Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy – Check Refund Rules

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy

Perplexed over the refund policies of your canceled fight? You have found the perfect place to gather relevant and authentic information about Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy. There is nothing more frustrating than the last-minute flight call-offs. However, if it is Southwest Airlines, you need not worry as much.

“Are Southwest airline tickets refundable?” is the first and foremost question that pops up when you get the revocation notification. Southwest Airlines stands out in the crowd for its flexible cancellation policies. It grants complete refunds on Southwest Airlines cancellations within 24 hours of booking and does not charge any penalties. 

Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy Features

Change of plans is something other than what everybody anticipates. However, it can occur at least once in a while. Southwest Airlines got you covered on this one. You can relax and click a few options on your mobile phone or laptop to finish Southwest Airlines cancellations. 

  • As per cancellation policy, you must cancel the flight at least 10 minutes before departure to receive a complete refund. 
  • If you fail to apply for Southwest Airlines flight cancellations within the last 10 minutes, you will be considered a “No-show” passenger. 
  • The authorities will refund money after cancellation, depending on the variety of your tickets.
  • If you hold a Business Select or Anytime ticket, Southwest Airlines will convert your funds into Transferable Flight Credit. 
  • Whereas the passengers with “Any Wanna Get Away” or “Wanna Get Away Plus” shall receive refunds and reward funds for their travel reservations on their Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy through flight credit.  
  • Travelers with Business Select or Anytime ticket shall receive their booking points in Rapid Rewards. Their taxes and other points associated with the flight fair are added to their “Transferable Flight Credit.” 
  • There is no Southwest Airlines cancellation fee, considering you canceled your tickets before the last 10 minutes of departure. 

Southwest Airlines 24 hour Cancellation Policy

One of Southwest Airlines most prominent policies is its 24-hour cancellation policy. When you cancel within 24 hours of booking the tickets, your full flight fare is returned based on your fare type. It is applicable for all kinds of ticketed passengers, including those with non-refundable (Wanna Get Away) tickets. 

All you have to do is visit the official website or log in to the application and click the “Cancel” option on the Manage Reservations option tab. Southwest Airlines cancel within 24 hours without even a phone call. You will receive your reimbursement through the same payment mode, or you can transfer it to your Future Travel Funds if you are a frequent flyer. So, considering cancellation policy, your money is safe if you cancel within 24 hours of booking the flight. 

Cancelling for Only a Few Co-Passengers

On a reservation of more than one passenger, cancelation can get confusing. In these circumstances, you must divide the booking. Then, you can change the number of actual passengers who intend to travel by canceling the non-flyer tickets. If you need more clarification on the procedure, you can call the airport using the number provided on their website.

Canceling only a part of an Itinerary

If you plan only for a particular part of the journey and cancel the other part, you can cancel and inform the airline through the official website. However, before you begin the Southwest Airlines cancellations for a specific part of the Itinerary, you must ensure you are eligible for the procedure. 

How to cancel a Southwest Airlines flight

There are several ways of applying for Southwest Airlines cancellations. You can either visit the airport, call the airlines, simply go to the official website, or log in to your mobile application to initiate the Southwest Airlines refund request. We have mentioned the procedure for each one below. 

Southwest Airlines Online Flight Cancelation Process

You can check out the steps below to learn how to cancel a Southwest Airlines flight online without visiting the airport. 

  1. Go to the Southwest Airlines official website.
  2. Check out the change and cancel option in the Manage Reservation section. 
  3. Enter your Confirmation Number, First Name, and Last Name.
  4. Then, click “Search” to proceed with the Southwest Airlines flights canceled tickets.
  5. Confirm your Southwest Airlines cancellations. 
  6. Save the ‘Confirmation Number” at least until the refund is complete. 

Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation Via Call 

Call the airport, inform them about your changed plans, and cancel your tickets. The refund policy will be the same under all circumstances, considering you cancel 10 minutes before the departure. 

