Air France Economy Class – The Complete Guide

Air France Economy Class

Air France’s Economy Class is a fantastic choice for those seeking comfortable travel without overspending. Air france economy class service includes snacks between meals, ensuring passengers never go hungry. Air France staff strictly adhere to safety measures before the flight, in flight, and after landing for travelers’ peace of mind. Professionals prioritize safety above all else during trans-Atlantic trips.

Travelers choose Air France for its reputation as a safe airline and its commitment to quality service, even in economy class. With comfortable seating and excellent food options onboard, your trip will be pleasant when flying with Air France – whether alone or with family!

Air France Economy Class – Overview

Guide to Air France Economy Class

Air France now offers a newly designed cabin for Economy Class passengers with French-inspired features on intercontinental flights. When you book an Economy Class ticket with Air France for intercontinental travel, you’ll enjoy several features that enhance your comfort and enjoyment. 

  • One such advantage is advance check-in, which allows you to select your seat at no extra cost before boarding the plane. This way, you would not have to stress regarding finding a good spot once on board.
  • With a fully redesigned cabin, you can find fabulous French flavor, even in Economy Class. Enjoy the following Air France features with every intercontinental Economy Class ticket.
  • Air France now offers a newly designed cabin for Economy Class passengers with French-inspired features on intercontinental flights.
  • Once you are on board, they will offer you a pillow, blanket, eye mask, and refreshing towel to ensure great comfort during your flight. 
  • You will also have access to personal seat-back entertainment and headphones so that you can watch films or listen to music while traveling in the air. With this feature, there is no requirement to bring any additional gadgets or devices, as everything is conveniently situated right in front of your seat.
  • Air France delivers economy seats with optimal comfort featuring adjustable footrests, headrests, and retractable armrests. 
  • The airline intends to make sure every aspect of the seating arrangement is designed for relaxation and comfort.
  • There is an abundance of refreshment options available, such as complimentary snacks like nuts and pretzels, hot entrees like chicken curry and vegetarian pasta, and ice cream for dessert.
  • Passengers can get complimentary drinks such as tea, coffee, cocktails, juices and soft drinks, along with sommelier chosen wines. 
  • Customers also have the option to upgrade their meals by choosing from an a la carte menu if they book in advance.

Different kinds of Economy Class

Air France offers flights with four cabin options: economy, air france economy premium class, business class and La Première (first class). The economy class is split into three categories: Light, Standard, and Flex.

Economy Light

Air France offers an Economy Light basic economy fare that only includes a carry-on bag, seat selection at check-in, and mileage earnings. Tickets are nonrefundable and cannot be changed.

Economy Standard

It comes with one checked baggage and the ability to change your ticket for a fee and fare difference, but they are nonrefundable.

Economy Flex

Air France’s Economy Flex fare is the most flexible option for economy travelers. Travelers can change their ticket to a different date or flight on a similar day without incurring costs, though they will still have to pay any difference in fare. Additionally, these tickets are refundable.

The fare includes a seat closer to the front of the plane and SkyPriority perks like priority boarding and designated check-in areas.

Air France Economy – What to expect

When flying economy, expect basic service.

  1. Bag allowance: Air France allows economy class passengers on intercontinental flights (except for Light fare) to check one bag up to 50.7 pounds for free, along with a carry-on and personal item. Baggage allowance is available as an add-on for Light fare purchases up to 30 hours before departure.
  2. Food: Economy passengers on flights can choose between a cocktail or Champagne before being served two lunch/dinner options. Hot meals and snacks may also be provided depending on the flight distance.
  3. Premium economy ticket: Air France offers regular economy and premium economy tickets for international flights. Premium economy passengers receive a higher air france baggage allowance economy class, more legroom, and additional amenities such as noise-canceling headphones and an adjustable reading lamp.
  4. Seats: Air France economy class seats have a pitch of 31 inches, which may vary depending on the aircraft. Passengers can choose their seats online or in the app 30 hours before their flight.

Air France Seat Change Policy

Air France offers a change seats option for passengers who want to switch or upgrade their seats. This can be done with or without extra fees depending on availability, destination, and time of change.

Air France passengers can change their seat selection by following specific steps.

  • To check in for an Air France flight, navigate to the airline’s website( and select either the “Check-in” tab or “My Bookings” option on the homepage.
  • To access the information, input both the Confirmation Code and Passenger’s Last Name.
  • To change your seat on a flight, click “Search” and then select the “Change Seat” option from the seat map.
  • Switch or upgrade your old seat by clicking the desired option and confirming, with a possible fee for the change.

