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Aeromexico Cancellation policy

Last minute flight cancellations with Aeromexico airlines got you worked up? Then read ahead. Aeromexico Cancellation Policy is in action just to clarify all your queries that you might have when it comes to requesting flight cancellations with Aeromexico airlines. If you are worried about Aeromexico cancelled my flight or the fact that weather you’re either eligible for the compensation offered by Aeromexico then this article is for you.

What is Aeromexico Cancellation Policy And why is it needed?

If you are stuck at an airport due Aeromexico flight delays or you miss your connection flight due to the delay caused or if you want to know what your plan of action can be if the airline denies you boarding on board. That is when this Aeromexico flight cancellations policy plays a vital role in clarifying about what a passenger can decide to be their plan of action and what does the airline owe to them as Aeromexico flight cancellation compensation.

Here is what you need to know about Aeromexico cancel flight policy. Below mentioned points will help you understand this policy in action.

  • If a passenger makes flight cancellations within 24 hours or bookings then no cancellation fee is charged and they get their money back regardless of the fare type.
  • Once this 24 hour window is missed then there is a cancellation fee charged that is dependent on the ticket fare type.
  • If a passenger has a Basic fare ticket then as per Aeromexico cancel policy no flight cancellation is allowed.
  • For passengers having Aeromexico refundable tickets they get to cancel their flights without paying a cancellation fee.
  • Class and Comfort fare ticket holders get their Aeromexico flights cancelled by paying a flight cancellation fee.

Aeromexico 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

It has Aeromexico 24 hour cancellation policy in place for passengers that wish to cancel their bookings within 24 hours of original flight bookings made. This policy allows passengers to make their flight cancellations free of charge. Also they get their full money back to their accounts based on the mode of payment. It takes around 7 business day to reflect the money back to their accounts which may vary based on the payment method used as per cancellation policy.

Aeromexico Cancellation Fee

The cancellation fee charged by Aeromexico depends on when flight cancellations are made or are requested by the airline. The flight cancellations that are done after 24 of flight booking are accepted by implying a cancellation fee by the airline. As per the Aeromexico flight ticket type, it depends if the passenger will get  Aeromexico cancel flight refund or a credit voucher. This voucher is provided to the passenger and its valid till a year from issued date and can be used for future flight bookings or reservations with Aeromexico airline. This fee is levied in case there is a death in passengers family. The Aeromexico cancellation fee charged is up to $200.This fee is not applied for flights within Mexico, Puerto Rico, The US and The Caribbean.

Aeromexico Cancelled Flights

There could be a number of reasons when the Aeromexico airline cancels your flight. It could be due to overbooking, air traffic, pilot’s issue or due to safety. It doesn’t matter if your Aeromexico flight cancellation is is due to Denial of Boarding or Involuntary Cancellation. There are certain things a passenger can do when they are denied boarding as per Aeromexico cancelled flights.

  • Book a different flight and no cancellation fee is charged. Also no fare difference fee is charged in this case.
  • In case when there is a flight schedule change within 2 weeks from scheduled departure date then passengers become eligible for Aeromexico refunds for cancelled flights for full ticket  fare amount.
  • If a passenger refuses to select an alternate flight then they can seek a aeromexico cancelled flight refund of up to 115% of base value of tickets.

In Case a passenger comes across their Aeromexico flight cancellations as involuntary then the following step can be the next form of action.

  • In scenarios when a flight is delayed the passenger has the right to claim aeromexico refunds for cancelled flights plus Cancelled flight compensation.
  • In case a passenger has basic value ticket and value fare ticket and their flight gets cancelled due to involuntary reason they become eligible for claiming a refund as per aeromexico airlines cancellation policy.

Aeromexico Cancelled Flight Compensation

The Aeromexico airline offers its passengers a cancelled flight compensation based on the different scenarios that play a part in leading to either flight delays or cancellations. The passengers would be eligible for a compensation amount of $725 if flight is delayed depending  Upon:

  • If aeromexico flight is delayed for more than 3 hours
  • If the aeromexico flight is originating from Mexico.
  • In case the airline cancels flight and the passenger is not informed at least 14 days prior flight departure.  
  • If passengers are denied boarding due to aeromexico flight overbooking.
  • When a passenger ends up missing their connecting flight due to flight delay and they end up reaching their destination 3 hours late.
  • If extraordinary circumstances are involved in flight delay.

The Aeromexico refunds for cancelled flights varies between $300 to $725 depending upon the length of the delay and flight distance between Point A to Point B.

