Aegean Airlines Upgrade – Options to Upgrade Seats

Aegean Airlines Upgrade

The Aegean Airlines Upgrade has upgraded the amount of payment and many other factors regarding seats, bookings, flights, and tickets. You can choose the amount for the business class by Aegean Airlines and this offered is applicable before 10 hours of departure. All the passengers will be notified of their bid through the email. The customers who want to join the Aegean Upgrade challenge have to issue their tickets from Aegean or Olympic Air Flight.

Different offer charges different amount as per Aegean. According to the offer, the paid amount will be debited to the account. You don’t need to pay any further taxes or extra amount for choosing any offer of Aegean Airlines because all the amounts will be included in the main amount.

Business Class Upgrade

You can choose Aegean Airlines Business Class Upgrade through coupons by following a few terms and conditions. The privileges that you can get are mentioned below:

  1. You can carry 2 handbags of 8 kgs and 5 kgs respectively
  2. Two pieces of baggage are allowed within 32kgs.
  3. You can use business class lounges
  4. You will be offered a special check-in counters
  5. Priority boarding and check-in facilities
  6. You need to follow certain terms and conditions which are mentioned below:
    • Based on the rules of Aegean Airlines Upgrade to Business, the seat upgrade is only applicable for Aegean Airlines or Olympic Air-operated flights.
    • For seat upgrade an Aegean Airlines economy class ticket with reservation which must be valid and paid is required.
    • Seat upgrade is possible up to 24 hours before departure and based on availability and general seat availability is not related to complimentary seat availability.
    • Seat upgrades will be accepted through Aegean Airlines Reservations Department.
    • Seats are upgraded on the segment of one flight
    • The benefits of Aegean Airlines Upgrade to Business will be mentioned on the coupon.
    • In case of any issues regarding the date and time you have to contact the Aegean Airlines call centre which is available for 24 hours.

Upgrade Challenge

Check Aegean Airlines Seat Upgrade Status

Upgrade Challenge offers you how much you can pay to shift to business class. Know everything about the Upgrade Challenge:

  • As per Aegean Upgrade Challenge, you can submit the offer at least 10 hours before the departure of the flight.
  • Passengers will be notified through emails.
  • To take part in Upgrade Challenge you have to issue a ticket from Aegean Airlines or Olympic Airlines.
  • Only Aegean Upgrade Challenge offered files are applicable instead of all flights.
  • You can check the eligibility on the booking references and the last name of Upgrade Challenge.
  • The suitable flights will be displayed during booking the flight while applying the offer

Although every passenger can apply for the challenge often people ask which criteria are not allowed about the Upgrade Challenge is discussed below:

  • The passenger who aims to travel with children the age of the children must be more than 2 years.
  • If you want to book for a group the number of people can be less than 9.
  • If the ticket is not confirmed.
  • A passenger who aims to carry a pet is not allowed to take part in this challenge. In this case, they have to choose a pet in the cabin or an animal in the hold.

Upgrade to Business

When it comes to Upgrade to Business, the straightforward way is better to take which is to call and ask. You can choose Aegean Airlines Upgrade to Business the last time at the airport if you miss the flight or want to change the seat from economy to business class. Things should be remembered mentioned below:

  • If you want to Upgrade to Business, you have to arrive airport early and inform the gate attendants that you are willing to upgrade.
  • You have to listen to the announcements carefully.
  • If you arrive late when the flight has already started boarding the problem often appears from this situation. In this case, you can ask Upgrade to Business to flight attendants.
  • At off-peak times you can choose the business class upgrade when the business class is not full.
  • If you fail the upgrade to a business class in flight you have to wait for the next flight to business class upgrade.

But if the flight is changed the offer will not be accepted and your bid will be transferred to the new flight and the offer will be cancelled. In case of accepting the offer before and changing to a new flight, the amount will be debited to the passenger’s credit card. You should know that once the offer is accepted there is no chance to change the offer.  

Aegean Airlines Gold Upgrade

Aegean Airlines Gold Upgrade is an opportunity for a passenger which requires to meet certain criteria:

  • A passenger has to fly at least 4 times to Aegean Airlines or Olympic airlines
  • 24,000 miles are mandatory for an Aegean Airlines Gold Upgrade.
  • The gold upgrade requires 40,000 loyalty points to get this opportunity.
  • To get a gold upgrade or gold status you have to qualify for various AAdvantage elite tiers.
  • Advantage platinum status requires 75,000 points
  • Advantage platinum pro status requires 125,000 points
  • Advantage executive platinum status requires 200,000 points.
  • The elite status is valuable from the beginning of the march to the end of February.
  • Although there are various methods to get Aegean Airlines Gold Upgrade but using credit cards while booking the flying ticket is the most prominent one.
  • To get the loyalty point you can use up to $40k by using a credit card at various times.
  • You can get various benefits with AAdvantage Gold and Platinum upgrades.

