Aegean Airlines Name Change Policy – How To Change Name Online?

Aegean Airlines Name Change Policy

When it comes to name change, there are many things that can cause stress for travelers. However, Aegean Airlines understands how intimidating this process can be for travelers, which is why they have implemented Aegean Airlines name change policy designed to make sure a convenient experience for travelers. With this policy, travelers can rest assured knowing that any necessary name modifications or corrections will be handled effectively and with minimal hassle.

While changing names on flight tickets might seem like a daunting task at first glance, Aegean Airlines has taken steps toward making it as easy as possible for their passengers. By providing clear guidelines and procedures for name changes and corrections through their policy, they’ve eliminated much of the stress associated with this aspect of air travel.

Overview of Aegean Airlines Change Name on Ticket 

The airline allows modifications and fixes, but travelers must follow certain requirements.

  • Aegean Airlines allows only a few characters changes for passenger name corrections or changes on tickets, as per Aegean Airlines name change policy.
  • To make a name change or correction, travelers must buy their tickets directly from Aegean Airlines.
  • The passenger’s name on the ticket must match the name on the original document.
  • Aegean Airlines does not allow full name changes on tickets and reservations.
  • To fix a wrong name on a ticket, do not cancel the PNR and create a new one. Instead, update the existing record with all necessary special services listed.
  • Aegean Airlines allows for the creation of a new PNR when a name change or correction is made within an existing one to avoid synchronization issues.
  • Travelers have the option to change their names on partially used tickets.
  • No fee for rebooking if only the name is changed and the timetable remains unchanged.

Terms and Conditions of Aegean Airlines Name Change

Aegean Airlines has a name change policy for passengers to ensure their tickets have the correct name. The policy allows for corrections and changes in certain situations.

Here are the following guidelines for changing or correcting a passenger’s name on a ticket.

  • When making a booking reservation, it is important to provide accurate information such as the correct name, cabin class, fare type, and travel details.
  • When booking flights, it’s important to choose the right booking class. If your preferred option isn’t available, either select an alternative or join a waitlist if one is offered.
  • When booking through a travel agent, it is important to confirm with the Aegean Airlines or Olympic Air travel agent help desk to ensure that both the original and new Passenger Name Record (PNR) are accurate.
  • To add an infant to a booking, the travel agent can simply add the child to the original PNR without issuing a new one. For more information on unaccompanied minors, check Aegean Airlines .
  • To avoid cancellation of the wrong PNR, make sure to generate a new one with the correct name before cancelling the original.
  • When creating a new passenger name record (PNR), it is important to ensure that any special service requests (SSRs) and frequent flier numbers are included.
  • Discounted tickets cannot be renamed.
  • To correct a name on domestic tickets with up to three errors, contact the airline for a PNR request with the correct name.
  • If a passenger’s name is incorrect on their PNR, the airline must confirm the error before it can be canceled. Additionally, any new PNR created after cancellation must include a reason for the cancellation.
  • Aegean Airlines only allows name changes covered by their policy on tickets.

What changes/corrections does Name change policy offer?

Check Aegean Airlines Flight Name Change Policy

The name change policy allows for changes to individual and group bookings. It is important to ensure all necessary changes are made before requesting them.

Name Corrections for Bookings

  • Passengers can request name corrections by sending official documents as proof via email.
  • Travelers may make typing errors or misspellings of up to three characters in their first or last names when booking international travel.
  • Sometimes travel bookings are made without including the middle name, either by mistake or oversight.
  • When making a reservation, it is important to ensure that the family names of the infant and associated adult match. 
  • The Aegean sales manager needs to verify and address any mistakes in customers first or last names.

Aegean Airlines Legal Name Changes

The name change policy applies to the following changes:

  • Common errors are made when booking reservations, such as using a nickname instead of a full name or swapping the first and last names. These mistakes can cause confusion and lead to issues with travel arrangements.
  • If a passenger has more than one name, but only the first name is listed on their original booking, they may need to add their second name to their current booking.
  • The reservation was made with the wrong name, either using the maiden name instead of the married last name or vice versa.
  • The Latin misspelling of the Greek name resulted in incorrect characters being used, such as MPARMPAS instead of BARBAS.
  • Providing valid government-issued identification such as a driver’s license, passport, or marriage/divorce certificate.