Note: Air France allows passengers to change their seat reservations by contacting customer care before airport check-in.

  • Air France provides various benefits to its customers, including the option to select and change seats at their convenience. 
  • The airline’s seat selection policy is easy to understand and offers different seating options for comfortable air travel.

Air France Seat Selection

Air France offers a pre-seating option that allows passengers to choose their preferred seat in advance. This can be done by contacting Air France or through their website.

  • Air France offers a pre-seating option that allows passengers to choose their preferred seat in advance. This can be done by contacting Air France or through their website.
  • Air France offers a simple online process for selecting seats, making it convenient for customers to choose their preferred seating arrangements.
  • Then access the “My Bookings” option on the Air France website by typing in the link and opening it in a browser.
  • After, enter the necessary details, including Booking Reference and Last Name.

Note: To locate your booking reference number, check the confirmation email you received after making your seat reservation.

  • Plus, review bookings and select seats on Air France through the “Air France Choose Seat” option.
  • Choose a seat based on available options.
  • To select economy class seats, payment must be submitted as required.
  • Confirm your new position and print your boarding pass if it is available.

Note: To select seats on Air France flights, it’s recommended to do so at least 30 hours before boarding and use the low fare calendar for reduced fees. 

  • The seat selection fee may vary based on availability. At least 30 hours before boarding and use the low fare calendar for reduced fees. The seat selection fee may vary based on availability.

Economy Seat Selection Process

You can choose your seat when buying your ticket or up to 30 hours before the flight.

  • Passengers can choose their seats at no extra cost when checking in online or at the airport 30 hours before departure.
  • Air France allows customers to choose their seats when purchasing tickets through various methods such as online, on the Air France website or app, at a ticket office, with Frenchway Travel, or over the phone.
  • You can choose your economy class seat up to 30 hours before your flight’s departure by using the “My bookings” section on Air France’s website, visiting an Air France ticket office, or contacting Frenchway Travel.

Air France Seat Reservations

The airline provides different seating options for flights based on distance and destination. These include various types of seats.

  • Air France offers economy seats as the cheapest option for international flights, with basic services and one free checked bag included in their seat reservation policy.
  • The cabin of the flight offers French meals and child-friendly options. 
  • The seats have adjustable headrests, electrical outlets, and USB ports for working passengers. 
  • Extra legroom seats can be reserved for more space, while Duo and Front Section Seats allow a quick exit. 
  • Economy seating is available for budget travelers.

Air France is a global airline with flights to more than 75 countries, operating from its hub in Paris for international routes and Orly for domestic flights. Air France has a diverse fleet of aircraft that involves both Boeing and Airbus models, giving travelers the option to select from different types of planes based on their preferences and needs. When it comes to Economy Class, Air France ensures that seats are always available. 

Despite being an economy class ticket, passengers can expect luxurious dining options and comfortable seats designed with privacy in mind. Flying with air france economy class is a pleasant experience for all passengers regardless of their destination or flight duration. Air France offers quality service and a wide network for travelers seeking comfort and convenience while exploring new destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Air France Economy Class

Are Air France seats free?

Passengers traveling with a Standard fare ticket from France or the Netherlands to the United States, Canada, Mexico, or between France and Papeete are eligible for free Standard seat selection when flying to and from the United States.

How can I reach Air France while in India?

Air France promises to provide up-to-date information regarding flight delays, cancellations, and diversions within 30 minutes via a toll-free telephone number and their website.

What is the Air France Economy class baggage limit?

Passengers flying with Air France are allowed to bring hand baggage and personal items on board, with weight limits varying based on the cabin class. Economy and Premium Economy passengers can bring up to 12 kg of total weight, while Business and La Première passengers can bring up to 18 kg. The cabin class is indicated on the ticket.

Can Economy class passengers access the Air France lounge?

The Lounge Option is a service for Air France customers without free access to lounges, such as those in Premium Economy or Flying Blue Silver. Unaccompanied minors cannot use the service.

Does Air France have the ability for seats to recline?

Extra Legroom Seats are available in the Economy cabin and provide additional space in certain rows or at emergency exits. These seats offer the same level of comfort as other seats and have comparable reclining capabilities.

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