Delta Airlines Name Change Policy – A Simple Name Correction Guide

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

The Delta Airlines Name Change Policy allows travelers to make necessary changes to their flight tickets. An error can happen while making bookings, and it is normal sometimes due to human error or system error. And when that happens, Delta has got you covered with their policies. 

Whether you cancel your reservations or book a new reservation, Delta Airlines has a set of policies crafted to make your air travel needs easy and accessible. With this name change policy, you can seek assistance from Delta to make the desired corrections. This blog has information related to the Delta Change Name Policy and how it is applicable.

What Does Delta Name Correction Policy Have To Offer?

When requesting a name change on your Delta Ticket, the airline has some rules and exceptions. These are listed here in detail to give you an insight into the policy laid out by the airline. No matter what changes you are looking for, be it a minor correction or a last name change, these rules will give you an idea about the dos and don’ts of this policy.

A few points to keep in mind while requesting a name change with Delta Airlines are listed below:

  • Your flight must be operated by Delta, which has tickets issued with the number 006.
  • For flights that are code share, Delta Name Change Policy is applicable on flight segments.
  • You can only change your Delta ticket once as per the Delta Change Name Policy.
  • You cannot make changes to your gender or date of birth while making a name correction change.
  • Delta permits changes of up to 3 characters on the name on their tickets.
  • Once your Delta name change policy request has been processed, you will have to make a new reservation.

The acceptable changes to the requests you made with your flight ticket are mentioned below.

Delta Airlines Name ChangeChanges Accepted
For First, Middle, or Last Name change
For Nickname change to Legal name
For correcting Inverted Names or Adding a Middle name
Add an additional last name
All these alterations ensured that the ticketed name matched the government-issued ID or passport. Also, your  DOB and gender must remain identical to the government-issued ID or passport.
Changing your legal name under the circumstances of Marriage, Divorce, and AdoptionDelta Airlines name change waiver code would be applicable
Adding a middle name to the Delta ticketDelta’s Name Change policy states that middle name correction requires rebooking the correct name in a new reservation. 

Delta Airlines has an exception on flights between the US And China. No name corrections or change requests are entertained by the airline on this route. However, if you have to make some corrections after booking, then the airline suggests that you book a new reservation for yourself.

Delta Airlines Name Change Fee

If you are wondering about the name change fee charged by Delta Flights, then here is what you need to know. If you make the name change request within 24 hours of flight bookings, then the fee charged will be $125. In case your 24-hour booking window is passed, then the name change fee charged is $275. If a new ticket is issued after these changes and your flight is changed, then a fare difference will be charged.

What Are The Different Ways For The Delta Name Change On The Ticket?

When it comes to making name corrections or changes, Delta understands the needs of travelers. So, they offer different ways for travelers to seek name corrections with Delta Airlines. These are mentioned below so that you can make the necessary corrections to your Delta Tickets.

Delta Airlines Name Change Via Official Delta Website

The most widely used method by passengers for seeking a name change with Delta Airlines is by visiting the official Delta website. The steps below will help you make the desired name corrections to your tickets.

  • Visit the official Delta Website and log in.
  • Now go to the My Trips.
  • The flight booking list will appear.
  • Now, choose the flight you wish to make corrections to.
  • You might have to upload documents in support of a name change.
  • You will be prompted if a name change fee will be applicable.
  • Once done, you can download the new Delta flight ticket.

Delta Name Correction At The Airport

Change Name on Ticket at Airport

When you visit Delta Airlines airport counter, keep all the paperwork with you. So that the staff can identify you and change your name to match the government issued ID. The staff will inform you of the successful changes and let you know if a change fee applies. Once done, you can leave with the newly issued ticket.

Delta Airlines Name Change Via Fly Delta App

Another way to get corrections done to your flight ticket is by using the Fly Delta App. 

This gives you the comfort of making changes to your flight from anywhere. First, you have to download the app on your device. Now log in using your credentials and go to My Trips. Choose the flight that you have to make the changes to. If needed, you will be prompted to pay a name change fee. Once done, you can download the new, updated Delta Airlines Flight ticket.

Delta Name Correction Via Delta Reservations Line

You can call the Delta Airlines office to request that the staff make name corrections on your flight tickets. Just be ready with the ID proofs and documents handy that will support your name change request. The Delta employee staff will make the necessary changes and inform you of the successful corrections needed. If required, they will let you know the name corrections fee applicable. You will be sent the new ticket via mail once the corrections are made.

The information mentioned here is centric to Delta Airlines Name Change Policy. This information will help you in making the desired name corrections on your Delta Flight tickets. Safe Travels!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Delta Airlines Change Name Policy

How do you change a name on a Delta Airlines ticket within 24 hours of flight booking?

You can request a name correction with Delta by any of the means mentioned above. The fee applicable is also mentioned in the content above.

Can you change the name on a Delta plane ticket online?

Yes, you can make a name change on your Delta Flight ticket online by either using the Fly Delta App or the official Delta Website.

How to change the passenger name on Delta Airlines tickets?

You can request a name change due to legal reasons, be it marriage or divorce. Just keep all the paperwork handy while reaching the airline, so a name change request.

How to change my middle name on a Delta flight ticket?

For any middle name related changes or corrections, you will have to buy a new ticket as per Delta Name Change Policy.

I have to make a correction in my Delta ticket. Can I request this change at the Airport Counter?

Yes, you can request this name change on your Delta Flight ticket at the airport counter of Delta Airlines.

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