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Sun Country Upgrade

If you love to travel in style and comfort, upgrading your seat through Sun Country Upgrade is the perfect way. Sun Country Airlines provides a seamless experience for all its passengers with top-notch services and amazing facilities. One of this airline’s best features is the option to upgrade your seat.

To avail of this service, passengers can apply online through their website or mobile app. It’s worth mentioning that passengers need to apply for a seat upgrade at least 24 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure, not beyond it. This ensures that there is enough time for the airline staff to process your request and make necessary arrangements accordingly. Let’s discuss the Sun Country Seat Upgrade in brief.

Sun Country First Class Upgrade – Important information

Sun Country Airlines is a low-cost airline carrier that offers Economy seats on all its aircraft. There are some important considerations to remember during sun country upgrade seats.

  • These economy seat arrangements are open for purchase by customers traveling domestically or internationally.
  • The airline provides three variations of its Economy cabin: Best, Exit Row (also called Better), and Standard. 
  • These seat variations come with various facilities such as comfort, legroom space, in-flight entertainment, an electrical power outlet, priority check-in, and boarding.
  • All three seat variations offer these amenities to ensure that passengers can travel comfortably. 
  • Sun Country Airlines requires passengers to pay an extra fee for a seat upgrade.
  • To avoid inconvenience, it’s important to check if flight reservations are eligible for a seat upgrade as not all of them are.

Overview of Sun Country Rewards Loyalty Program

The program is designed to reward you for your loyalty, allowing you to earn points each time you fly with Sun Country Airlines or make any purchases from their partners. These points can then be redeemed for various rewards, such as purchasing a sun country seat upgrade or buying products and services.

One of the best things about this program is that earning points is incredibly easy. For instance, when booking reservations online through their website, vacation packages, seat selections, etc, earn you two points for every $1 USD spent! That’s right; just by making a reservation using their website, you’ll start accumulating valuable points toward future rewards.

Different methods to apply for Sun Country Upgrade Seats

Check Sun Country Upgrade Seats Status

It suggests several ways to upgrade sun country, including using the airline’s website or mobile app, calling customer service, or checking in early at the airport kiosk.

Upgrade Seats Online

Booking or managing your itinerary online is easy and convenient. Just a few simple steps allow you to do it quickly from anywhere. 

  • To access Sun Country Airlines’ official website, open a web browser on any device and go to

Note: If you’re in a region where Sun Country Airlines website is blocked, try using a VPN to bypass censorship and access the site for booking or managing flights.

  • To upgrade your seat on an existing reservation or book a new one, navigate to the appropriate tab in the menu and follow the instructions.
  • Enter the passenger’s last name and reservation code to manage a trip, then click “Manage My Trip.”

Note: Sun Country Airlines assigns passengers a 6-character Reservation Code, which is typically delivered via email after booking a flight.

  • Users need to select the desired reservation and click the Edit button, then tap the Best Flight option to find available upgrades. The cost difference will be displayed on the screen if there is any.

Note: Before making changes or upgrades to your Sun Country reservation, be prepared for a validation check of your details and eligibility conditions. You may need to log in to your account on the website for these purposes.

  • To upgrade your seat, follow the on-screen instructions and check your email for confirmation.

Upgrade Seats through Phone

To request a seat upgrade on Sun Country, contact their customer service center and follow the given steps.

  • To contact Sun Country’s reservations center, call 651-905-2737 using either a mobile or fixed-line phone.
  • When calling an airline carrier, an automated voice system may greet you and provide options based on your query.
  • To connect with a live representative, select the available option or choose the next relevant one if it’s not there.
  • When speaking with a customer service representative, you will need to provide your reservation details for validation and eligibility purposes.
  • If you meet the necessary requirements and a seat is open, you will be upgraded to a different seating arrangement.

Upgrade to First Class at Airport

  • You can request a seat upgrade for your flight reservation directly at the airport. 
  • To request a Sun Country Seat Upgrade for your flight, go to the airport’s ticket counter or help desk and present your reservation details and ID. 
  • Ask staff to assist you in obtaining a premium seat.

How much to upgrade to First Class on Sun Country?

Let’s look at how to determine the sun country first class upgrade cost and make seat reservations accordingly.

  • According to the airline’s seat upgrade policy, Ufly Rewards Elite members can enjoy a Sun Country free upgrade without an additional fee.
  • Airlines are introducing new seat selection fees ranging from $2 to $35 depending on flight length and type of seats.
  • To enjoy a more comfortable and reclining seat, simply submit a fee to upgrade your current seats.
  • You can secure a window or aisle seat by completing the online check-in process or calling the airline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Sun Country Airlines Upgrade

Can you upgrade seats on sun country airlines?

The airline offers a Sun Country Seat Upgrade service for passengers to choose first-class seats, which can be accessed online or offline depending on eligibility and travel needs.

Does sun country offer upgrades at check in?

To check for Sun Country Seat Upgrade or standby status, look to the flat screen monitor at the gate. Airlines automatically place frequent flyers in an upgrade queue upon ticket purchase.

What are the advantages of choosing a seat at the time of booking a flight?

When booking a flight, selecting your seat can lead to the best offer at the best price since prices fluctuate and check-in may result in higher prices. Booking also increases the chances of getting desired seats as only selected ones are available during check-in, allowing for an enjoyable journey with companions.

Can I allow customers to add seats after making a reservation?

Sun Country Airlines allows passengers to add more seats through their website or by calling customer care. The process involves verification of tickets and availability, with the price being informed upon adding the seats.

Is it possible to get a free upgrade on a Sun Country flight?

Elite members with confirmed bookings on Sun Country can receive complimentary upgrades for certain flight services such as seat upgrades and priority check-in. However, it’s important to note that there will be an additional cost associated with this upgraded facility. If you’re willing to pay the extra amount for a more comfortable journey, then applying for a seat upgrade via online mode is highly recommended.

Does Sun Country have first-class seating?

Sun Country Airlines will resume operating for tourists in March 2022, offering first-class seating to all passengers and the option to upgrade.

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