Aeroflot Cancellation Policy – Cancel & Get Refund

Aeroflot Cancellation Policy

Aeroflot is a well-known airline which has a cancellation policy that prioritizes the convenience of its passengers. One aspect that makes it stand out from other airlines is its transparent and straightforward Aeroflot Cancellation Policy. This policy allows travellers to easily cancel their flights in case they need to make changes or postpone their travel plans for any reason.

It is crucial for Aeroflot passengers to fully comprehend the cancellation policy before making any modifications. If you are planning on flying with Aeroflot soon and anticipate any changes in your travel plans, it will benefit you greatly to read through the airline’s policy beforehand. So let’s discuss the cancellation and refund policy of Aeroflot Airlines.

Aeroflot Cancellation Policy Basic Terms

Check Aeroflot Flight Cancellation Status

Aeroflot has rules in place to ensure a smooth cancellation process. These regulations must be followed for the option to cancel a flight to be available.

Here are some important basic points:

  • The Aeroflot flight cancellation policy applies only to reservations made directly with the airline.
  • If you used a third-party site to book tickets, contact the agents who provided the service.
  • You have 14 days to reverse your flight booking, but it must be done at least seven days before the departure date.
  • To claim an Aeroflot refund for cancelled flight, it is necessary to wait until the ticket has been officially revoked.
  • To reverse a ticket, you may have to fill out a handwritten form.
  • The rules for medical cancellations are not the same as regular cancellations.
  • Users can undo partially used bookings, but it is dependent on the fare of the booking.
  • If you miss your flight and don’t cancel beforehand, you will be subject to the no-show policy.
  • Users may undo partially used bookings, but the ability to do so depends on the fare of the booking.
  • There may be additional fees for certain classes and regions when flying.
  • Before checking in, you must cancel your flight.
  • Afterwards, you may or may not be able to cancel the trip that you booked.
  • The airline has a policy of Automatic Booking Cancellation. Accordingly, Flights will reverse automatically on specific events.
  • Customers do not need to provide any special documents for revocation requests.
  • The process only requires basic flight details.
  • If you don’t pay for the unused part of your reservation, it will be considered cancelled.
  • If a booking is made using an invalid or non-accepted payment card for an airline, the payment will be cancelled.

Note: Guidelines may vary by destination. Check the carrier’s website for updates.

Important Points to Remember About the Cancellation Policy

  • Check the Aeroflot cancellation fee when booking a flight.
  • When you cancel a flight and are eligible for a refund, the refund will be given to you after Aeroflot flights cancelled fees have been taken out.
  • When considering changing your flight, it’s important to review the ticket for any fees or restrictions that may apply. Making changes could result in additional charges.
  • Aeroflot Airlines could possibly exempt Aeroflot cancellation charges or offer accommodations in specific circumstances such as medical emergencies or military deployment. It is advisable to contact the airline directly for further information.

Aeroflot 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Aeroflot’s cancellation policy is designed to offer flexibility and convenience for travelers. Those who need to cancel their flights should be aware of the 24 hours cancellation policy.

  • Aeroflot has a flexible cancellation policy for travelers, but there is a 24-hour window to cancel flights.
  • Airlines allow a full Aeroflot refund for cancelled flight if they are cancelled within 24 hours of purchase, but the Aeroflot 24 hour cancellation policy is subject to change at any time.
  • Aeroflot Airlines may charge a penalty if a traveller cancels their ticket close to departure or within one to two weeks of purchase, with the amount varying based on price and policy.
  • To claim a refund from Aeroflot Airlines, simply fill out an online form with your reservation details, personal information and relevant documents.
  • Aeroflot Airlines only offers refunds to eligible passengers, and they will not provide reimbursement once the ticket has expired.
  • Aeroflot Airlines charges $200-$500 for non-refundable tickets, varying by flight duration, booking schedule, fare type and destination. Reimbursement is available if the delay was caused by the airline.
  • Aeroflot Airlines does not charge a termination fee if Aeroflot cancel within 24 hours of booking.