Aegean Airlines Change Name Process

The Aegean airline offers various options to change passenger names on tickets for ease of travel. Passengers can modify or correct their names based on their preferences and convenience through different procedures provided by the airline.

Online Name Correction

Customers can easily change their Aegean Airlines flight tickets online for minor errors such as misspelled or reversed names. Online platforms are the most convenient way to make these changes.

  • Visit the official helpline for Aegean Airlines change passenger name where travelers can manage their reservations.
  • Then, add your PNR and “Family Name” in designated areas.
  • After, press on the “Manage My Booking” option.
  • To change the name on a flight ticket, choose the “Flight Ticket Name Correction” option from the menu and make changes in the “Booking” section.
  • Aegean Airlines requires specific documents for their name change verification process, so be sure to provide them.
  • Then, complete a process by adhering to guidelines and paying applicable fees.
  • After making a payment, an email confirmation should be received at the registered email address.

Through Customer Care Number

Passengers of Aegean Airlines can request name corrections or alterations over the phone by calling customer service at 1-866-939-0429.

  • If you need to correct your name on an Aegean Airlines ticket, you may have to pay service costs according to their name change policy.
  • After paying fees and submitting the required paperwork, the operator allows for the continuation of the name change process.
  • After changing the name on a ticket, you will be receiving a confirmation notification.

Through Ticket Counter

To change or correct your name on an Aegean Airlines flight ticket, visit the airline’s ticket counter, show your ID, and pay a service fee. Officials will assist you through the process.

In which situations can people change names?

Here are the following conditions which allow travelers to change their name.

  • When changing a reservation, travelers should use their married surname instead of their maiden surname.
  • Travelers may need to add additional names to their Aegean Airlines reservation and can do so by making a name change on the ticket.
  • It is possible to modify personal information if there is an inconsistency between one’s first name and last name.
  • Flyers are advised to check their tickets for any instances of a surname and initial name, making necessary changes if needed.
  • Note: When modifying the name on a domestic flight ticket, it is possible to make a specific request with the correct name in PNR if the original name has more than three letters.

Aegean Airlines Name Change Fee

It is significant to be aware of these details when making changes to a booking. Airlines offer reasonable Aegean Airlines ticket name change fees for travelers, which may include fare differences, taxes, or service charges. 

  • When re-issuing a ticket that was originally booked with a currency other than EUR, it should be converted to the local currency utilising the current value on the date of re-issuing.
  • The cost for a ticket may vary depending on various factors, such as the fare type, depreciation value, and route.
  • The cost of changing one’s name is 22 USD.

As anyone who has ever had to go via a name change or correction procedure can attest, it can be an incredibly daunting task. However, Aegean’s policy comes to the rescue by offering an interactive dashboard that makes the entire process much easy and more straightforward.

The Aegean airline is committed to offering its travelers with the excellent travel experience possible, both domestically and internationally. One of the methods to attain this goal is through Aegean Airlines name change policy. The airline understands that sometimes plans may need adjusting; it strives to accommodate its customers’ needs as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I rename my Aegean ticket?

Passengers can change their name on a ticket for a fee, but only in certain cases. Ticket changes or reissues must be done simultaneously with the name change. Refundable tickets are subject to a 23€ refund charge per ticket for both domestic and international flights.

Do spelling errors on flight tickets matter?

To avoid issues during check-in, it’s important that the name on your flight ticket matches the name on your passport exactly. Even minor deviations can be seen as a mistake by airlines and result in them not issuing a boarding pass.

Can we transfer a flight ticket to someone else?

Tickets are currently non-transferable, meaning name changes on confirmed reservations are not allowed. To change the name, you must cancel the ticket and book a new one with the correct passenger’s name. Cancellation fees may apply.

What will happen when a traveler’s name is misspelled or incorrect on their airline ticket?

To avoid issues when traveling, it’s important to ensure that the name on your ticket matches the name on your passport. If there is a discrepancy, you may need to get your ticket changed, which could come with a fee depending on the airline and the size of the error.

What happens if the name on an airline ticket does not match that on a passport?

Passengers who book their own flights should be aware that airlines will not allow them to fly internationally if the name on their passport does not match the name on their ticket, and there are no refunds for those refused boarding due to this mismatch.

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