Icelandair Pet Policy : Learn the Do’s and Don’ts

IcelandAir Pet Policy

Traveling with pets makes most owners stressed about it. What if pets are not allowed & if they are allowed, then what are the rules associated with the Icelandair pet policy? Traveling with your pet is a perfect experience, though planning is necessary. 

Icelandair offers pet transportation services, but specific rules & requirements are applied. You will get all the information here covering the type of pets allowed in cargo or cabins, restricted breeds, attached cost structure, etc. By carefully following the airline’s pet policy, you can ensure a comfortable travel experience for you & your pet.

Animals Permitted On An Icelandair Flight

When it comes to pet travel, you must know that only two types of animals are allowed on Icelandair’s International as well as domestic flights to any destination. 

  • Those two types of animals include- cats & dogs. 
  • The pets are only allowed in the special climate-controlled area of the cargo hold & not in the cabin for both international & domestic flights. 
  • If traveling on a domestic flight, you must give your pet a sedative (under a veterinarian’s prescription) to travel. 
  • You must check in early for a smoother pre-flight procedure.
  • The pet owners are responsible for their pets causing damage.

Must note: If your dog is under restricted dogs, you can cancel your flight by contacting the airline.

Restricted Dog Breeds On Icelandair Flights

Dogs are usually allowed on the cargo hold & if it is a service dog, it is also permitted in the cabin. But, some dog breeds are not allowed on Icelandair flights for safety reasons. Before booking a flight, you must check the restricted breeds as mentioned below:

  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • American Bulldog
  • Fila Brasileiro
  • Tosa Inu
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Cane Corso
  • Presa Canario
  • Boerboel

Flying With Your Pet In Cabin

Check IcelandAir Pet Travel Policy

Passengers are not allowed to travel with their pets in the cabin. Only the service animals are allowed to. It is because of the safety concerns placed by the airline. Apart from the service animal, you can transport your pets via cargo hold. 

Traveling With Service Animals

Traveling with your service animals is free of charge. They are usually allowed in the cabin for passengers with a disability, which includes a sensory, physical, intellectual, psychiatric, or other brain disability.

  • Service animals include:
    • Guide dogs
    • Diabetic alert dogs
    • Autism service dogs
    • Hearing dogs
    • Mobility assistance dogs.
  • Icelandair only allows dogs specially trained to help people with disabilities in the cabin. No other animals can fly in the cabin with you. 
  • If you are traveling with a service dog, note that the service dog(s) must fit comfortably in your lap or the foot space in front of you.
  • Keflavík Airport allows layovers of up to 3 hours for connecting flights with service animals. 
  • Stopovers are not possible due to Icelandic animal quarantine regulations.
  • Icelandair allows service animals to fly free in the cabin.
  • A maximum of two service animals per passenger is allowed.
  • The owner will have to bear all risks & liabilities for the animal during the flight.
  • Passengers are responsible for obtaining all necessary documents for the animal’s entry into the destination or connecting countries. 
  • Icelandair is not responsible for denied entry due to missing documents. Contact the relevant embassy or consulate for specific requirements.
  • If you want more leg space to travel with your service animal, you can upgrade your seat to the higher flight class.

Regulations Related To Transit Of Service Animals At KEF

Travelers must remember that there are some rules and regulations for service animals during their transit at the Keflavik airport. We’ll explain the rules and regulations for service dogs below. 

  • The Ministry of Agriculture states that the animals in transit are not allowed to come in contact with other animals or travelers in the airport.
  • When you arrive, airport staff will take you & your service animal to a particular waiting area for connecting flights. They’ll also guide you to the gate when it’s time to board your next flight.
  • Don’t worry about finding a place for your service animal to relieve itself. The airport has special pet restrooms so your companion service animal can stay comfortable during your layover.

Documents Needed For Service Animals

Icelandair requires some documents for service animals to fly on their flights. The documents and forms required are:

1. The Flight b/w the United States & Europe require: 

  • Need MAST approval for transit at Keflavík Airport.
  • Requirement of DOT form 

2. The flights between Canada and Europe via Iceland require: 

  • Need MAST approval for transit at Keflavík Airport.
  • Complete the Icelandair service animal transportation form.

3. For Flying between Europe and Iceland, you must: 

  • Contact MAST to arrange importation.
  • Complete the Icelandair service animal transportation form.

4. Flying to the UK? Must check the documents to carry below:

  • A UK-approved organization trained a certificate showing the service dog.
  • A DOT form is required (US flights only).
  • Need MAST approval for transit at Keflavík Airport.

5. Are documents required to fly with pets in Iceland Domestic flights

  • No documentation is required, but contact the service center to reserve space.

How To Add Service Animal In The Booking?