How to cancel Aeroflot ticket with different methods?

There are 3 different methods by which you can cancel an Aeroflot flight ticket. The same is explained below: 

Cancel the Flight Online

Aeroflot cancel flight can be done online, making it easy and efficient. There are detailed instructions provided regarding how to cancel aeroflot ticket online.

  • Visit, click on the services section and navigate to “Manage Your Booking.”
  • Now enter the booking reference number and last number in the displayed column.
  • The itinerary details will be shown on the screen.
  • Then, Click the “Cancel” button.
  • After cancelling your flight, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • To avoid paying a cancellation fee, travellers should cancel aeroflot flight within 24 hours of booking.

Cancelling Aeroflot Tickets by calling The Customer Service Phone Number

If cancelling Aeroflot tickets online doesn’t work, traditional methods can be used. The airline provides support to help cancel reservations if needed.

  • The airline has a customer support team available to assist with any needs.
  • Travellers can call the customer support phone number to speak with representatives.
  • A representative will be assigned to solve your doubts and find the best solution.
  • When speaking to someone about cancellation, keep important information like reference number, date of booking and reason for cancellation on hand.
  • If you need help with Aeroflot ticket cancellation refunds, the customer care team can provide assistance.

Cancel Flight Ticket at the Airport

  • To cancel an Aeroflot flight, visit the departure airport.
  • To cancel an Aeroflot flight, visit their ticket office and speak with an executive.
  • To receive help with any issues or questions, just ask the representative for assistance.

Aeroflot Refund Policy

The Cancellation Policy is committed to providing convenience to its customers and offers timely refunds and money-back. Customers must follow specific regulations during Aeroflot refund request.

  • Refunds are only available for tickets that were originally designated as refundable at the time of booking.
  • Getting refunds on international bookings is easier compared to other types of bookings.
  • If a ticket is cancelled, any additional charges paid will also be refunded.
  • If you request an Aeroflot cancel flight refund for credit-based ticket purchases, you will receive a credit statement within seven days of the request.
  • Cash purchases can be reimbursed within 20 days of making a claim.

Note: The refund can be given in any currency preferred and is typically offered in the original form of payment.

How to Get an Aeroflot Refund? 

To claim a aeroflot cancel flight refund, follow these steps for getting knowledge about how to get refund from aeroflot:

  • Call the airline’s agents at their toll-free number to get in touch or visit their office.
  • Provide all the flight details.
  • You’ll also need to provide personal information.
  • Then, provide the main reason for cancellation.
  • The airline authorities will examine all of the details.
  • When they’re satisfied, they’ll begin the refund process.
  • After receiving an acknowledgment email, payment will be credited to your account within a few days.

     Note: You cannot request reimbursement for non-refundable reservations.

  • Aeroflot ticket cancellation policy is flexible and helpful for passengers who need to cancel their bookings. The process is straightforward and easy to use.

How much is the cancellation fee for Aeroflot?

If you cancel your flight within the first 24 hours of booking or for medical reasons, you won’t have to pay any Aeroflot cancellation fees.

In additional cases

Revocation charge may apply based on the following:

  • Revocation fees may be charged depending on the type of ticket, the timing of the request, and the reason for the reversal.
  • The fee for cancelling cannot be determined until the cancellation occurs.
  • The carrier will inform you about this cancellation.
  • If you cancel your trip and want a refund, the fee will not be refunded according to the Aeroflot refund policy.
  • The varying charges associated with airline travel range from $100 to $500. The specific Aeroflot ticket cancellation fee for a particular trip can be determined by contacting the airline directly.

What if Aeroflot Airline cancels my booking?

Airlines may cancel flights due to factors within or outside their control. They will inform customers of the cancellation in advance.

