EL AL Upgrade – How to Upgrade Seat?

El Al Upgrade

EL AL Israel Airlines very existence is said to be a statement. This point-to-point airline has an easy and quick upgrade system. EL AL upgrade on tickets and seats can be done in three simple ways. It’s easier for you if you hold a platinum and Gold EL AL membership. To take the upgrade benefit free of any cost as a club member you must not wait for the last minute. Recently the last-minute upgrades were revoked and packed as a new scheme much simpler. 

Normal passengers are also open to cherish this service online, paying in points or points combined with cash six hours before takeoff. In the following write-up, we will take a detailed look at their upgrade curbing all your curiosity about its cost, bid upgrading system, how to upgrade on EL AL, and other related subjects.

EL AL Upgrade Brief

EL AL showers you with plenty of options to upgrade your ticket class here are some of them below. 

Upgrade Bidding

  • The EL AL Upgrade bidding is primarily meant as an offer submission for the upgrade of your flight ticket from economy to business class. The upgrade service is available on flights operated on the Dreamliners allowing flight upgrades. 

Upgrade Service

  • You can submit an offer to upgrade your ticket to EL AL’s business or premium classes. After which you might secure an upgrade seat as a consequence as per class preference and seat availability. If you have to submit an offer 24 hours before the flight. 

Last Minute Upgrade

  • This option is not available for tickets booked through a third party. To use last-minute upgrades on EL AL flight tickets booked directly as a premium member of the club, you can make the consideration clear in your account. 
  • A frequent flyer club is a group of individuals who choose EL AL flights often. As a benefit of this, you can secure a cheap and quick last-minute upgrade 48 hours before the flight boarding. However, it is still not free and you get only discounted points. 

Assured Advance Upgrade

  • In the assured advance Upgrade you get to purchase a ticket for a class that permits upgrading. Here the frequent flyer points come into play. 

Immediate Upgrade Request

  • Right after purchasing the ticket, you can immediately put in an upgrade request. The time to put that immediate upgrade request is valid up to 6 before your flight. 

Upgrade Simulation Video

  • You can watch a simulation video that shows what it’s like to upgrade on EL AL flights. 

Rules for EL AL Upgrade

Check El Al Airlines Seat Upgrade Status

Here are some of the major points to remember while going for an EL AL business class upgrade. 

  • Basic ticket conditions like class and cost will not be affected by booking an advance upgrade on a ticket with frequent flyer points. 
  • This Upgrade won’t affect passengers names on the ticket. Info after and before an Upgrade would sustain. 
  • Upgrading tickets is not allowed on codeshare flights. 
  • Rather than the online method, offline methods for upgrading at airports won’t work with points. 
  • This Upgrade is invalid for tickets booked discounted with a child discount. 
  • The ideal ticket condition for an upgrade would be a ticket purchased for an adult passenger with costing normal to that adult passenger. 
  • To proceed with a ticket upgrade at EL AL with points or to pay in a combined mode of points in cash makes you ineligible to procure frequent flyer point gain facilities. Points would be counted based on the ticket class purchased before upgradation. 
  • One must check out the EL AL Frequent Flyer Club terms and regulations before going for an upgrade.

EL AL Seat Upgrade Cost

Several influencing factors are engaged in determining the cost of an EL AL seat upgrade. Some of the factors through which upgrade seat and upgrade cost are decided are flight destination and EL AL personal commercial criteria. 

  • The EL AL seat upgrade cost remains the same for advance and immediate upgrade offers or requests submitted. 
  • A handling fee of $5 is charged if you book through the EL AL Service Center. This would be the same for each seat. 
  • The upgrade cost is determined by the class, route, and destination of the passengers.
  • Passenger is subjected to a known ticket fee refund in case of cancellation of an upgraded ticket. 
  • The meal preferences with no special pricing would be sustained by EL AL on newly upgraded tickets. 
  • EL AL’s bid for an upgrade works for an extra comfortable seat service as well. This will be booked from the Upgrade interface just like any other upgradation preference, the approval of which is influenced by class and destination. 
  • Passengers are open to booking, which is an exclusive luxury travel option. 

