Icelandair Cancellation Policy – How To Cancel in 24 Hours?

IcelandAir Cancellation Policy

Passengers have to face many situations due to which they have to cancel their flights, which is why staying informed about the Icelandair cancellation policy is crucial. With this guide, you will get all the information regarding 24-hour cancellation policy, refund policy, canceled flight policy, cancellation fees, and more. 

Icelandair has a strict but straightforward cancellation policy. Whether you look forward to canceling because of controllable or uncontrollable circumstances, the airline manages everything smoothly. Passengers can learn how to use the official online or offline platforms of Icelandair to proceed with flight cancellation. 

Overview Of Icelandair Flight Cancellation Policy

Planning your itinerary can be pretty exciting, but sometimes, some situations arise and make you cancel Icelandair flight. The airlines understand passenger’s need for flight cancellation, which is why they have curated a cancellation policy. Here’s an overview:

  • If you are looking for free cancellation, you must do it within 24 hours of reservation.
  • Economy standard and economic fares can’t be canceled or refunded for the passengers.
  • If you have Economy Flex & Saga Premium Flex, then you can change dates and get full refunds for the tickets that are not used as per cancellation policy.
  • Your cancellation fees depend on your fare type and the time left before the flight.
  • If there is any situation due to which you were not able to show up at the airport, then you might have to pay the no-show fees.
  • If you have a group reservation, then a 24-hour cancellation policy & some other policies too will not apply.
  • If your flight is delayed by 5 hours at least, then you can postpone the flight without penalty.
  • Always check your email confirmation to have information about cancellation options as well.
  • Some passengers book their flights via a third-party source. So, in case you want to cancel Icelandair flight, contact them.
  • If you have any query related to the cancellation, you can contact Icelandair directly.

Icelandair 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Icelandair provides a 24-hour cancellation policy to passengers if their travel plans change right after booking. This policy gives you the flexibility without spending a penny. If you are eligible, it will allow you to receive a full refund under specific conditions. Here’s what you must know about Icelandair’s cancellation policy in 24 hours:

Eligibility Criteria

If you want to cancel your flight without penalty, you must follow the below-mentioned pointers: 

  • You must book your ticket through Icelandair’s official website, ticket counters, or offices.
  • The booking must be made more than two days before the scheduled flight.
  • If looking forward to cancellation, cancel the reservation within 24 hours of purchasing your ticket according to cancellation policy.
  • This 24-hour window applies to individual bookings & holiday package bookings.
  • Not available for group booking or booking via third-party sources.

Rules For 24-Hour Cancellation

There are some more rules that you must be aware of. They are mentioned below:

  • If a booking is canceled within 24 hours, the airline gives you a full refund. 
  • Passengers can cancel their bookings & request refunds online through the Icelandair official website or by contacting Icelandair’s customer service directly.
  • The Icelandair 24 hour cancellation policy may not apply to bookings made within 24 hours of the departure time.

Icelandair Refund Policy

If in case the passenger is not able to make use of the ticket that is already bought, & wants to cancel their flight ticket, they might be eligible for a refund. Refund policy under cancellation policy highlights the situations & policy for getting refunds for canceled or unused tickets. There are some details mentioned in the pointers below:

  • If you want to get a refund for your canceled ticket, then the accurate fees depend on the particular fare type.
  • This policy & its terms and conditions are only accessible to Icelandair passengers and not to the ones with third-party tickets.
  • To get your refund, you must follow the 24 hour cancellation policy as well.
  • To acquire your refund, passengers have to place a request for a refund.
  • The refund is also not applicable for group reservations.

How To Place An Icelandair Refund Request?

To place a refund request, you have several options to request a refund for your Icelandair flight mentioned below:

Get Refund By Placing Request Online

If you want to cancel your booking and get a refund, you have to fill out a form provided online on the official website of Icelandair. You can request your refund by following the steps below:

  • Visit the official website of Icelandair.
  • On top of the home page, you will find “Support”.
  • After dragging to the support menu, a drop down list will appear with some options.
  • Tap on “Contact us/claims”.
  • After reaching the contact us page, you will find the “Request a refund” option.
  • Once you have tapped on the request option, you will find a form on the next page. 
  • Fill out the form and submit it to place your request.

