Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy – Name Correction on Ticket

Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy

Turkish Airlines has a strict policy when it comes to name modifications for flight bookings. According to Turkish Airlines name change policy, It is significant that all passengers provide a valid first name, middle name, or last name that matches their passport or any government-issued photo ID. This ensures that there are no discrepancies and avoids any issues while traveling. However, mistakes can happen during the booking process, and many airlines nowadays offer the option of Turkish Airlines ticket name change if necessary. This Airlines is one such airline, and they have made it easier for their users through their Name Change Policy.

Turkish Airlines Name Change Guidelines

There are following guidelines regarding name change policy.

  • Turkish Airlines allows customers to change the name on their ticket in case of a minor error. The airline has published guidelines for its name change policy.
  • To avoid being charged a service fee, change the name within 24 hours of booking.
  • Turkish Airlines allows corrections of up to 4 characters.
  • After check-in, the name on a reservation cannot be changed or modified.
  • Being part of a rewards program, accumulating miles, or receiving discounts disqualifies one from being eligible for a name change.
  • Turkish Airlines allows only one name change per person according to their policy.
  • Tickets must be issued on a specific document such as TK.
  • Marketing flight number 235 must be operated by Turkish Airlines.
  • Passengers flying with Turkish Airlines are allowed to make one name correction request for their ticket.
  • Passengers cannot swap seats on flights. If they want to change the passenger, they must cancel their booking, get a refund, and then book again for the new passenger.
  • Turkish Airlines applies its name change policy differently for single-passenger bookings versus group bookings, with the latter being subject to contract conditions.

One of the reasons why Turkish Airlines stands out from its competitors is because of its customer-friendly policies that make travel hassle-free for people.

Do Turkish Airlines allow name changes or correct misspelled names?

Turkish Airlines allows passengers to correct misspelled names on bookings by following their policy guidelines.

  • The name field allows up to four characters for the first, middle, or last name. It is not four characters each for all three names.
  • Turkish Airlines made a mistake by misspelling requested names, including nicknames and inverted versions.
  • Turkish Airlines has announced that it will allow passengers to change their names on tickets without incurring any additional fees, including legal name changes due to marriage or divorce.
  • Change of travel document between booking and travel commencement.
  • Turkish Airlines has restrictions on changing names for flight bookings made with Miles & Smiles frequent flyer mileage points.
  • Turkish Airlines has restrictions on transferring ownership of reservations.
  • Turkish Airlines must keep the original flight segments and reissue them in the same or lower class of service after their Turkish Airlines name change request is approved.
  • Passengers may receive a new PNR in certain situations where the original must be canceled to prevent a no-show and allow for a refund of the reservation.
  • Turkish Airlines limits changes to Passengers Type Codes, Date of Birth, and adding infants on tickets.
  • Turkish Airlines may request legal documents to validate Turkish Airlines name change request.
  • The airline will apply its name correction policy to all fare rules, whether restricted or non-restricted, regardless of the class of service chosen.

How to Change Passenger Name Turkish Airlines?

Sometimes passengers ask can I change the name on my Turkish Airlines flight, so Turkish Airlines offers various options for people to change their name, catering to different preferences.

Change the passenger name of Turkish Airlines through the website

Turkish Airlines website offers a convenient way to change your name on a booking with quick confirmation.

  • To access Turkish Airlines website, simply type the URL(www.turkishairlines.com) into your browser.
  • After that, Look for “manage to book” on the next page.
  • Fill in the passenger’s last name and booking reference number on the next page.
  • Then, select a flight booking from a list and make changes if necessary.
  • Check your passport and other IDs, then change the name to the correct one.
  • You must pay a fee for name corrections according to the name change policy. Additionally, if your new ticket is booked in a higher fare class than the previous one, you must also pay the fare difference.
  • To avoid future issues, save all changes and double-check them before clicking “OK” to complete the task of correcting a name.
  • You must wait for confirmation of your name change on Turkish Airlines and keep a hard copy for future reference.

Change name on Flight ticket of Turkish Airlines through a Phone number

Here’s the method of Turkish Airlines change name through the phone number below.

