Air Transat Upgrade – Options to Upgrade Seat

Air Transat Upgrade Seat

Air Transat Airlines offers various services to enhance the travel experience, such as advanced seat selection for added flexibility. Travelers can choose their preferred seats before their flight with this feature. For those traveling to Canada, Air Transat is a recommended airline choice. Air Transat Airlines provides various upgrade options for travelers based on their ticket class. These upgrades include access to premium lounges at airports and complimentary meals during the flight. This article concisely explains the Air Transat upgrade and the process of upgrading with Air Transat.

Air Transat Upgrade Options

To ensure a comfortable flight, choose seats that fit your budget and expectations. Air Transat offers three cabin options: Economy Class, Option Plus, and Club Class.

Air Transat Economy Class

The Economy Class is separated into different groups.

Standard seats of Economy Class

  • The Economy cabin’s lowest fare is for the Standard Seats, which offer basic and affordable services. The seats are made of leather and provide great comfort.
  • Air Transat offers personal touch screens with access to a variety of shows and games. Passengers can also connect their mobile devices to the screen for entertainment services.
  • The cabin offers USB charging ports and basic dining options. It is a cost-effective option for travelers seeking affordability.

Front cabin seats

  • Front/exit seats on aircraft are located near the front of the plane and allow passengers to disembark quickly upon arrival. These seats can save time for travelers.
  • Travelers can enjoy a peaceful environment with low engine noise and a free power supply, allowing for relaxation or focus on work. Charging spots are also available.
  • Air Transat offers faster meal services with snacks and beverages for passengers, as well as the Option to pay extra for seat selection. These upgrade Air Transat may be helpful for those traveling with children or on short trips.

Two by Two Seats

Below is the information regarding two by two seats:

  • Air Transat offers Two by Two seats that can be booked in pairs for extra space and privacy. The seat space is over 31 inches, allowing passengers to stretch comfortably. 
  • On-board entertainment may include private screens, music, shows, and games. USB ports are available for work or charging devices. These seats have more features than Standard Economy.

Extra Legroom seats

  • Extra Legroom seats provide more space than Standard Seats and can be advantageous for long-haul flights.
  • Air Transat offers a comfort kit and various in-flight services to flyers in their upgraded cabin class, including custom wood earbuds and USB ports. Passengers can choose meals from the menu and upgrade their seats.
  • The airline offers an Air Transat upgrade feature with affordable prices and high-quality services, making them one of the best in Economy Class.

Club Class

Here are the following features of the Air Transat Club class upgrade.

  • Club Class Seats offer advanced and luxurious seating with improved facilities, including reclinable seats and a six-way headrest and footrest for ultimate relaxation.
  • The upgrade to club class offers one carry-on and two checked bags, priority check-in and boarding, welcome cocktails, gourmet meals, and exotic cuisine options. 
  • Wine, beverages, and refreshments are also available.
  • Consider using Spirit Airlines if you need to travel to places not served by Air Transat. They may have comparable choices for your trip.
  • Club Class offers an exclusive 12-seat cabin with reclining seats and onboard perks such as a personal amenity kit, complimentary snacks, and alcoholic beverages, including a quality selection of wines.
  • At the airport, passengers can check in two pieces of baggage weighing up to 32 kg each and receive priority services, including a priority queue at the airport.
  • Air Transat club class upgrade cost mainly depends upon where you are flying with the airlines.

Advantages of Air Transat Club Class Seats

Air Transat offers multiple benefits for passengers who reserve a club class seat. These benefits are worth exploring and can enhance the overall flight experience.

  • Club seats offer a more flexible seat selection service than regular flyers, allowing passengers to sit in the front seats of the aircraft.
  • Customers can receive priority services and enjoy them on a prioritized basis.
  • The seats offer a special meal based on the route and flight duration.
  • Club seats offer top-notch entertainment amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, noise-canceling headphones, a spacious TV screen, and magazines.
  • The seats have USB ports for charging electronic devices.
  • You can get additional legroom and fixed armrests in comparison to standard seats.
  • Passengers can select their seats for an Air Transat club class upgrade price of $27 up to 24 hours before their flight.

Upgrade Basic Economy to Business class when flying with Air Transat

Flyers can enhance their Basic Economy ticket to Business class for more legroom and flexibility. Online steps are required to upgrade to the upper class.

More so, you can upgrade your booking by calling 514-636-3630 or 1-877-TRANSAT (872-6728) to speak with a live person.

Steps for making upgrades online on Air Transat

Below are the necessary steps for how to upgrade to club class on Air Transat.

  • To manage your booking on an airline’s website, start by opening the official site and navigating to the managed booking section.
  • Fill in flight details and upgrade tickets to the upper class.
  • Payment can be made, and a confirmation email will then be sent to the registered email address.

Should You Upgrade to Club Class Seats on Air Transat?

Upgrade your Air Transat Seat

Upgrade to club class Air Transat offers premium services for long-haul flights, including complimentary meals and personalized services for comfort and safety.

  • The club class seats are comfortable and worth the cost for longer flights, but regular seats are sufficient for short-haul flights.
  • Elite members can utilize their miles to upgrade a Basic Economy flight ticket to club class for free, as well as book an award flight using points for their upcoming trip.

