Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy – Name Correction in a few steps

Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy

Stop hovering over that incorrect name on your ticket and gather the essential information you need to change it. Trouble is apparent when the name on your government-authorized identity does not match the one on your flight tickets. Nevertheless, after reading this article, you would not have anything to fret about. We have comprehensively explained the details of Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy here for you to be tension-free until you buckle up your seat belts on the plane. 

Southwest Airlines Policy allows you to change your name only once. So, if you wish to correct the information on the tickets, be careful and hand over the relevant documents on time. Always ensure you are eligible for the Southwest Airlines Change Name on Ticket. The airlines do not charge any Southwest Airlines name change fee, but you must know that the name correction option does not apply to all.

Reasons for Southwest Airlines Change Name on Ticket

Southwest Airlines change name of passenger on request through the online or offline mode. However, it is necessary to consider all the possible reasons why a person wants to change their name on the tickets. Here are the things that could lead to Southwest Airlines name change.

  1. The passenger changes their legal name (due to marriage or divorce) after booking and before the departure. 
  2. The name does not match with the government-issued documents 
  3. You may have mistakenly spelled the wrong name while making the reservation
  4. The booked passenger is no longer traveling, so you intend to replace it with someone else’s name so the other person can travel on the same ticket 
  5. The involuntary changes led to a misspelled name 

Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy

Check Southwest Airlines Name Correction Rules

It only sometimes happens that Southwest Airlines changes the name of its passenger on their request. However, some policies may help you go through the name correction procedure. Southwest values its consumers and provides them with a solution for unintentional mistakes. Catch a glimpse of the Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy before you apply for correction. 

  • Southwest Airlines does not replace the name of one passenger with another under any circumstance. 
  • Southwest Airlines change name of passenger only once. 
  • If you accidentally misspelled your name on the tickets during the booking and notice it within 24 hours of reservation, you can apply for cancellation. The airlines will refund the ticket fare, and you can rebook the tickets with the correct name. 
  • Apart from that, if the spelling of your name is wrong, you can change it easily, even after 24 hours, with the edit option available on the website (or App). However, you can only change up to four characters of your first, middle, and last name. 
  • Complete legal name change due to marriages and divorce need valid authorized proof for initiation. 
  • The legal name change procedure is multistep, and you may need photocopies of the following legal documentation: 
  1. Old government-authorized photograph ID 
  2. New government-authorized photograph ID,
  3. Marriage certificate, or 
  4. Divorce Decree,
  5. Any other document per the airline rules that may prove your name change 

When Are You Eligible for Southwest Airlines Change Name?

Understand that Southwest Airlines does not allow the change in the name of any passenger without any particular reason. However, they permit it in some cases. The self-serve name correction is only eligible for the following cases: 

  • When someone misspells an accompanied minor’s name 
  • Name correction is allowed after checking in
  • For the itineraries that are entirely un-flown
  • If you booked your tickets through SWABIZ
  • If you made the reservations on the mobile application
  • For a Youth Traveler
  • In case you booked with EarlyBird Check-In
  • If you used the revenue and points bookings option
  • If the Involuntary Changes led to the mistyped name 

Who is Ineligible for Southwest Airlines Name Correction?

There are a few cases where you cannot change your name in the Southwest Airlines Name Correction through the self-serve method. 

  • If you booked an extra seat for special baggage allowance inside the cabin
  • If you request the name correction after checking the bags
  • In case your fare includes a rapid rewards number in the booking
  • If you request a name change within 60 minutes of your domestic flight departure. 
  • If you request a name change within 90 minutes of your international flight departures, the self-serve option will not be available. 
  • The airlines will entertain the name change request for partially flown itineraries. For example, if you have already flown a part of your journey and want to change your ticket name for the other half, such a request is unacceptable. 
  • If you made the reservations in group bookings. 
  • If you are using the self-serve method for a lap child

Southwest Airlines Name Correction – What You Need to Know 

There can be a zillion reasons for your Southwest Airlines name change request. However, the Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy only allows you to change it under the following circumstances. 

