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Website Content 

AirlinesUpdates is an aviation news website that provides the latest stories, guides, write-ups, and advice on different rules or policies introduced by various airlines operating all around the globe. 

Although the informative or factual material given on the website is correct and collected from reliable sources, there may be inaccuracies, discrepancies, or errors in what you read. Hence, we do not provide a guarantee for the same. Also, we reserve the right not to bear the responsibility of any unfavorable outcome that you might have to face due to booking decisions taken on the basis of information given on the website. 

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We cannot promise that any of the airlines you book your travel with will provide the level of services you expect. Hence, proceeding with your travel plan after collecting information from our website is your sole responsibility. Any issues that may arise due to such circumstances, shall remain between you and the airline you have your reservation with. 

Privacy of User Information

We make every effort to keep your data safe, and strong security measures have been implemented to do so. You must therefore be assured that your information is kept private. 

Prohibition of Reuse of Content

AirlinesUpdates does not mean to provide any benefit to a third party, nor has it been sponsored or supported by any government agency, aviation authority, or airline. 

All the data and insights are provided for personal travel-related information required by users, and it is not meant for any commercial use like redistribution, reproduction, or republishing. 

Unethical Practices 

You are advised to restrain from posting unethical or obscene content in comments on the blog posts or anywhere else on the entire website. Any words, statements, or expressions intended to harm the sentiments of other castes, defame someone, hamper someone’s privacy, or aimed at provoking the feeling of discrimination are strictly not allowed.

The same must also not be directed at invading the relations of the country with other nations or harming the unity and integrity of any nation.

AirlinesUpdates reserves the right to delete your comments or block your access to the website, in case any prohibited content is published from your end.

Tampering with Data

You agree not to use the website’s content or services for any illegal or prohibited purposes. You must not make any attempt to cause danger or harm to the server, network, and technical processes of the AirlinesUpdates website by introducing viruses, worms, or other malware.

It is an illegal offense to perform hacking for unauthorized access to the internal systems of the website, modify the data, and present it in an unethical form.

You must abstain from interfering with the internal processes or the system of the AirlinesUpdates website that might not allow other users to use the website. 

Website Modifications 

AirlinesUpdates reserves the right to change, edit, completely discontinue, or disable providing information or content on a particular section displayed anywhere on the entire website due to any reason whatsoever.

Suggestions or Feedback

We entertain views, feedback, suggestions, or recommendations received from users for improvements or enhancements in website content and other processes in all aspects. AirlinesUpdates reserves the right to implement the same partially or fully, as deemed relevant or fit for use.

You must agree that the feedback provided by you does not contain any confidential data or information related to a person, as these are considered non-confidential by AirlinesUpdates.