Option plus on Air Transat

If you want more comfort on your Air Transat first class upgrade, go for Option Plus. This upgrade provides many benefits to enhance your journey. 

  • Firstly, you’ll get free standard seat selection and check-in at a private desk. Also, priority boarding ensures that you have enough time to settle in before takeoff.
  • One of the best things about the Air Transat upgrade option plus is the dedicated Air Transat line at security checkout in Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver airports. This reduces waiting time in long lines and allows more relaxation before your flight. But that’s not all! 
  • When you book Option Plus up to 24 hours before departure, you can enjoy additional benefits during your Air Transat flight upgrade. 
  • You’ll receive an extra piece of checked luggage, so you won’t have to worry about packing light or leaving anything behind. 
  • Once on board, you will get a Comfort Kit that includes a blanket, eye mask, neck pillow, and natural wood earbuds for ultimate relaxation.
  • In terms of refreshments on your flight, the Air Transat option plus upgrade have you covered. You’ll get an alcoholic beverage and a snack when you arrive on board, followed by a meal from the Bistro Menu later in the journey.

Method of Air Transat Seat Selection Upgrade (Option plus)

Here are the complete details of how to select the Option Plus seats, such as below.

  • Selecting your seats in advance can enhance your travel experience by allowing you to sit near your partner and pay for desired features. Air Transat upgrade offers an online seat selection procedure through their Online Check-in option.
  • Go to ““.
  • To access travel information on the website, simply go to the homepage and click on the “Travel Information” section.
  • Then, choose the “Online Check-in” option under the “Airports – Check-in” section.
  • Now, provide your identification details, including the complete name, verification number, as well as departure airport. After that, click on the “Continue” Option.
  • Check your Air Transat flight upgrades and seating chart.
  • Select available seats by following on-screen instructions.
  • To reserve seats, pay the selection fee.

Note: Air Transat charges a fee for seat selection that can vary between $25 and $55 depending on different factors.

Air Transat Seat Changes

Air Transat offers a seat upgrade feature that allows passengers to fulfill last-minute position requirements and change ticket fares.

  • The process can be initiated through the Manage Booking option.
  • To access Air Transat’s website, users should log in to the main page.
  • Find and tap “Manage Booking” on the homepage.
  • Provide your first name, last name, verification number, and departure date.
  • To change your seats, select them after retrieving your booking.
  • To secure new seating positions, passengers flying with Air Transat can pay an upgrade fee for seat selection.

Note: To change or upgrade your seats with Air Transat, you can contact their   customer service at least 48 hours before departure. This is an offline option that may be preferable for some customers.

  • Air Transat is an airline that offers comfortable and accessible flying with a simple seat selection policy. 
  • They prioritize understanding their customers’ needs for both domestic and international travel to provide the best seating options.

Air Transat Upgrade Cost

Air Transat offers an upgrade option called Option Plus for economy class flights, which provides additional amenities and features. Customers are prompted to consider this upgrade during the booking process.

  • For an additional fee of £42 each way, passengers can enjoy benefits such as free seat selection (usually costing £19) and a more comfortable standard economy seat.
  • The upgrade to club class costs between $200 and $400, depending on the destination.
  • Check for a $450 Club Class seat when booking to avoid missing out.

Airlines offer an excellent upgrade at the airport, and free advanced seating options, which provide added flexibility and peace of mind for travelers. By taking advantage of these benefits, passengers can enjoy a stress-free travel experience from start to finish. 

But Of course, it’s always important to make sure you fully understand any policies before making a booking. That’s why taking some time to learn more about Air Transat upgrade can help ensure a smooth journey when flying with them. 

Hence, Air Transat Airlines is a great option for travelers who value flexibility and reliability when it comes to their travel plans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Air Transat Seat Upgrade

May I get an Air Transat free upgrade?

Air Transat charges extra for seat selection, which is not included in the booking fare. Passengers can choose preferred seats at an additional cost during ticket purchase or flight check-in.
Seat charges for different sorts and classes of travel range from $25 to $100. Travelers can choose their preferred seats during check-in, which is available one hour before their scheduled flight departure.

Does the Air Transat club class include lounge access?

Upgrade your flight experience with Club Class for priority services and privileges, or choose the Luxury Collection package, which includes access to VIP airport lounges for a luxurious travel experience.

How to get a free upgrade on Air Transat?

The airline does not offer a free Air Transat upgrade. The cost of selecting seats on an airline can vary depending on factors such as demand, with prices starting at $25. Planning ahead may help to lower the fee.

Does Air Transat have strict baggage rules?

The rules for cabin baggage are strictly enforced, and bags that exceed the maximum size or number allowed will be checked with additional fees. Duty-free items purchased at airports must fit inside cabin baggage.

Is Air Transat offering premium service?

Upgrade your next vacation by traveling in style with Club Class or a Luxury Collection package. Enjoy priority services and privileges before, during, and after your flight, including access to VIP airport lounges for luxury travel.

How can I book Air Transat Club Class seats?

Air Transat offers Club class passengers complimentary seat reservations, but space is limited and it’s recommended to consider selecting seats in advance. Passengers have 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure to select and confirm seats online, by mail or through a call.

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