As stated by Icelandair pet policy, you can add your service animal to the booking by two mediums mentioned below:

  1. Add Service Animal In Booking Via Website

Passengers who want to add service dogs to their booking online can follow the steps below:

  • Once you have purchased your flight, you must fill out a “drop us a line form”; it is a support request form.
  • You can get the form online by selecting the “Support Us” menu on the homepage and then going to the “Contact Us” section. 
  • You will find the “support request form in the Contact Us section.” 
  • In the form, don’t forget to select “Medical and disability assistance.”
  • After completing the form, their team will contact you within 24-48 hours.
  1. Service Animal Addition In Booking Via Phone Call

If you require immediate action and can’t wait for 24-48 hours, call the support center to get assistance. Adhere to the pointers below to get in touch with the team:

  • On the homepage, go to the support menu.
  • Select “Contact Us”.
  • Then, you will see an option of “Call us” in the second row.
  • Now, you will see various regions on your screen. Select the area you’re currently in and get the contact details.

Transporting Pets In Cargo

Apart from service animals, no other animals are allowed in the cabin, but you can transport them through the cargo hold. Here are some guidelines that you must know before transporting your pet in cargo:

  • There are up to 4 animal crates allowed per flight
  • If there are two small animals of the same species, they can share a crate.
  • You must provide your IATA-approved crate.
  • The maximum Icelandair pet carrier size permitted is 36″ x 25″ x 27″ (92 cm x 64 cm x 71 cm).
  • The combined weight of the animal & crate cannot exceed 88 lbs (40 kg). 
  • Icelandair will not accept pets on hold if another airline operates part of the route.
  • Your pet will not be allowed on stopovers.
  • Transit animals cannot leave the airport or interact with others in Iceland.
  • Specific facilities are available for transit pets to relieve themselves. 

Government Necessities For Pets in Hold

Following some government rules if you’re flying your pet in the cargo hold. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to do:

  • Lots of countries make animals stay in quarantine when they first arrive.
  • Passengers need to check with the destination embassy to see if animal entry is allowed & what requirements exist.
  • Cats & dogs need clearance from MAST (Icelandic Food & Veterinary Authority) for import.
  • Arrival dates must follow with quarantine station admissions.
  • All animals traveling to the UK/Ireland require Icelandair Cargo transportation.

How To Book Transportation For Pet(s) In Cargo?

Passengers can call the airline’s service center to book their pet’s cargo transportation. To get in touch with the airline, follow the steps below:

  • Drag the mouse pointer to “Support” on the home page of the official website.
  • Click on “Contact us/claim.”
  • Now, select Call Us.
  • You get to see the list of regions on your screen. Click on the region you’re from to get contact details.

Icelandair Pet Fees For Transportation In Cargo

When it comes to transporting your beloved pet in the cargo, there are prices that you have to pay. This table shows the costs of flying your pet in the airplane’s cargo area.

Cost Per Crate/Carrier
Between Keflavik airport & Europe (Zone-1)Between Keflavik airport & North America (Zone-2)

Note: The transportation fee is non-refundable.

Some Important Information Before Finishing

Before coming to the end of this guide, some more important points can be of help to many passengers who are still looking for some more information. The final highlights are mentioned below:

  • Airlines ensure your pet travels in a temperature-controlled area, even in the cargo hold.
  • The passengers must bring their pet in an IATA-approved carrier or holder. 
  • Animals are not allowed in the stopovers.
  • Advance booking is required to ensure space availability.
  • Timely check-in of the passengers with the pets is very important.
  • Travelers can book animal/pet transport through the airline’s online portal.

Commonly Asked Questions – IcelandAir Pet Travel Policy

Can pets travel on Icelandair?

The pets can travel in Icelandair, but only in the cargo hold.

Do Icelanders have pets?

When we talk about the Icelanders, out of 10 people, at least one person is the cat owner.

Does Icelandair allow pets in cargo?

The passengers can transport their pets in cargo in the climate-controlled area.

Does Icelandair allow dogs in the cabin?

If the dog is a service animal, then only it is allowed. Otherwise, another Icelandair pet in a cabin other than service animals is not permitted.

How can I fly my pet internationally?

According to Icelandair pet policy, you can fly your pet by transporting it in the hold. Apart from service animals, no other pets are allowed in the cabin, so there is only a cargo hold as an option.

What types of pets are allowed?

Icelandair pet travel policy generally allows cats & dogs on board, but restrictions may apply based on breed, destination, & season.

How do I book my pet’s travel?

To book travel for your pet, you can directly contact Icelandair as soon as possible before your flight to inquire about availability & reserve space for your pet.

What documents are required for the service animal?

The documents required for service dogs include- US/EU: MAST approval & DOT, Canada/EU: MAST approval & Icelandair form, EU/Iceland: MAST & Icelandair form, UK: UK training certificate & DOT. 

What happens if my pet is denied entry at the destination?

In that case, the passenger must ensure their pet meets all entry requirements. As stated under Icelandair pet policy, this airline is not liable for denied entry.

Is pet transportation payment refundable?

No, the fee is non-refundable once you pay for your pet’s travel.

Is it permitted to bring along food & water for my pet on a flight?

No, pet owners cannot bring food or water for pets on board. Icelandair provides food & water for pets during the flight.

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