Aeromexico Upgrade – How to Upgrade Seat Online?

Aeromexico Upgrade

Aeromexico Upgrade allows passengers to enjoy the services and amenities of a higher class seat experience at a price of their own choice. So by paying less than the usual high class seat fare, Aeromexico is offering a chance to passengers to enjoy a memorable journey with them.

How does Upgrade work? Do I need one?

If you wish to enjoy all the perks of travelling in a premium class by paying what you choose, then Aeromexico bid for upgrade is for you. The Airline is offering upgrades such as upgrade to business class and first class. This service allows you to get upgraded by either bidding online, or by calling the airline or availing the upgrade last minute at the airport. Aeromexico offers a premium experience in their Class premiere known as the business class. One thing to keep in mind is that Aeromexico seat upgrade is not available for code share flights and is totally dependent on the availability of seats in premier class.

Aeromexico Bid Upgrade

If there is any availability on board among the higher class then the airline notifies the passengers who are eligible for upgrade seats. Passengers can go ahead and place their aeromexico bid to upgrade using the link received in the mail. If won then all the amenities of the higher class is provided to the passenger. Keep in mind that you need to have a basic ticket with Aeromexico in order to be qualified for bid upgrade. Once the bid gets accepted then the passenger flies with Aeromexico with updated services under the same reservation.

The upgrade cost is non refundable once it gets accepted as well as non-transferable. There is another way to get upgrade without paying any cash. This is done by the use of miles a passenger has accumulated over the years with their air travel. Aeromexico upgrade with miles is possible by giving a call to the customer care number and asking for the seat upgrade with miles. The miles used or charged are based on the destination and fare type of the basic ticket won.

What are the different ways to request an upgrade with Aeromexico?

Check Aeromexico Seat Upgrade Status

The airline mainly offers three ways by which a passenger can request for an aeromexico upgrade seat. Three ways are mentioned below for a better understanding.

  1. Online Bid: By this option through the official website ( and by logging in to their account. A passenger can check if their flight is available for an upgrade bid, If it is then they get to bid. Once the bids ae locked best thing is to wait as the airline notifies 3 hours prior the flight departure of the success on the bid.
  2. At Airport Counter: If you didn’t get an upgrade mail or your bid was not accepted then you can choose this option. By visiting the Aeromexico Airport counter and making a request to the staff member present and paying for the upgrade to first class. The staff member present will the upgraded seat offer if there is availability of the same.
  3. Calling the Aeromexico Customer Care: Another option by which the passengers can request this upgrade is by giving a call on 555 133 4096. This customer care line will connect you to the professionally trained members of Aeromexico family and they will assist your with the upgrade to business class process. It is advised that you keep the required information handy before calling so that the Aeromexico employee can assist you properly.

There are a few things where upgrades don’t work, while you are requesting an upgrade by calling Aeromexico such as :

  • For P,X and G tickets in fare class.
  • Tickets that are won as a discount,uni tickets or passes.
  • Any kind of free tickets.

Benefits of Upgrade

What makes it worth it to upgrade your seats to business class or first class are the perks and benefits that makes these class a luxury experience. There are many perks that make it sweet once a passenger gets upgraded with Aromexico. Here below is the list of the benefits or perks that are offered by Aeromexico.

  1. More Space: The extra leg room that comes with these upgrade to business class type, makes the seat upgrade totally worth it.
  2. Seat Power Sockets: Now you don’t have to worry about running out of battery before you reach your destination as you get power sockets with your seat. So enjoy and stream and charge all your devices before you land.
  3. In-flight entertainment: This service makes the whole process of flying on board a premium seat an amazing experience. A wide inch screen to surf and enjoy the shows, movies and much more.
  4. Sky priority: This service makes it all the more worthwhile to spend your bucks for upgraded seats. This ensures that you get priority while checking in to your flights and Early boarding is also accessible to the passenger.
  5. Order Special Meals: Along with the meal option present on board you also get the choice to request meals prior to your flight boarding. The eating experience just becomes exquisite with the Aeromexico first class upgrade on Aeromexico Airline.
  6. Premier Lounge Access: With the upgraded seat comes access to the exquisite lounge services for passengers in a very little fee. The doors for premier lounge becomes widely open for upgraded passengers by paying an upgrade cost. So that they can enjoy and relax before or mid stop their journey in luxury.

This article is centric towards the aeromexico bid for upgrade service. So all the questions a passenger has regarding the upgrade cost, seats availability, modes to request upgrade are covered here. So you can feel free and enjoy your trip with Aeromexico.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Aeromexico Seat Upgrade

How much to bid for Aeromexico upgrade?

When it comes to bidding try to bid the maximum amount allowed and if the airline accepts it ,you will be notified of the same.

If I win an upgrade for my Aeromexico flight and it gets cancelled. What will happen then?

When your flight gets cancelled, Aeromexico will make reservations for you including the upgrade provided there is availability in the same class else your money will be refunded.

Why do I need to put my Credit Card details while requesting an upgrade?

In order to make a request and submit your upgrade form you have to put in your card details which only gets debited if the upgrade is won by you.

I am travelling with my family. Do I need to upgrade for all of my family members?

Yes, that is how Aeromexico Bid upgrade works. In a reservation that has more than one person, if you apply for an upgrade it automatically applies to the entire parties in a reservation.

If I have a family emergency and I have to cancel my Aeromexico flight which is upgraded. Do I get a refund?

As per Aeromexico seat upgrade policy if you cancel your flight then no amount is refunded.

Does upgrade works for all the flight segments in a reservation?

If you have different segments in your air travel journey with Aeromexico then the upgrade only works if won for the segment you applied the upgrade for.

Once my seat gets upgraded, do I get to bring baggage as per the upgraded class or the initial booking class?

As per the upgrade Aeromexico policy, all the amenities get upgraded as well that means you can bring luggage as per the upgraded class.

If a passenger buys their Aeromexico seat upgrade then do they get access to premier lounge service?

No if you buy your upgrade with Aeromexico then you don’t get access to the premier lounge experience.

How many different ways are there to apply for a premier upgrade with Aeromexico?

You can apply by one of the 3 ways such as calling Aeromexico customer care, visiting the Airport Counter and by applying for Bids online.

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