Difference In Business class and Premium class Upgrade Cost

EL AL business class and economic class upgrade has a cost difference stated on their official website as follows; 

  • Premium Class is an exclusive travel class between Economy and Business Class on EL AL’s Dreamliner aircraft. The seats in the premium class are engineered to provide maximum comfort and have extra legroom as well.
  • No extra cost is entertained on premium class tickets even after such luxury facilities are provided. 
  • The cost of upgradation wouldn’t be minded by the class, rather it depends on seat availability, route, and destination of the flight. 

Upgrade To Business Class

For an EL AL Upgrade To Business Class or Premium Economy there works three ways, equally efficient. 

Participating in the EL AL bidding process

  • For an EL AL Bid Upgrade bidding to business class you can submit an offer to upgrade your ticket to upgrade service generalized for all flights and on flights operated on 787 Dreamliner aircraft. 
  • Upgrade offer for participating in EL AL Bid for upgrade works for an upgrade to business as well as premium class. The only difference would be made at the points in curd at the ticket booking under the frequent flyer program. 
  • The price range for Upgrade To Business Class would influence the amount of the upgrade. Other factors influencing the price of the business class ticket upgradation at EL AL are flight destination and EL AL’s commercial criteria.
  • The deadline for submitting an offer is 24 hours before departure. This means you can submit an offer 6 hours before boarding the flight. 
  • The information on approved or non-approved ticket upgrades is sent to passengers registered email addresses when submitting the offer. 

Upgrading aboard the aircraft

  • The upgrade process for all of these three methods would be completed on the PLUSGRADE website. This is the official website for EL AL Upgrade. The PLUSGRADE system is known to already have your booking information.

If you are looking for how to upgrade from economy to business class EL AL, look no further; 

  • For EL AL miles upgrade passengers are allowed to submit an offer to upgrade using the Matmid points at the last minute.

Terms and Conditions 

Here are the major terms and conditions you should be well-versed with as a passenger eager to get a ticket upgrade at EL AL.  The below-provided terms and conditions are meant to be followed on submission of offers to upgrade a ticket purchased for economy class to a business/premium class ticket on an EL AL flight.

  • The upgrade service for EL AL is available only on certain flights with exceptions. They will abide by the commercial laws as determined by the EL AL airline as the sole authority. 
  • The upgrade is accessible and valid on a one-way trip only and that too for only the passengers in reservation. 
  • EL AL claims to possess the full authority of accepting and rejecting any offer submitted for EL AL Airlines premium economy upgrade.
  • The offer submitted to upgrade a ticket shows the upgraded prize to be an amalgamation of the ticket price plus the upgrade cost added. 
  • An individual cannot transfer their upgrade benefits to another passenger. That’s why indirect or third-party ticket upgradation is not valid in EL AL. 
  • Passengers must submit their offer 6 hours before flights and 24 hours before departure. 
  • Passengers are open to make changes in the submitted offer or even cancer the submitted offer for the upgrade bid which is the same as the deadline for submitting an offer which is 24 hours before departure or until the time it gets approved. 
  • The special meals ordered on the original ticket would be sustained even after the seat upgrade.
  • The commercial laws of EL AL are upgraded from time to time by their authoritative bodies. 
  • An upgrade refund is not provided in case the flight is canceled or rebooked by that passenger. 
  • For cancellation of the offer submitted link in the order confirmation notification sent by upgrade service should be referred to. 
  • The submission of orders is done by passengers through PLUSGRADE on the managed ‘My Booking page.
  • In case EL AL cancels the upgrade after issuing an approved notification the refund of the ticket fee would be processed by EL AL to the original method of payment such as a credit card. 
  • Full refunds are provided in case the canceling authority is EL AL. 
  • After the passenger’s ticket is reverted to its original condition before the upgrade the refund processed would include the upgrade price as well. 
  • In case the EL AL upgrade bid is accepted, the upgrade ticket price would be automatically deducted from the passenger’s credit card. 
  • Upgrade bid or offer submission is not valid on connection or codeshare flights. 
  • In case you have a booking inclusive of multiple passengers, the upgrade offer will be valid to all passengers on the same booking.
  • A bassinet in the upgraded cabin would be included in case you are traveling with an infant information that has been submitted by you in the original tickets. 
  • The point for the Matmid frequent flyer club membership is calculated based on the class of the original tickets and not the upgraded one. 

