Sun Country Name Change Policy – Correct Name on Ticket

Sun Country Name Change Policy

It is interesting to know that Sun Country Name Change policy that allows passengers to change their name after booking without much hassle. You can also correct the spelling of your name on the flight ticket by following this policy. It means you don’t have to worry about any errors in your name causing problems during check-in or boarding.

In addition, changing your name on Sun Country reservations is not a big deal at all. The airline understands that mistakes happen and provides an efficient process for correcting them. You simply need to follow their guidelines and make necessary changes using their official website. 

Let’s read further about name change policy in brief.

Sun Country Name Change/Correction Policy Overview

Sometimes passengers may make mistakes while booking or canceling their flights. One common mistake is misspelling or entering incorrect names on flight tickets.

If you find yourself in this condition and are wondering how to change your name on Sun Country Airlines. Rest stay assured, knowing that it’s possible with their Name Correction Policy.

There are the following policy terms and conditions for changing your name and making it easier for you.

  • Sun Country Airlines allows travellers to make changes or corrections to their name under their policy.
  • If you need to change your name online, you can use either the Sun Country Airlines website or their mobile application.
  • Sun country airlines name correction policy offers free name corrections for passengers who purchase their flight tickets directly through the airline’s official website, customer service, or ticket counter.
  • Passengers who book flights with Sun Country as part of a hotel vacation package will need to pay a fee to the airline if they want to change the name on their ticket.
  • If you purchase a flight ticket with a car package, you will be charged fees to make changes to your name.
  • You can modify the name on a plane ticket after getting married or divorced by providing legal documents like marriage or divorce certificates to the airline.
  • Passengers cannot change their route when they request a name correction.
  • Sun Country Airlines does not allow the transfer of tickets to another person’s name according to the policy.

How to Change Name on Sun Country Airline?

Sun Country Airlines allows passengers to change their name on their ticket through different methods, such as below.

Sun Country Name Change Online

Check Sun Country Airlines Name Change Status

Passengers commonly use the official website or mobile app to correct or change their names when necessary.

  • To access Sun Country Airlines change name services, visit their official website at
  • To access the account, login credentials must be used.
  • To manage your booking, simply click on “Manage Booking” on the website’s homepage.
  • Then, users are required to input their name and booking number into the field.
  • Afterwards, select the appropriate option and move to the next page in the bookings list.
  • Subsequently, Make sure that your name matches the one on your passport. If needed, you can select suitable options to change your name.
  • Also, make sure to pay the Sun Country fee for name changes before completing the process.
  • The airline will finally send a confirmation email about the Sun country change name on ticket.

Correct your name with Sun Country Airlines Offline

  • The most common method to contact Sun Country Airlines offline is to call their customer care number and speak with a representative.
  • To ensure a smooth booking process, customers should be prepared to provide their reservation number and last name when speaking with a customer service representative. 
  • Providing accurate information will help ensure that the proper arrangements are made.
  • You can change your name by visiting the customer service centre or kiosk, but remember to bring your marriage or divorce certificate for a legal name change.
  • According to this policy, your name on the flight ticket and ID must match to travel with the airline.

Sun Country Name Change Fee

  • If a passenger realizes that they made an error in their ticket’s name, or if they need to make any changes or corrections after 24 hours of booking, then Sun Country Airlines requires them to pay a Sun Country name change fee. 
  • This policy is strictly enforced by the airline, and passengers must comply with it under all circumstances.
  • It should also be noted that the amount of money charged for a name change may vary depending on several factors, such as flight route, time of the change, and ticket type.
  •  It is advisable for passengers who wish to get more information about the criteria used to determine these fees to contact Sun Country Airlines directly.
  • Fortunately, getting in touch with Sun Country Airlines is easy as customers can simply dial the contact number provided on their website. 
  • Passengers can speak with customer service representatives who are always ready and willing to provide helpful information about any concerns related to flights or bookings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Sun Country Change Name Policy

How to change the name on the Sun Country ticket?

Passengers can access information about flights through the official website or mobile app. Other options include going to the airport ticket counter or calling customer service.

Can visitors change the middle name on a Sun Country Airlines ticket?

Yes, Visitors can change their name on a Sun Country booking according to the Sun Country name change policy.

What if my name doesn’t match my ticket?

You must change the ticket if your ticket name and passport name don’t match. Some airlines will correct minor errors without charge, but others may impose a fee based on the size of the mistake.

Can you change names on Sun Country Airlines tickets for free?

Sun Country Airlines does not permit changing the name on a ticket if it involves a passenger change according to name change policy. However, name corrections and legal status changes are permitted for free on flight-only tickets.

What if my Sun Country ticket has a misspelt last name?

According to policy guidelines, travellers must ensure that the name on their flight reservation matches the name on their government-issued ID exactly. Even a single letter difference can result in being denied boarding.

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