In times when the Aeromexico flight delay is of more than 3 hours then the compensation offered is as follows:

  • If flight distance between point A and B is within 1500 km, the amount offered as compensation is $300.
  • If flight distance between point A and B is between 1500 km and 3500 km, then the amount offered as compensation is $485.
  • If flight distance between point A and B is more than 3500 km, the amount offered as compensation is $725.

When the Aeromexico flight delay is of more than 2 hours then the passengers get free meal, refreshments, fax or email service and 2 free calls. In case where the Aeromexico flight delay is of more than 5 hours, a passenger additionally gets scheduled to a differed flight on a priority base, Free airport transfers, Free airport meals and refreshments, Hotel accommodation if over night stay is required,115 % value of ticket booked if Aeromexico cancels the flight.

How to cancel My Aeromexico flight?

Check Aeromexico Cancelled Flight Status

If you find yourself wondering how Aeromexico cancel my flight works then read ahead. The airline has many ways in which you can go for Aeromexico flight cancellation such as online ways that include visiting the official website and my Aeromexico mobile app and offline ways that include visiting the airport counter and requesting assistance or by calling the customer line and seeking assistance in cancelling your flight.

Cancel Aeromexico flight Via Official Website

As per Aeromexico flight cancellation policy  passengers can cancel their Aeromexico flight with the comfort of being anywhere just by visiting the official Aeromexico website from their devices. Following steps listed are going to help you in making cancellations online:

  • Go to the official Aeromexico website ( and click on Your Trip tab.
  • Now fill in details like your last name and Reservation Number.
  • Now click on Search and choose My Bookings tab
  • Now choose the flight you to cancel and make the necessary edits 
  • Once done you get notified by the airline for the same.

Cancel Aeromexico flight by Calling Customer Care

If you prefer assistance with this aeromexico cancel ticket process then you are welcome to call the Aeromexico customer care line and seek assistance from the airline’s staff.The trained staff is there to guide you with the process of cancel aeromexico flight.It is advised that you have your information handy with you before calling in so that you can be identified and helped accordingly.

Cancel Aeromexico flight via MobileApp

Aeromexico flight cancellation can also be done from the mobile app of the airline. First you need to download the mobile app on your phone and login on the app. Now enter your details and click on search. Find the flight detail you want to cancel and go ahead and make the desired cancellations. Once done you will be notified by the airline through email.

Cancel Aeromexico flight At the Airport Counter

Additionally you can always visit the aeromexico airport counter and can seek assistance from the airline staff present there and they will happily guide you with the same and make sure that you get your query resolved.

Aeromexico Refund Policy

As per this Aeromexico cancellation refund policy a passenger gets a refund if they are eligible for a refund. This refund amount varies based on the ticket fare type. Passengers can apply for refund by filling up Aeromexico refund form online. Listed below are fare types and the Aeromexico refund status if offered by the airline.

  • Basic, AM plus, Premium, Premium Light, Premium One and Classic Fare: If you’ve missed your Aeromexico cancel within 24 hours window in these fare types then no refund is provided.
  • Flexible Premium One, Flexible Premium and Flexible AM Plus Fare: These fare types are also non-refundable but the airline allows passengers to make flight changes without penalty.
  • Flexible Classic and Flexible Premier Light Fare: These tickets are refundable hence you get either the refundable amount back to your accounts or you can get credits as electronic vouchers by the airline.

If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking then you become eligible for getting a full refund irrespective of the ticket fare type via the same mode of payment you made your Aeromexico flight booking with as per Aeromexico refund policy.

This article is centric to the information a passenger needs for Aeromexico flight cancellations. So all the queries you have be it Aeromexico refund status, how to cancel, how long it takes to get you money back to your account all of your queries are answered here in detail with the help of Aeromexico cancellation refund policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Aeromexico Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel a flight on Aeromexico for free?

Yes As per Aeromexico cancellation policy 24 hours is the window where you can cancel your flight for free of cancellation charge with the airline. 

Can i cancel my Aeromexico flight and how much does it cost?

The cancellation fee depends on the ticket fare type. If you have class or comfort fare then a cancellation fee of $200 to $500 will be charged.

How do I get a refund from Aeromexico and how long does it take?

It takes about 7 business days for Aeromexico refunds for cancelled flights to be reverted back to passengers account.

How to get a refund from Aeromexico?

When a passenger is applying for flight cancellation then based on the fare type they either become eligible for refunds or credits.

Does Aeromexico give refunds and Am I eligible?

If a passenger is eligible then they get refunds from the airline.

How to cancel a flight on Aeromexico?

The airlines offer different modes that can be used for Aeromexico cancellation be it offline or online mode.

What happens when my Aeromexico flight gets cancelled by the airlines? Do I get compensation for a cancelled flight?

Yes the airline offers a compensation fee to its passenger when flight cancellation happens from the airlines side.

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