Star Alliance Upgrade

Aegean Airlines Star Alliance Upgrade is one of the most rear programmes which only a few flyers can obtain. This programme can only be earned through redeeming miles. Any passenger can earn both tier and award miles from any Star Alliance Upgrade on any eligible redeemed miles.

Some benefits of Aegean Airlines Star Alliance Upgrade are discussed below:

  • You can earn “Consistent Status Recognition” through the star alliance upgrade
  • “Consistent Status Recognition” is available every time whenever the passengers will fly with Star Alliance and this is applicable for more than one member.
  • A member with Star Alliance can fly worldwide more than 990.
  • As it is a rear programme for a frequent number of members thus the member can earn both tiers and redeem miles.
  • To become a member you have to meet a certain number of requirements and only after that you can claim the facilities.

Aegean Airlines Upgrade Bid

The Upgrade Bid its fees to shift to business class from economy class. Through upgrade challenge you can get various facilities:

  • Being the largest airline in Greece, it offers a challenge which brings opportunities for passengers to upgrade to business class
  • It is one of the rare airlines which contain this challenge offers to make passengers more comfortable.
  • With Aegean Airlines you can decide everything by your choice.
  • This bid is different from purchasing tickets for business class
  • With this challenge you can upgrade your business class based on price. Your path might be easier to grab a seat in business class
  • If the airlines tell you the price at the airport there is no chance to negotiate over it and you have to pay the price.
  • As it is mentioned that every passenger will be notified about the challenge if you are a happy passenger with economy class then you can ignore the mail.
  • If you decide to participate in the challenge, you have to place a bid to the business class.

How to Upgrade On Aegean Airlines

With the Upgrade Challenge, you can upgrade your seat from economy class to business class for less-price:

  • You need to visit the official website ( to know the upgrade benefits first
  • Before booking check which flights are allowed and which are not
  • Carefully check the date and time and when you can apply the offers
  • Then make the booking carefully with the appropriate information
  • Now choose the amount of offer and make the payment accordingly
  • If you are paying with credit cards fill the credit card details
  • Now check and confirm the order
  • Remember, once the offer is confirmed you cannot change the offer further  

Upgrade Your Aegean Airline Flight

Upgrade Your Aegean Airline Flight is often required because of some unplanned circumstances.

  • To change the flight you need to negotiate with Aegean Airlines authorities
  • If you want to change the flight at the last minute you need to connect with the Aegean Airline Call centre
  • To change the flight the offer will not be accepted and it will be cancelled by the airline
  • For the new flight you have to pay the required payment asked by the airline and you are not allowed to negotiate over the amount in such case.
  • You can only change the seat from first class to business class without paying any money otherwise, you are bound to pay.

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that Upgrade offers a large number of facilities to make their passengers more satisfied and make their journey more comfortable. It provides many facilities even on the payments so that the passengers can remain stress-free.

The Upgrade provide various membership programmes such as the AAdvantage gold membership upgrade, AAdvantage platinum membership programme, platinum pro programme, and many other programmes. Apart from these programmes, they will also get many benefits from these memberships. To grab these opportunities you have to meet certain requirements. To shift business class from economic class at the last minute you need to call the Aegean call center or can inform the gate attendants to ask for business class.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Aegean Airlines Upgrade Challenge offers to its passengers?

The Upgrade Challenge usually offers a business class opportunity for all the customers by applying the challenge. But a passenger has to follow a few rules and regulations of Upgrade Challenge.

Which are allowed in this Upgrade Challenge?

To get the Upgrade Challenge, your children’s age must be more than 2 years, your group must be less than 9 members, you cannot travel with any pet, and your ticket must be confirmed with reservation, paid and valid.

What are the specifications that may not lead to getting the offer?

The offer is not applicable if the flight does not contain any seat availability, you don’t have any confirmed tickets, you don’t have a proper printout of your ticket, your flight is not booked by Aegean or Olympic Airlines, and your flight does not have the offer. In such cases, the offer will not be eligible.

How must does it cost to get the Upgrade?

The offer fee changes based on time but if you receive any upgrade your card will be debited with the money. You have to go through a verification season while submitting the offer. You don’t need to pay any additional money or taxes for the challenge or offer.

What if when the offer is already accepted and the flight is cancelled?

In case of changing flights the offers will not be accepted and they will be cancelled by the airline. In the matter of Aegean Airlines, your bid will not be accepted for the next flights and you have to pay more for changing flights and also for business class.

How much baggage one can carry after getting the offer?

Based on Upgrade the baggage allowance is also upgraded as passengers can carry 8kgs and 5kgs handbags along with two baggage consisting of 32kgs for a total. Aegean Airlines also offers many other facilities with this challenge but for changing seats from economy class to business class you may need to pay less than others.

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