to understand Ryanair refund policy to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process. Know about this refund policy, the key steps and important considerations.

Eligibility for Refunds

To be eligible for a refund, passengers must meet certain criteria. Generally, Ryanair cancel flight refund is available for tickets that are cancelled within a specific time frame before the scheduled departure. Note that not all tickets are refundable, as some fares are non-refundable and subject to specific terms and conditions.

Refundable and Non-Refundable Tickets

It offers both refundable and non-refundable tickets. Refundable tickets allow passengers to cancel their bookings and receive a refund, subject to the refund policy. On the other hand, non-refundable tickets do not qualify for refunds. Except in exceptional circumstances such as flight cancellations by the airline.

Refund Process

If you meet the eligibility criteria for a refund, the process to claim it is relatively straightforward. Passengers must initiate the refund request through this FORM LINK directly. It is important to provide all necessary details, such as name, reason, date etc.

Timeframe for Refunds

It aims to process refunds promptly, but the timeframe may vary. Typically, refunds are processed within a certain number of days from the date of cancellation. Actual time for the refund to appear in the passenger’s account may depend on various factors. It includes the payment method used.

Cancelled or Delayed Flights

Sometimes such a prominent flight also faces challenges in the form of flight cancellations and delays. It causes inconvenience to its passengers. It can occur due to various factors, such as technical issues, adverse weather conditions, crew shortages etc. As a result, travellers often experience frustration, financial losses, and difficulties in rearranging their travel plans. It aims to address the situation by providing compensation to eligible passengers and implementing measures to improve operational efficiency. Know about the cancelled or delayed flights, highlighting everything it includes.

Factors Causing Flight Cancellations

The flight cancellations can stem from various factors. It includes technical issues, adverse weather conditions, crew shortages, or operational constraints. These factors can arise unexpectedly, leading to the need for flight cancellations to ensure passenger safety and comply with aviation regulations.

Reasons Behind Flight Delays

Flight delays are another issue encountered by passengers. Delays can occur due to factors such as air traffic congestion, airport infrastructure limitations, unexpected operational issues, or issues related to crew scheduling. These factors often result in departure or arrival delays, affecting passenger schedules.

Impact on Passengers

Flight cancellations & delays can have significant consequences for passengers, disrupting travel plans and causing inconvenience. Affected travellers may experience financial losses, miss connecting flights or important events. They also face challenges in arranging alternate travel arrangements. Such issues can result in frustration and dissatisfaction among customers.


It acknowledges the inconvenience caused by flight cancellations and delays and has implemented measures to address these issues. The airline provides compensation to eligible passengers under European Union regulations, known as EU261. It is for flight cancellations or delays exceeding a specified threshold. Passengers may be entitled to reimbursement for expenses, alternative transportation, or monetary compensation. It depends on the circumstances.

Steps for Affected Passengers

Passengers affected by flight cancellations or delays should take certain steps to ensure their rights are upheld. They should contact customer service or seek assistance at the airport. Document the issue with relevant information. It includes flight details and receipts, and is crucial for the compensation process. Passengers should familiarise themselves with their rights and entitlements under EU261.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – RyanAir Flight Cancellation Policy

What is Ryanair Cancellation Policy?

When the passenger has to cancel their flight in the end time or long way before the departure, then this Ryanair flight cancellation policy comes in hand. It states all the rules and guidelines including fee structure that the passenger have to follow while cancelling the flight.

Can I cancel a Ryanair flight within 24 hours?

Yes you can cancel your flight within the 24 hours of your booking. This will increase your chances of getting a refund. But before cancelling the flight, you must check the Ryanair cancellation policy.

How to get a refund from Ryanair?

You can get a refund from the airline by placing a request first. You can place your request by filling the REFUND APPLICATION FORM. But before filling the form, you must check your eligibility from the official website.

Can I get a refund on my Ryanair flight?

To know if you can get a refund for your flight or not you must check the refund policy of this airline. Once you are eligible to place a request, then you can get a refund.

Can I cancel a booking with Ryanair?

Yes sure! You can cancel a booking with this airline. You might have to pay the cancellation fee if not cancelled within Ryanair cancel within 24 hours.

Does Ryanair pay for cancelled flights?

Yes, the airline compensates the affected passengers for a cancelled flight but it also has its conditions and rules. You must check the policy to know more about it.

What happens if I miss my flight?

If you miss your flight without informing the airline, then you will be considered as a no-show. You might also have to pay a fee for that.

How much fee do I have to pay for missed departure?

If you miss the departure, you have to pay a fee for it. The fee for missed departure is- €/£100. You have to pay this fee for your missed flight.

How to cancel Ryanair flight?

You can cancel your flight via two mediums, online and offline. Online you can cancel via website or email. In the offline option you can cancel via phone request. You must cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking as per 24 hours cancellation policy to get refund.

Can I cancel a flight before boarding?

Yes, you can cancel your flight before boarding. If you have already checked-in, then you can also cancel your flight as per Ryanair cancellation policy.

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