Finnair Special Assistance – How to Add Wheelchair Assistance?

Finnair Special Assistance

To Traveling an exciting experience for people, finnair special assistance can be very helpful for people with disabilities and special needs. As per the flight market, Finnair is a fantastic flagship carrier from Finland that recognizes the importance of access ability. This company has taken significant strides in providing Finnair with special assistance to ensure passengers’ seamless and comfortable travel experiences. They ensure to provide top-notch special assistance to people who really needs it. 

So let us move ahead and explore the special assistance services and the additional support they provide for the people.

Insights About the Finnair Special Assistance

Book Finnair Special Assistance at Airport

Below mentioned are the details of Finnair’s special assistance provided:

  • Pre-Flight Arrangements: Finnair is very well aware of the fact that the special assistance needs to be started well before the boarding begins of the flight. The passengers can request assistance during the boarding process by contacting the customer support team. 
  • Commitment to Accessibility: The best part of Finnair Airlines is that they provide equal air travel access for all passengers. Their dedication to inclusivity is evident in their policies, procedures, and investments in specialized assistance services. By striving to remove barriers and accommodate diverse needs, Finnair has become a leader in accessible air travel.
  • Special Needs Assistance: While making the bookings for Finnair online, they allow you to mention your unique needs, such as:
  1. Hearing impairments
  2. Visual impairments
  3. Cognitive disabilities, etc.
  • Mobility Assistance: For passengers who have reduced mobility issues, this airline provides them comprehensive support to ensure that those passengers travel hassle-free and comfortably. The staff members of Finnair are trained very well to assist such passengers in their check-in, security, and boarding process.
  • Medical Assistance: The passengers traveling with Finnair require medical assistance, and the staff provides dedicated attention during the flight journey. From administering medication to facilitating necessary equipment, Finnair’s medical assistance team ensures a safe and comfortable journey for passengers with medical conditions.

Benefits of Finnair Special Assistance

Let us go through the benefits of Finnair’s special assistance and how they contribute to making the air travel of such passengers enjoyable and hassle-free:

  1. Priority Services: Passengers who apply for Finnair request assistance get priority treatment from the staff. This treatment includes a fast check-in process, dedicated special and separate security checking lanes, and priority boarding of the plane. Finnair commits to providing a seamless experience to such passengers to avoid any inconvenience and reduce their stress. 
  2. Personalized Support: Finnair understands that all the passengers who apply for Finnair request assistance have different and unique needs. So the passenger needs to contact customer support and explain their specific needs and requirements, and according to them, Finnair provides personalized support to all of their passengers.
  3. Dedicated Special Assistance Team: Finnair has a dedicated team of trained professionals who are well-versed in assisting passengers with disabilities or special needs. The Special Assistance team is available to assist with check-in procedures, security screening, boarding, and any other concerns passengers may have, providing a reassuring presence from start to finish.
  4. Accessibility at Airports: Finnair ensures that the airport authorities provide appropriate access to all their passengers at all stages in the traveling process. The airline actively collaborates with airport management to ensure a barrier-free environment, promoting inclusivity and ease of travel.
  5. In-Flight Comfort: The main task of Finnair Airlines is to provide a comfortable and seamless traveling experience to all of its passengers. For those with mobility challenges, the airline offers accessible seating options and assistance with stowing mobility aids. Finnair’s cabin crew is trained to provide necessary support during the flight, ensuring that passengers feel safe, comfortable, and well-cared for throughout their journey.

How to Request For Finnair Request Assistance?

If you are looking for a a Finnair request assistance process, rest assured because this process is the most effortless and straightforward. So below mentioned are the few steps it can be completed in:

  1. Contact the Finnair Customer Support Team: To complete this step, you need to either call the Finnair customer service team or visit the official website of Finnair to insignia this Finnair request for assistance. 
  2. Provide or Enter the Relevant Information: If you are calling customer service, then you have to provide them with the below-mentioned relevant details, and if you are visiting the website (, then you have to enter the details there:
  • The type of assistance you would need, like hearing impairment assistance, visual impairment assistance, Finnair wheelchair assistance, mobility assistance, etc.
  • If you are going through any other kind of medical or special conditions.
  • The duration for how long you need the assistance, like just before or after the boarding or in the entire flight journey.
  • Will you be traveling with any of your particular equipment or service animals?
  1. Provide Advance Notice to Finnair: The airlines advise you to provide special assistance requests at least 48 hours before the departure of your scheduled flight because this advance notice gives them ample time to make the respective arrangements. 
  1. Follow-Up With Finnair About the Special Assistance Confirmation: Once you provide all the relevant details to Finnair for the special assistance you need, then usually send an email with a reference or confirmation number. If you are still waiting, contact them again to follow up to ensure you are getting your assistance when you reach the airport.
  1. Arrival at the Airport: When you have applied for Finnair request assistance, it is advisable to arrive at the airport well before your scheduled departure time. Upon arrival at the airport, communicate with Finnair staff at the check-in counter or the designated special assistance desk. Inform them about your special assistance request and provide your confirmation or reference number. They will guide you through the necessary procedures and meet your needs.