  • To change your name on Turkish Airlines, you can call their customer service number for a quick solution. Simply connect with a representative, and they will handle the issue for you.
  • Gather all necessary documents and information for a journey.
  • After that, call and request changes to their name, specifying the exact adjustments needed to match their passport.
  • You must provide legal documents as required.
  • In order to Turkish Airlines flight name change, one must pay a fee according to their policy.
  • You’ll receive confirmation from Airlines via mobile or email after the process.

Turkish Airlines ticket change name through Travel agents only

For Turkish Airlines passenger name change, follow these steps.

  • To access the partner login section on Turkish Airlines’ website, simply visit turkishairlines.com and click on the Partner Login tab located on the homepage.
  • To log in to a travel agency account, one must enter their credentials.
  • To proceed with a misspelled name request on Turkish Airlines, go to the My Bookings tab and enter the Group ID.
  • After that, Click ‘Edit/View passenger’s details’ and then enter the original PNR.
  • Download a format containing the personal information of passengers linked to a specific booking.
  • To download and add correct names, cross-check details without mistakes and save the file before uploading. The name should match with official documents like a passport or photo ID.
  • Then save details and check the PNR to confirm if names have been updated accurately.

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles program

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles program allows passengers to use their mileage points to book flights. However, sometimes passengers may need to name change Turkish Airlines on their ticket due to legal considerations such as marriage, divorce, or a legal name change. 

  • Turkish Airlines understands that mistakes happen and therefore allows for certain Turkish Airlines name change on ticket, including first/middle/last names, nicknames/inverted names, adding middle names, and even adding “NO” to the last name.
  • However, it’s important to note that the Turkish Airlines changing name can only be made if a passenger submits a legal document for validation. 
  • Additionally, there is an OSI Turkish Airlines name change fee applicable which means no waiver code would be given under any circumstances.
  • Passengers should book a higher fare or service class if the existing booking is unavailable during reissue, and they are responsible for any fare difference. 
  • The name on the ticket must match exactly with that on the government-issued photo ID added through GDS.

Turkish Airlines Name Change Fee

Before changing your name in Turkey, make sure to check the Turkish Airlines name change cost associated with the process. You cannot change your name without paying the required fee.

  • The Turkish Airlines change name fee of $300 for name amendments, as per their name change policy.
  • The cost of changing a name on a ticket remains constant, regardless of trip type, travel class, or ticket type.
  • Turkish Airlines allows free cancellation within 24 hours of booking, but after that, a fee is charged. If you have a complex name on your ticket and wish to cancel, it may be best to do so within the free cancellation period.
  • The service charge is not similar to the service provided by a carrier.

Turkish Airlines has earned fame for being one of the best airlines in the world. Their name change services are top-notch. Passengers who have flown with them once are unlikely to change their minds when looking for flights for their future travel.

If you’re planning on flying with Turkish Airlines, it’s significant to be aware of their policies and procedures. From booking your flight to boarding, they prioritize making your entire experience as seamless as possible.

To ensure that passengers have all the information they need about this Turkish Airlines name change policy, It is suggested that you read this article till the end. By doing so, you’ll get a comprehensive understanding of how Turkish Airlines’ Name Change Policy works and what steps you need to take should you ever need to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Turkish Airlines Change Name Policy

Can I change the name on my Turkish Airlines ticket?

To comply with Turkish Airlines name change policy, flight bookings must match the passenger’s passport or government-issued photo ID and include a valid first, middle, or last name. Once confirmed, name changes on tickets are not permitted.

What happens if I forget to include my middle name while booking a flight?

You can still fly even if you forget to add your middle name to your ticket as long as the first and last name on your boarding pass matches your government-issued ID. The Secure Flight passenger information will match the information on your ticket.

Is it possible to change a passenger’s name after booking a flight?

Customers can now change the name on a reserved train ticket by visiting a Railway Reservation Office with an Electronic Reservation Slip printout and photo ID at least 24 hours before departure. This is in accordance with existing Railway rules.

May I fly with a misspelled name?

If you make a mistake while entering your name on an airline ticket, Turkish Airlines allow for corrections to be made. It means there is no need to worry about typos or errors.

How can you correct a name on a flight ticket?

If a change is needed, the ticket must be canceled, and a new one booked with the correct passenger’s name, which may result in cancellation charges.

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