Cathay Pacific Change Flight Policy -How to Change Flight?

Cathay Pacific Change Flight Policy

Cathay Pacific understands their customer’s needs and has implemented a Cathay Pacific flight change policy that takes into account these unexpected situations. It’s important for passengers to carefully read through the policy to avoid paying unnecessary penalties and ensure they’re protected in case something comes up in the future. By taking advantage of Cathay Pacific’s flexible flight change policy and familiarising themselves with its terms and conditions, passengers can make informed decisions about their travel plans without worrying. Let’s read more about their change flight policy briefly.

An Overview of Cathay Pacific Flight Change Policy 

  • The airline has updated its Change Flight Policy to allow travelers to make minor name changes as well as corrections without any extra fees.
  • According to the airline, the travellers make changes to:
  1. Adding and deleting of middle name,
  2. Remove duplicate titles (if booked online or through the mobile app).
  3. Swap first and last names.
  4. Correct gender/title (e.g. Mr. to Ms./Mrs., etc.).
  5. Names with spelling errors of up to three characters in the first, middle or last name.
  • Cathay Pacific prohibits passengers from changing the name on another passenger’s ticket.
  • If you are required to modify your name for any reason, including marriage or naturalization, and the change involves more than three letters of the alphabet, you will have to pay a fee.

Rules and Regulations for Changing Cathay Pacific Bookings

This airline has different rules for customers. Flight rescheduling and cancellation policies vary based on the route and fare charges. 

  • Refundable tickets can change with a fee and be refunded to a travel credit account for future use.
  • Customers can reschedule or cancel tickets booked between March 9, 2020, and December 31, 2022.
  • Until December 31, 2023, changes can be made to travel plans, and the money will be kept safe in a travel credit account. If not used by this date, the money will be forfeited.
  • Passengers can request a change to their flight up to 3 hours before the planned departure time.
  • Passengers are allowed to change their flight for free within 24 hours of booking.
  • The availability of seats determines whether or not you can change your seat or rebook a flight.
  • Name changes are allowed with limitations – no full name or surname changes, but spelling mistakes can be corrected.
  • You must pay the difference if the current booking costs more than the old one.

Cathay Pacific Flight Changes Process

Check Cathay Pacific Flight Change Status
  • To access Cathay Pacific’s website( or your booking agent’s site, go to the official website of Cathay Pacific Airlines.
  • Login with verified email and password.
  • Reaching the home page and finding the ‘Manage My Bookings’ tab.
  • To reschedule a booking, provide either your name with the booking details or the reference number of your ticket.
  • Check if your ticket can be changed and search for available options on your desired date.
  • Pay the flight change fee and any additional difference in fare if necessary.
  • After paying for your flight, you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided.
  • For those who are not tech-savvy, there are two ways to get airport assistance: go in person or call the helpline at +1-800-831-1547.
  • Customer care representatives ask for ticket codes and passenger names to verify customers and provide assistance based on their needs. They can also offer information about change fees and seat availability for desired travel dates.

Cathay Pacific’s Policy for changing scheduled flights

  • If an airline changes a flight due to their fault, the scheduled flight change policy allows for a full refund regardless of ticket fare type or route.
  • There are several reasons for changes:
  1. New routes and seasonal demands are required.
  2. Time changes between daylight and standard time.
  3. The flight number or schedule changes.
  4. The flights that are no longer in operation.
  • Passengers can change their flight and rebook up to 3 hours before departure if their scheduled flight is altered.

Change your Cathay Pacific Flight Date

  • Cathay Pacific allows passengers to change their flight date or rebook their flight according to  Change Flight Policy.
  • You can change the date for free until December 31, 2021.
  • Your ticket is valid from March 9 2020 to December 31, 2022, and must be used before December 31 2023.
  • You can change your flight date as many times as you want as long as your booking is still valid.
  • If you are not eligible for the waiver, you will be charged a fee for changing your flight date according to the Cathay Pacific Change Flight Policy.
  • Standard Economy tickets have a change fee of $50, whereas Promotional, Premium Economy Standard, Economy Save, or Business Save tickets have a higher cost of almost $150.

Cost of Cathay Pacific Flight Change 

  • Cathay Pacific Airways has updated its flight change policy to waive fees for changes made before December 31, 2022, and travel completed by December 31, 2023.
  • The airline charges a change fee for rebooking if you don’t qualify for a free flight change.
  • Tickets that do not qualify for free changes will be subject to fees for date and name changes.

Cathay Pacific Flight Change Guidelines

  • Cathay Pacific offers the option to exchange tickets for Cathay Credits, which can be used at a later time if travel plans are uncertain.
  • Cathay Credits are restricted for use exclusively on Cathay Pacific flights and can only apply to unused tickets.
  • Applicants must apply before their scheduled travel date to obtain a Cathay Credit. If the cost of the flight increases, they will need to pay the fare difference.
  • To receive travel credits, your ticket must be issued between March 9 and December 31, 2022, and you must complete your travels before December 31, 2023.

Guidelines for Cathay Pacific Same-Day Change

  • Cathay Pacific offers seamless same-day flight change guidelines for passengers, allowing them to make changes on the day of departure.
  • No same-day fee for flight tickets issued between March 9 2020 – December 31 2022.
  • Passengers can ask for travel credits in the future as long as they follow the airline’s rules.
  • You can change your flight for any fare or destination on the same day.

Upgrade Cathay Pacific Flight

  • Economy and Premium Economy passengers can bid for an upgrade on the website.
  • The website allows users to check their eligibility and bid for an upgrade. Successful bidders must pay the bid amount before receiving the upgrade.
  • Cathay Pacific offers flight upgrades with benefits, including comfortable seats, priority boarding, lounge access, premium wines, and other luxuries.
  • To learn about upgrading your flight, go to the airline’s website or reach out to customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Cathay Pacific Flight Change Policy

Can you get a refund if Cathay Pacific causes a flight change?

If an airline changes a flight due to their mistake, you can get a complete refund regardless of the ticket price or route.

How can you change your flight without paying a fee?

Cathay Pacific is waiving change fees for all tickets issued between March 9, 2020, and December 31, 2022. However, changes must be made by the end of 2022 to avoid fees.

When can you alter a Cathay Pacific flight?

Cathay Pacific allows all ticket fares to change flights before the original scheduled departure until December 31, 2022.

What if the new flight costs less than the original?

If a new flight costs less than the original, the balance will be refunded or credited to your travel funds.

Can I change a third-party ticket?

Cathay Pacific Airlines permits changes to third-party purchased flight tickets, but passengers may be required to pay fare differences.

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