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WestJet Upgrade

Are you planning to fly with WestJet Airlines but unsatisfied with your assigned seat? No worries, we’ve got you covered! WestJet Airlines offers a convenient and hassle-free way for passengers to upgrade their seats based on their preferences. If you forget to reserve your seat when booking a flight with WestJet Airlines, their seat selection policy can help you choose a seat. With the WestJet upgrade option, you can enjoy more comfort, extra legroom, and luxurious amenities during your flight. If you’re interested in upgrading your seat on WestJet Airlines, then you need to know all about the Westjet seat upgrade.

Guidelines for the Upgrade Seats

  • Passengers on WestJet flights can upgrade their reserved seats to upper class during the flight but cannot upgrade from business to economy class through seat selection.
  • When booking a flight, it is recommended to select a seat at the same time in order to increase the possibility of getting a preferred seat due to higher availability.
  • During the WestJet upgrade at check in, you may choose a seat on your flight if seats are available.
  • To select a seat on an international flight, do so 1-3 hours before departure; for domestic flights, it’s 1-2 hours. You can make the selection at the check-in counter.
  • Passengers who upgrade their flight class must also rebook their flight.

Tips for choosing seats on WestJet Airlines

While choosing seats on Westjet airlines, it is important to keep certain things in mind. Below are some of them:

Basic Seats

These seats on a plane offer emergency exits but require following a specific selection process and may come with an additional fee.

Economic Seats

WestJet offers a new type of seat called “Economy” that provides the same service as their Basic option but allows passengers to select seats in advance without additional fees.


EconoFlex is a package of standard seats that includes preferred seat options with emergency exits at no extra cost.

Family Seats

When booking more than two flight tickets, passengers can select seats together but 

must provide personal information for all travellers.

Terms and conditions of WestJet Seat Upgrade

Below mentioned are the terms and conditions of upgrade seats.

You must follow these policies before upgrading.

  • To upgrade your seat, make sure to do it within 24 hours of booking. After waiting for 24 hours, upgrading can be done without incurring any additional costs.
  • To upgrade your booking on WestJet’s official website(www.westjet.com), you can do it yourself. But if a travel agency made the booking for you, contact Rhythm to get the promotion.
  • To avoid fees when upgrading your seat on WestJet, follow their policies and choose from the available seats.

How to upgrade seats on WestJet airlines?

WestJet passengers can easily upgrade their seats by following simple instructions.

  • To upgrade seats on WestJet Airlines, visit their official website.
  • Access the “Check-in” option and provide your booking information.
  • After that, to choose WestJet first class upgrade, select the “Seat upgrade” option.
  • Next, check availability and choose the class to upgrade your reservation.
  • You must make an online payment to confirm your WestJet flight upgrade.

How to choose a seat when flying with WestJet?

Upgrade WestJet Seat Online

Learn how to book your preferred seat on a WestJet flight with these simple steps if you’re a first-time flyer.

  • To reserve a preferred seat when booking, visit WestJet’s official website.
  • After that, Choose “Manage Trip” and Click “Manage flights”.
  • To get your flight details, log in to your account.
  • Select the “Seat Selection” option after login.
  • You’ll see a seat map to reserve seats from the available options.
  • Follow instructions and complete the process of selecting a seat.

How much to offer for WestJet Upgrade?

Passengers can select preferred seats during booking or check-in through the “Manage Trips” feature. The airline will assign one for free if passengers don’t choose a seat during booking.

WestJet allows passengers to reserve their preferred seats by paying a seat selection fee, but customers should first understand the charge criteria.

  • The fee for selecting a seat on a basic fare during check-in ranges from 5 to 118 CAD.
  • The basic fare seat selection charges range from 5 to 59 CAD.
  • The cost of selecting seats in the exit row or preferred section for basic airfare ranges from 10 to 118 CAD.
  • The Econo fare charges 5-59 CAD for standard seat selection and 10-118 CAD for preferred and exit row seats.
  • Passengers can select preferred seats for a discounted price when booking Basic or Econo fares.
  • Passengers who choose to fly with Westjet and want to select a seat in the exit row will have to pay an additional fee ranging from 10-118 CAD.

How to Get a Free Upgrade on WestJet?

  • Passengers on WestJet can reserve select seats anytime up to a day before their planned departure using the “Manage Trips” option.
  • The seat selection fee for WestJet varies depending on the type of ticket purchased.
  • If you don’t choose your seat beforehand, you’ll get one assigned to you for free at check-in.

Methods for WestJet Premium Seat Upgrade 

There are several tips for selecting seats on WestJet Airlines, including options for upgrade to premium economy.

  • You can upgrade your seat on WestJet Airlines during check-in by choosing from available seats or selecting an upgrade if it’s available.
  • If you have accumulated enough WestJet reward points, then you can also use them to get an upgrade on your flight booking. This option allows travellers who frequently fly with WestJet to enjoy added benefits such as priority boarding and access to airport lounges.
  • Another way to secure a Westjet seat upgrade is by making an offer during booking or before departure. It means that you can bid a certain amount of money and request an upgraded seat if it becomes available closer to the date of departure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – WestJet Upgrade

Is Westjet upgrade worth it?

Upgrading from basic to premium economy on WestJet offers many additional benefits, including larger and more comfortable seats, more options for food, beverages, and entertainment. The Westjet upgrade to business class is worth the cost.

Does the WestJet premium upgrade include lounge access or not?

WestJet’s Silver, Platinum, and Gold members will have access to the lounge facility, but premium economy members will not receive it for free. However, some airports may offer this service.

What is Preferred Seating on WestJet?

WestJet Airlines provides preferred Westjet seat upgrade options for passengers, which are located at the front of the flight. Passengers can choose from advanced seats such as Exit row seats, preferred seats, and standard seats when booking with WestJet. These seats can be reserved in advance.

What if I don’t choose a seat on WestJet?

If you don’t select a seat while booking, the airline will assign one for you.

How do I choose a seat for free?

To avoid the fee, choose “skip seat selection for now” on WestJet’s seat selection page.

Can WestJet seat selection be refunded?

WestJet Airlines charges non-refundable fees for seat selection, except in cases of flight cancellation up to one day before departure. To cancel a paid seat, it must be done 48 hours before departure and ensure its a non refundable ticket.

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