  • When you mistakenly type the wrong spelling of the name while booking the tickets. 
  • When a person’s name changes due to legal reasons, such as marriage or divorce. 

Southwest Airlines Name Correction Ways 

If you are eligible according to the Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy, you can correct it. So, the most effective method for a legal name change in the tickets are:

  1. Official Website
  2. Mobile Application
  3. Tweet or Facebook DM
  4. Call the customer care executive
  5. Email the authorities

Online Procedure for Southwest Airlines Name Change on Ticket 

Ensuring your eligibility before you begin the Southwest Airlines change name online procedure is essential. 

  1. A “Manage Reservation” option is on Southwest Airlines’ home page.
  2. Enter the required details in the blanks and hit the search button. 
  3. If you are eligible for the Southwest Airlines name change, you will find the “Edit Name” option near your name. 
  4. Click on that option and edit your name as per the original documents.
  5. You may have to check in again if your name was different before check-in. 
  6. You will know the updation is complete with a success banner on the “Manage Reservation” page.  

Through the Mobile Application

If you have installed the Southwest Airlines application on your mobile phone, use the following steps to apply for the name correction. 

  1. Check out the Contact Us option on the menu. 
  2. Click on the Email Us button. 
  3. Go to the Comment/Question section and select the Rapid Rewards option. 
  4. Go to Account Management and fill out the Southwest Airlines change name form. 
  5. Submit the form and wait until the name is changed. 

DM on the Southwest Airlines Social Media Accounts

If you are looking for immediate action on your mistaken name on the tickets, you can contact Customer Relations through the airline’s social media account. 

  1. You must send a direct message or DM on Southwest Airlines official Twitter or Facebook page. 
  2. It is considered the most effective method of requesting a name change.
  3. The representatives provide an instant resolution to your issue. 
  4. You must provide them with the relevant details associated with the problem. 
  5. Send a picture of your old and new documents in case of legal name change issues. 

Call the Customer Relations 

Calling the airport authorities is the best approach to explaining your problems concerning the name correction. When no other option works, seeking a customer relations representative works under all conditions. 

  1. You can find the number of Customer Service Employees through the official Southwest Airlines website. 
  2. Call the customer relations representative and inform them about your issue. 
  3. They will guide you through Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy and the procedure. 
  4. You may have to provide the documents to prove the legal name change. 

Email Southwest Airlines

The official email ID for name change complaints is available on the website of the airlines. You can observe these steps to email Southwest Airlines and address your issue. 

  1. As per Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy, you can directly mail the authorities.  
  2. You can write a formal mail regarding your legal name change or the misspelled name.  
  3. Send the email and discuss the matter with the representative. 

Southwest Airlines Name Change Fee

There is a narrow window when discussing the correction provision of Southwest Airlines name change policy. Only a few passengers are allowed to change their name on the tickets, and that too with valid proof. However, there is a little ray of sunshine, as no Southwest Airlines name change fee exists. Mark that, at no stage will the airlines ask you to pay any amount for the change in your ticket name.

Transportation Security Administration in Southwest Airlines allows eligible passengers to change their names. The travelers, however, must provide the essential documents to prove their legal name change. If a passenger misspells the name accidentally, such as white booking, they can change at least four characters of their first, middle, and last name. However, one must acknowledge that under no circumstance does the Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy allow a change of a customer’s name with another one’s. The simplest way for name change within 24 hours of booking is to cancel the tickets and rebook with the money that the airlines rebate you after cancellation. 

Answers to the Common Questions!

Can you change name on airline ticket Southwest?

There is a provision for Southwest Airlines change name of passenger.

How to change passenger name on Southwest Airlines?

There are several ways to change your name on Southwest Airlines. You can visit the Southwest Airlines website, call the authorities, text on social media (Twitter and Facebook), or at the ticket counter in the airport before checking in. 

Can I replace the name of the passenger on Southwest Airlines?

No. Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. However, the same person can cancel the tickets to get the funds in the Future Credits to use for another trip within a year. 

I misspelled my name. Will Southwest Airlines change name on ticket?

Yes. You can change your misspelled name online at or through the airline’s application on your mobile phone, considering you are eligible for the provision. 

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