Request Refund Via Phone call

Apart from the website medium, you can also place your refund request by contacting them directly. To get the contact information to call them, follow the steps below:

  • On the homepage of Icelandair website, drag to the Support menu.
  • Then tap on contact us/claims in the drop down list.
  • You will find the “Call us” option in the second row.
  • Now select the region you are from and you will get the contact details immediately.
  • Call them and get the refund request procedure done.

Place Refund Request Through Chat

If you are not able to call them, you can use their chat bot option as well. Usually you get the chat icon on the corner of the screen to chat. But if in case you can’t find it, follow the steps below to use the chat medium:

  • Again follow the instructions same as the phone call medium till you reach the contact us page.
  • Now you have to tap on the first option “Chat with us”.
  • After reaching the page you will find a blue color chat icon on the bottom corner of the screen.
  • You can now get your refund request placed.

Request Refund At IcelandAir Office

Passengers can also request their refund by visiting the nearest office. You can go there and talk to the representative in the office, provide details and get the refund process done.

Cancellation Protection

Icelandair offers cancellation protection along with cancellation policy, providing travelers peace of mind in case their plans change unexpectedly. If you are suddenly facing sickness or your family member, this cancellation protection will help. It can be an accident, demise, or damage to your home or business.

  • If you can travel as per the reasons listed in the cancellation protection policy, you can ask for a full refund.
  • If your trip has started & you need to change plans due to sudden death, the airline can refund the part of your ticket you didn’t use.
  • You can purchase cancellation protection only within 36 hours of the first booking.
  • Your ticket will not be refunded if Icelandair does not cancel it.
  • Medical certificates will not guarantee a refund if illegal drug use occurs unless you are 36 weeks pregnant.

Documents Required

The documents required for the cancellation protection must be a medical certificate provided by a certified medical professional (M.D., D.O., R.N., or P.A.). 

  • It should be from a renowned hospital or medical center.
  • The certificate must mention the clear and direct reason for the ticket cancellation, with the time period of the flight noted.

Death & Property Damage

  • In case of death, you must provide the death certificate.
  • In case of property damage, you have to give the police report or insurance claim documentation.

No-Show IcelandAir Policy

There are many scenarios in which the passenger does not show up at the time of departure without informing the airline. In that case, they are considered a no-show under cancellation policy. The no-show policy has strict rules, so it’s very important to be aware of the consequences mentioned below:

  • For those declared as a no-show passenger, the airline will not provide any refund for their ticket. The entire cost of your ticket is abandoned.
  • Even if you haven’t used the ticket, the airline will consider the booking fully utilized. You cannot use the ticket for a future flight.

No-Show Fee

Even though you did not show up, you will have to pay the no-show fee. The fees for no-show passengers are mentioned in the table below:

No-Show Fee
Economy FlexSaga Premium Flex
300 USD / 25.000 ISK300 USD / 25.000 ISK

Tips To Avoid No-Show

To avoid becoming a no-show and go on a hassle-free journey with this airline, you need to follow some tips and stay informed. The tips to avoid missing flights are mentioned below:

  • Make sure that your travel dates and timings are accurate and finalized before reservation.
  • Carefully cross-check your booking confirmation. Check everything like flight time, date, & passenger information to avoid confusion.
  • You must get regular updates on any notification regarding the flight.
  • If you need to cancel or change your flight, do so as soon as possible. This will minimize your cancellation fee.
  • If there is any sudden situation that might cancel your trip, inform the airline immediately and seek guidance.

How To Cancel Icelandair Flight?

If you are referring to canceling your flight due to any reason specified, there are many ways to cancel your flight. It can be via call, website, third-party websites, or in person.

Cancel Flight Via Phone Call

You can cancel your flight via phone call. You can call the Icelandair team by following the steps below:

  • You will get their number on the official website of the airline.
  • Call Icelandair directly & speak with a customer service representative who can help cancel your flight.
  • Give them all the details required for a more functional procedure.