Insights About Finnair’s Wheelchair Assistance

As mentioned above, Finnair’s wheelchair assistance is one of the best assistance they provide to their passengers. Here is all you need to know about the same:

  • You must request Finnair wheelchair assistance 48 hours before your flight departure time. For this, you can call customer service and provide them with the relevant details about you and your flight.
  • Finnair offers two different types of wheelchair assistance to their passengers:
  • The manual wheelchair, and 
  • The electric wheelchair.

The manual wheelchair is for passengers who can self-propel the same and need the slightest assistance. And electric wheelchairs are for passengers who require powered mobility.

  • The staff members of Finnair meet the special assistance passengers upon their arrival at the airport and start assisting them from there.
  • For the passengers who are applicable for Finnair wheelchair assistance, the staff offers them priority check-in, boarding, and deplaning of the flight.
  • The cabin crew of Finnair provides all such passengers the onboard support, lavatory access, and several other needs.
  • The passengers requesting Finnair wheelchair assistance can also benefit from getting aid in the connecting flights so that they can manage the seamless transition to the airports.
  • The airlines collaborate well with several airports to improve the accessibility facilities for their passengers by introducing accessible washrooms and ramps.
  • Ensure to communicate with the Finnair staff about your specific needs and requirements so that they can arrange the appropriate special assistance for you.

Benefits of Getting Finnair Wheelchair Assistance

Below mentioned are the benefits you get when you apply for Finnair wheelchair assistance:

  • Good convenience and comfort for passengers facing mobility challenges, such as priority check-in and boarding.
  • Enhanced and hassle-free accessibility of the wheelchairs throughout the whole travel experience.
  • For wheelchair passengers, the airline provides dedicated staff to manage your entire travel, giving you a smooth and stress-free journey.
  • Stress-free transitions between the airport terminals or the connecting flights for wheelchair passengers.
  • They get extra safety and security assistance through their boarding and deboarding process.
  • The airlines offer such passengers two different types of wheelchairs as per their needs and requirements. 
  • Last and most important, Finnair provides wheelchair passengers with a peaceful journey by providing them with professional assistance throughout their travel. 

Why Should You Prefer Finnair’s Special Assistance Services?

There are various reasons why you should prefer opting for Finnair’s Special Assistance Services, such as:

  • Expertise: Finnair has substantial experience providing exceptional assistance services to their passengers. They ensure they are well equipped to provide all the assistance services per the passengers’ needs and requirements.
  • Trained Staff: The staff members of Finnair undergo special training to provide efficient assistance for specially-abled passengers. They ensure that the passengers feel comfortable and safe while traveling with them.
  • Seamless Transfers: Finnair provides their passengers a hassle-free transfer in case of connecting flights.
  • Comprehensive Support: Finnair offers services tailored to different types of disabilities or special needs, including mobility aids, assistance with boarding and disembarking, and support during the flight.
  • Accessibility Features: Finnair Airlines are well-equipped with all kinds of accessibility features, like spacious restrooms, adjustable seating options, and wider aisles for all these passengers. This way, the passengers get comfort and luxury both, even if they are disabled.
  • Transparent Communication: Finnair maintains open and transparent communication with its passengers.
  • Personalized Care: They know that every passenger’s needs and requirements differ. So Finnair provides individual and personal care and support to the passengers.

Finnair Special Assistance services prove that the airline is committed to creating the best travel experience for specially disabled passengers. By providing personalized support, priority services, in-flight comfort, connecting assistance, and working to improve accessibility at airports, Finnair goes above and beyond to ensure that individuals with disabilities or specific needs can travel with confidence and peace of mind. Finnair sets an example for the aviation industry through these initiatives, promoting inclusivity and making air travel a remarkable experience for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is finnair assistance policy?

Finnair takes pride in providing one of the best special assistance services to physically challenged people. The airline has all the facility including wheelchairs to assist the needy.

How can I get the special assistance service?

You can easily get the special assistance service by connecting with the customer care support team of the airline. You have to follow few steps and you are done.

How can I arrange a wheelchair at the airport?

You can do this by contacting the finnair customer service, by calling +358 9 818 0800 in Finland, or by filling in the special assistance form. You can check other details on their website.

Do you pay for the special assistance service by Finnair?

If you have a disability or reduced mobility, you have the right to receive support, known as ‘Special Assistance’, when traveling by air. This assistance should be provided by airports and airlines at no cost to you. It is designed to make your journey less stressful and ensure that you receive the necessary help and support throughout your travel experience.

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