According to Aeroflot cancellation policy, the following rules apply:

  • The notification for a cancelled flight will be shown on the official website.
  • Passengers can check their flight status over the phone.
  • The airport will make announcements to inform travellers.
  • Airline authorities will contact passengers directly if they have provided their phone numbers.
  • If an airline cancels a flight for controllable reasons such as aircraft problems, technical issues, pilot delay, food delay, overloading of the plane or overbooking of seats, they are required to offer compensation.

Aeroflot Cancelled Flight Compensation

A carrier will provide Aeroflot cancelled flight compensation if it prevents a passenger from flying, with specific amounts allowed in certain cases.

  • Passengers will be placed on the next available flight or an alternative standby booking.
  • Customers may need to stay overnight if another flight on the same itinerary is not available.
  • The airline offers free hotel rooms for overnight stays.
  • Transportation services will be provided for commuting between the hotel and the airport.
  • If you wish to get a full refund then submit an application for an Aeroflot e voucher refund.
  • If your alternative flight’s waiting time surpasses two hours, you will be given complimentary meals and drinks.
  • Passengers can now make a free call if their flight is delayed after the original flight has been cancelled.
  • Aeroflot Airlines offers a refund ticket option for those who do not want to board standby flights.
  • According to Policy, there is no cancellation fee will be charged for refunds.
  • If you want to receive cash compensation from an airline, you should contact the airline officials directly.
  • The airline may cancel bookings due to uncontrollable causes, such as unforeseen circumstances.
  • Airlines may cancel bookings due to factors beyond their control, such as bad weather, unfavourable flying conditions, attacks or strikes, medical emergencies and government policies.
  • Customers may not receive compensation or Aeroflot refund for cancelled flight in cases where airlines are also affected by unforeseen circumstances. Standby flights will only be arranged if feasible.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have an Aeroflot flight booking or reservation but are unable to continue with your scheduled flight due to unforeseeable circumstances, it can be quite stressful and overwhelming. However, there’s no need to panic because the above-mentioned information regarding Aeroflot Policy can assist you in such situations. It is also worth noting that Aeroflot regularly updates its policies and procedures related to cancellations and changes; therefore, it is advisable always to check its website for the latest information before making any decisions regarding your Aeroflot cancel booking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Aeroflot Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel my Aeroflot flight?

You can cancel your booking without any cost within 24 hours if you meet the requirements.

How long does Aeroflot refund take?

Aeroflot’s refund policy permits users to request a refund, which will be processed within 7 to 10 working days and credited back to the original source of payment.

Does Aeroflot have 24 hour cancellation policy?

According to Aeroflot Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy, the airline permits travellers to cancel their tickets within one day of booking without incurring a cancellation fee.

How can I understand if Aeroflot tickets are refundable or not?

If you want to determine whether your flight ticket is refundable or not, visit Aeroflot’s official website and enter the accurate booking number. The screen will display details regarding your ticket that can help you ascertain if it is suitable for a refund.

Can I get refunded from Aeroflot for unused tickets?

Aeroflot permits online refunds for tickets bought in any currency except for non-refundable fares. For unused taxes, customers must reach the Aeroflot Contact Centre or a nearby office to receive a refund.

Can I get compensation for a 2-hour Aeroflot flight delay?

If your Aeroflot Airlines flight is delayed by two or more hours due to the airline’s responsibility, you are entitled to compensation. The same goes for cancelled flights less than 14 days before departure.

Is there any change to the refund policy because of Covid?

Flight cancellations due to COVID may take 30+ days for refunds, but Aeroflot offers unsold ticket value as coupons for future travel. Refund timeframes vary by purchase method: online purchases receive credit in 10-20 business days, while phone or contact centre bookings require up to 30 business days.

Is it possible to cancel an Aeroflot flight within 24 hours?

Customers can cancel their Aeroflot Airlines reservation within 24 hours of booking without incurring any cancellation fees, regardless of the fare they selected.

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