EL AL Seat Upgrade 

Here is how to submit an offer for an EL AL seat Upgrade easily through their official website. 

  • At the end of the purchase process at the reservation confirmation page, a window with an invitation to submit an upgrade is provided. 
  • And another method for getting an upgrade seat would be to click on the ”EL AL Upgrade” button. 
  • Your offer submission can be inclusive of all EL AL segments or for a singular flight segment. 
  • Remember that the credit card information added would only be used to encash the upgraded ticket price in case your upgrade bid for seat upgrade is accepted by the airlines. 
  • Verify the details of the credit card at the end to submit an offer after which you’ll receive an email notification which is more like a confirmation email sent by EL AL regarding the approval or disapproval of the offer or bid. 

EL AL Points Upgrades

In this section, we are about to discuss how the EL AL points upgrades work. 

  • EL AL Matmid Frequent Flyer Club: It is a program initiated by EL AL called Matmid allowing members to secure special points which hold immense value in time of EL AL seat upgrade or ticket upgrade. Passengers earn these points by traveling through the EL AL Airlines or its partner flights. These points are valid to be redeemed in case of upgraded flight booking and rewards access. To make these incurring points equal to other airlines’ frequent flyer plans they are multiplied by 50 by the airline themselves. The points obtained are known as Matmid points. 
  • Award Ticket: An award ticket can be purchased using ‘Matmid’ points which is the free ticket for a flight with EL AL partnership. The number of points required for this service would be influenced by route, destination, and availability of the seat, or class.
  • Upgrade: ‘Matmid points’ holds value in case of upgrade with points a ticket to a higher class of service as well. The passengers are open to paying through cash mixed up with coins in case of unavailability of Matmid points. It is a special condition that will grant you points and diamonds excluding the taxes based on the status of your flight date. 

EL AL bid upgrade offer Timeline

In case of an offer submitted on bid upgrade a deadline is given precisely. However, there hasn’t been any known information on how advanced can it be submitted. As per sources, an offer submission is valid for submission right after the booking of tickets until 24 hours before departure. 

Therefore passengers are eligible to submit an offer 6 hours before the flight departure. Note that no fee relaxation on the upgrade ticket price would be made even if you book an advance upgrade. 

In case of an advance upgrade or late upgrade, you get an email notification clearing off whether it is approved or not. In case EL AL cancels the upgrade, passengers get their tickets back to the original status with a full refund on the upgrade. 

So, booking an advance upgrade does not cause many changes to the offer submission. 

In this article, we look at how to upgrade an EL AL ticket to a business and premium class of service or how to process an EL AL seat upgrade. The process of upgrade is influenced by various factors such as route, destination, class of service, availability of seats at the time of upgrade, and others depending upon which the cost of the upgrade would be calculated in addition to the ticket price. In case of cancellation of upgradation from EL AL, a full refund would be processed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is El Al a 5-star airline?

The EL AL is known for issuing personal ratings. They possess a safety rating of 7/7 on products offered. And this Israeli airline is known to have a safety review and rating of 4/7 as given at their official site. Moreover, this top-rated Israel airline received a five-star rating in the inflight service category by deciding body APEX official airline ratings 2022 awards.

What is the difference between economy and premium on El Al?

The premium class in EL AL falls in the mid-economic and business category and is known to have extra inflight services, extra legroom, and comfortable seating. Both these classes are known to have been separated by curtains or dividers. The booking cost of these two classes of flight tickets would also vary for EL AL like any other airline.

How many Dreamliners does El Al have?

Dreamliners which are claimed as El Al’s youngest aircraft are in total 12 in number. These twinjets are all active under the Israel national airline.

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