Cancel the Southwest Airlines Tickets by Visiting the Airport

Check Southwest Airlines Ticket Cancellation Status at Airport Counter

You may also cancel the tickets for your itinerary from the airport itself. All you need to do is visit the nearest Southwest Airlines center and go to the representative to get a cancellation form. The client will guide you through the procedure. It is one of the best direct approaches if the airport is near you and you have plenty of time. 

Cancellation through a Travel Agency

This method applies only to those who booked their tickets through a third party or a travel agency. If you did not make the reservations on your own and an agency booked your tickets that you now want to cancel, you must consider a few facts:

  • Firstly, you can only cancel these tickets on the day of the flight. 
  • Secondly, if you wish to cancel earlier, you should discuss it with your agent. 
  • Lastly, you can call the  Southwest Airlines Customer Representative for further assistance if you need more information. 

No Show Policy

Ensure your cancellation procedure is completed at least 10 minutes before the flight departure. Canceling after that will be considered under SouthWest Airlines’ “No Show” policy. Under this condition, the administration will forfeit all your ticket funds, and they will not initiate any refund. Passengers can not start the Southwest Airlines cancellations when there are only 10 minutes left for the flight to take off. 

When Southwest Airlines cancels flights

There can be many reasons why the airline cancels the flight. In Southwest-initiated cancellations, the airlines usually rebook your following itinerary per possible availability. In this case, you should be aware of a few passenger rights, such as:

  • If the next flight fits differently than your plans, you can cancel or change the flight from the Southwest website. 
  • According to the Southwest Airlines flight cancellation compensation, you can either cancel the flight and receive the money on your payment method or get it credited to your Transferable Flight Credit for future flights. 
  • You will get the rebate for all funds, including the luggage fee or any extras you applied for before the cancellation. 
  • You can apply for the Southwest Airlines flight change in the date and time of your original reservation up to two weeks from the original reservation in case of involutory cancellations. You would not have to pay any extra amount for such a request. 

Southwest Airlines Refund Policy

Instead of worrying about the cause of the revoked flight or asking the authorities, “Why is Southwest Airlines Cancelling Flights?” It is better to confirm the refund policies with the authorities. So, let us understand how, when, and where you receive the Southwest Airlines refund.

If you carry a Business Select & Anytime refundable ticket, the airline rebates all the fair charges once you initiate and complete the Southwest Airlines refund request. It is under the circumstance that you have canceled at least 10 minutes before the original departure time. You can either receive the funds through your payment method or ask the administration to send the fund into the flight credit so you can use it for future flights. 
Meanwhile, the passengers with Wanna Get Away and Wanna Get Away + tickets will get the value of the ticket in the form of Transferable Flight Credit, which they can use to buy future flight tickets.  

Always try to Southwest Airlines cancel within 24 hours of booking to receive the full repayment of your flight fare. Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy is fully refundable for Business Select & Anytime ticketed passengers, while the Get Away and Wanna Get Away + passengers receive the fare amount as Transferable Flight Credit.

To receive the Southwest Airlines refund for cancelled flights, you can visit the official website, open the mobile application or call the airport. However, cancel the flight tickets at least 10 minutes before the departure; otherwise, the authorities will pit you in the “No Show” passenger category, and all your fare funds will be forfeited. 

People Also Ask

Why is Southwest Airlines canceling flights?

Usually, the weather, air traffic control delays, and late aircraft arrival cause flight cancellations. 

Why did Southwest Airlines cancel flights?

Southwest Airlines cancelled flights due to mechanical issues and the shortage of workers.

How do I cancel a flight on Southwest Airlines?

To change the flight, you must have your confirmation number. All you need to do is visit the Southwest website and enter your name and confirmation number in the cancellation tab. 

Are Southwest Airline tickets refundable?

The ticket funds are refundable if you finish the Southwest Airlines flight cancellations 10 minutes before the departure. 

How to get a refund from Southwest Airlines?

The process of reimbursement is simple based on your ticket type. You may get the funds back in your payment method or Transferable Flight Credit (flight credit) that you can use for your future flights. 

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