WestJet Name Change Policy – How to Correct Name on Ticket?

WestJet Name Change Policy

If you’ve made a mistake with your name when booking a WestJet Airlines ticket, don’t panic. You can easily modify the name on your ticket by following their policy. It’s essential to make any necessary changes, as flying with an incorrect name is not allowed and could cause issues during travel. WestJet offers passengers 100% flexibility and exceptional customer service when making changes to their tickets. WestJet Airlines encourages customers to make necessary modifications and book their next trip with confidence. In this guide, we will discuss the Westjet name change policy and its process in brief.

Overview of WestJet Change Name on the Ticket

Air ticket name correction is a crucial process that helps passengers to rectify any errors in their names on the flight reservation. This process becomes necessary when a passenger mistakenly enters incorrect spellings of their name during the booking procedure. 

Therefore, airlines have made provisions for passengers to change name on Westjet ticket through a simple and hassle-free process. 

By availing of this Westjet name change service, passengers can ensure they do not face any issues while boarding their flights.

  • WestJet Airlines allows passengers to correct misspelt names on their tickets.
  • Customers can change their names up to 2 hours before departure with the carrier.
  • You can make corrections to your booking for free within 24 hours, but this service is unavailable for basic fares.
  • Only minor changes (up to 3 characters) are allowed.
  • WestJet passengers have the option to make name corrections through either online or offline platforms.
  • Visitors can change their names for free if they have proof of marriage or divorce.
  • WestJet offers customer service for immediate assistance to its clients.

WestJet Name Correction Policy Rules and Conditions

Check WestJet Name Change Status

Westjet Airlines allows customers to request a name change depending on their ticket type. Passengers are allowed to WestJet name correction on unflown flight segments but cannot change their passenger type.

  • Westjet allows name changes on tickets only if the ticket is issued by Westjet and the booking includes flights operated and marketed solely by Westjet.
  • Westjet has announced that it will re-issue flight bookings in the same or higher class of service, but if no tickets are available in the original booking class, passengers will have to pay for an upgrade to the next available one.
  • If a passenger’s name has misspelt on their Westjet flight booking, they can correct up to 3 characters in the first, middle, or last name with a fee of $150 USD.
  • If an adult travels with an infant and needs to change their name on a ticket, the fee for changing the name will not apply to the infant.
  • Westjet allows passengers to change their name on a ticket due to marriage or divorce by presenting official documents. The documents need to prove that the name change happened after the booking was made.
  • You can request changes or corrections to your travel plans online, but you must do so at least 24 hours before your scheduled departure.

How to Change Name on WestJet ticket with different methods?

There are a number of methods that facilitate name change on Westjet tickets. Below are the same:

WestJet Change Name on Ticket Online

The corrections can be made on the airline’s website using specific guidelines of WestJet name change policy

  • To manage a booking on WestJet, visit their website (www.westjet.com) and navigate to the ‘Manage Booking’ tab.
  • To view your booking summary page, enter your booking reference and last name before clicking the Confirm button.
  • Select a flight segment and passenger name for alteration.
  • Select ‘Change’, and input the correct name.
  • Change a name by clicking the ‘Change’ tab and entering the correct name in the field.
  • Only three name corrections are allowed.
  • Pay the fee and review the name on the checkout page, making sure it matches that on the government-issued photo ID.
  • Then Westjet Airlines sends the new verification as well as the e-ticket with the updated name.

Change Ticket Name by Phone

Sometimes travellers fill incorrect names on their tickets. These mistakes can occur due to various reasons, such as excitement or carelessness while filling out the form. However, it’s important to note that such errors can lead to serious concerns for travellers and even result in flight cancellations.

To request a name change for legal reasons, customers must call customer service as it cannot be supported online.

  • Inverted name fix.
  • Name change for marriage or divorce.
  • Title/Gender Change.
  • Date of birth correction.

Note: A valid photo ID that justifies the name change must be submitted to make changes with Westjet.

How much is the WestJet Name Change Fee?

If you need to change the spelling of a name on your booking, you can do so for free within 24 hours. However, if it’s after that period and you want to change or correct a name, there will be additional fees.

  • WestJet charges customers a fee of either $80 or $70 for changing the name on their ticket, depending on the fare type and route.
  • The cost of changing the name on an airline ticket varies depending on the class of ticket. The fee for Economy, Economy Flex, Premium or Business class tickets is 118 CAD.
  • The name change fee for each passenger travelling from Canada to Europe is 117 CAD.
  • The airline charges 100-118 CAD for international travel.

Criteria for WestJet Change Passenger Name 

For Westjet change passenger name and meet these criteria:

  • To correct a name on a WestJet booking, ensure that WestJet is the validating carrier.
  • All flights require Westjet Airlines or interline agreement partners for operation and validation.
  • To correct a name on a Westjet booking made through a travel agency, the agency must contact Westjet for approval.
  • The name change policy for correcting names on tickets is to follow, and if they refuse, the request will treat as a name change.
  • Customers are only allowed one re-issue for name corrections, with additional changes being considered under the Westjet name change request. However, changes to flight details or fare basis codes are not permitted.
  • Westjet allows minor name corrections during travel as long as they match the passenger’s passport or valid photo ID.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change the name on my Westjet ticket?

WestJet allows customers to change names on their tickets with or without fees. Customers can contact 24/7 customer service at 1 (888) 937-8538 for assistance or use the “Manage Booking” feature to upgrade quickly.

How to correct my name on Westjet ticket?

The online airlines portal will let passengers change their names, but with a fee for name change and fare difference.

Is it possible to transfer a WestJet ticket to someone else?

According to Westjet name correction policy, You can transfer your airline ticket to another person within 24 hours with permission from the airline. If you want to transfer it after that, fees will apply. Changing the name on a ticket for international flights is not allowed, but the airline may reassign your ticket in severe circumstances.

Can you change the last name on a ticket?

Yes, you can change the last name according to the airline’s policy on certain ground. Like, the last name on the marriage certificate, change the last name due to divorce, etc.

Is correcting the name on a WestJet Airlines ticket free of charge?

The offer is free, but only if you fulfil two criteria: legally changing your name and making the request within 24 hours of purchase.

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