Icelandair Cancel Flight Online

You can cancel your flight online through their official website by following the cancellation policy. Here’s how you can do it: 

  • Go to Icelandair’s official website.
  • Click on “Manage booking”.
  • Enter your last name & booking reference number to log in.
  • Find your reservation & look for a cancel option.
  • You must follow all the instructions on the screen to get your cancellation done smoothly.

Flight Cancellation In Icelandair Ticket Office

Check IcelandAir Flight Cancellation Status at Airport

You can also cancel the ticket in person at their office. Check these steps below:

  • Call or visit their website to see if your airport has a ticket office or counter where you can cancel.
  • Visit their ticket office.
  • Have your booking reference number ID ready.
  • Give them details or the documents if asked.
  • Follow the instructions given by them.

Canceling Flight Through Third-Party Websites

Canceling a flight booked through a third-party website can be a bit more confusing than the official options. Follow the steps below for a more clear process.

  • Contacting the third party via phone, email, or online chat.
  • Have your booking reference number & other relevant information available.
  • Be clear that you need to cancel the booking & inquire about fees or refunds.
  • Once the cancellation is confirmed, ask for a confirmation email.

Cost Criteria Under Iceland Air Cancelation Policy

Traveling with Icelandair is hassle-free, but emergencies can occur anytime. There are situations in which the passenger has already booked the flight; due to an emergency, the passenger has to cancel the flight. If the cancellation is not done within 24 hours or is a group booking, the cancellation fee will be paid by the passenger. Understanding the cancellation policy, especially the fees, is crucial. If you have canceled your flight within 24 hours of booking, you don’t have to pay any cancellation fee. Also, you will get a refund. But for cancellation protection, there are fees charged mentioned below:

Cancellation Protection
$27 / 3300 ISK/person$47 / 6000 ISK /person

Canceled Flights By Icelandair

There are some situations in which you have to face a flight being canceled by the airline itself. In that case, there are some details that you must be aware of.

  • If Icelandair cancels your flight and you wish to re-book your flight, you can claim a full refund of the canceled flight.
  • If your flight is canceled, you can choose to be on the next Icelandair flight to your destination if there are seats available.
  • As a passenger of the canceled flight, you have a right to get the meals that will be provided by the airline by the time you wait. It includes- meals, drinks, and two phone calls.
  • If in case you are not provided meals, then you can keep a bill of the total charges you had to pay, and then later it will be reimbursed by the airline itself. 
  • If in case you are not able to return to your place or home, then you will be offered accommodation by Icelandair. 
  • There might be a situation in which the airline might be unable to give you a hotel voucher because too many people’s flights are canceled. If that happens, keep receipts for hotel costs & send them to the airline. They’ll reimburse it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I cancel my Icelandair flight?

Yes, the passengers can cancel their Icelandair flight according to cancellation policy. All they have to do is either call the airline or use their online portal to cancel the flight. If using third-party websites, then contact them directly.

How to get a refund from Icelandair?

To get a refund from Icelandair, you have to reach their website and go to the refund section. Or you can simply click here- REFUND REQUEST.

What is the cancellation fee for Icelandair flights?

The cancellation fee is based on the fare type of the economy and the Saga flight tickets.

What is the cancellation protection fee for Icelandair?

The cancellation protection fee for Economy and Saga is 27 USD / 3300 ISK per person & 47 USD / 6000 ISK per person, respectively.

What happens if Icelandair cancels my flight?

If Icelandair cancels your flight, you will get a full refund or rebooking on the next flight if seats are available. You can also get compensation, depending on the circumstances. 

Can I cancel my Icelandair flight for free?

Yes, you can cancel your booking for free, only if you have canceled it within 24 hours of booking by means of Icelandair cancellation policy. It also depends on your fare type. 

What happens if I miss my Icelandair flight?

If you miss your flight without informing the airline staff, you will be considered a no-show. In that case, you will not receive any refund and will have to pay no-show fees.

What if my Icelandair flight is canceled by the airline itself?

If the flight is canceled or delayed by the airline itself, then you will either be shifted to the next flight/refunded as per the situation.

Will the 24 hour cancellation policy apply on group booking?

No, the 24 hour cancellation policy or any other policy for refund will not apply to group bookings.

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