Air Serbia Cancellation Policy – How to Get Refund Online?

Air Serbia Cancellation Policy

Air Serbia has implemented a new policy that permits passengers to cancel their flight tickets within 24 hours of booking without any fees. This is beneficial for individuals who made mistakes during the booking process or had a change of plans. The Air Serbia cancellation policy is designed for passenger convenience and flexibility. Air Serbia allows passengers to cancel their tickets and receive a refund within 24 hours of booking without any cancellation fee. This article provides a guide on how to cancel an Air Serbia flight, including details on the 24-hour grace period and assistance for canceling closer to departure time. 

Air Serbia Flight Cancellation Policy Rules

To cancel and get a refund for an Air Serbia flight, passengers must comply with the airline’s policy. The Air Serbia cancelled flight policy offers various features that can be accessed by following the provided regulations. It can be helpful to review essential rules before starting.

  • Passengers who have booked their flights through official airline sources will be subject to the policy rules.
  • Third-party agencies may affect policy implementation during reservations.
  • If an airline cancels your booking due to force majeure, you can claim compensation.
  • A cancellation fee may apply and can vary in amount.
  • Refunds are available in both money and voucher forms.
  • Customers will be informed at the time of booking whether their ticket is refundable or not.
  • The 24-hour reversal policy applies based on your arrival destination and flight itinerary.
  • Travelers can now receive a refund in the form of a voucher without canceling their bookings.
  • You can cancel your booking using different options depending on the time of your request.

Note: To learn about Air Serbia’s flight ticket cancellation policy, visit their official website for the most up-to-date information.

Air Serbia 24 hour Cancellation Policy

There are following guidelines regarding 24 hour cancellation policy, such as below.

  • Customers can receive a full refund for canceled tickets within 24 hours of purchase, as long as the difference between booking and departure dates is at least seven days.
  • The airline offers an Air Serbia 24 hour cancellation policy that allows customers to cancel their flight and receive a full refund if the departure is at least seven days away.
  • Passengers will be charged a fee if they cancel their flight within seven days of travel or more than 24 hours after purchasing their ticket.

Important Note:

  • Air Serbia offers a 24-hour cancellation policy for tickets booked from the United States, supported by the Air Serbia Reporting Corporation (ARC).
  • provides data on Air Serbia but cannot guarantee policy changes. Contact Air Serbia directly at +381 11 311 21 23.

How to Cancel Air Serbia Flight?

If you need to cancel an Air Serbia flight, there are several options available that won’t compromise your comfort.

Cancel Flight Online

Air Serbia offers the option to cancel flights online, which is a convenient process that can be completed from home with just a few taps on your device. There are following tips on how to cancel online scheduled flights efficiently and reliably.

  • Select a mode and go to the official website of Air Serbia.
  • The system prompts users to select a language.
  • Choose a language and proceed by tapping on the corresponding tab.
  • To sign in, search for the login tab and tap on it. The sign-in tab will appear at the top corner of the home screen.
  • To access your bookings, select “My Bookings” and enter the booking code along with the family name.
  • To review input, tap on the search icon, choose a trip, and proceed to the next step.
  • To request a refund from Air Serbia, click on the cancel tab and fill out the refund request form with all the necessary information.
  • The system calculates your Air Serbia refund by subtracting cancellation charges from the airfare when you submit a form.
  • After submitting, you won’t have to pay extra charges and will receive a confirmation email on your registered ID.
  • An email will be sent to explain the refund policies and Air Serbia cancellation policy.

Cancel Flight Offline

Air Serbia offers the option to cancel flights offline, which means that their staff will handle the cancellation procedure for you. Simply follow all the below instructions.

  • To cancel an Air Serbia ticket, you can either call customer service or visit the airport counter.
  • To Air Serbia cancel, ask for expert help from the agent and request them to initiate the cancellation process.
  • The agent requires basic information such as booking code, flight number, passenger name, departure date, and other necessary details.
  • Provide all necessary information to assist the Air Serbia team in completing your refund request form.
  • The agent deducts Air Serbia’s cancellation fees from the airfare to calculate your refund.
  • If you choose to use offline mode, there may be extra charges in addition to cancellation fees.
  • To submit a request to Air Serbia, ask the agent to fill out the form. Once accepted, you will receive confirmation via email on your registered ID.

Air Serbia Flights Cancellation Notifications

Check Air Serbia Cancelled Flight Status

Air Serbia has a standard procedure for notifying customers when flights are canceled due to circumstances beyond their control. To receive updates, it’s essential to be registered on the official website.

  • Passengers will receive an email notifying them of a canceled booking before their flight departure.
  • Passengers will receive notifications through text messages.
  • Travelers will receive personal calls during emergencies.
  • Flight updates will be available on the carrier’s website.

Note: Make sure to give accurate contact details when making a reservation so that you can be easily contacted.

Air Serbia Refund Policy

Air Serbia’s ticket refund policy offers flexibility and comfort for travelers, eliminating concerns about cancellation charges. Travelers are advised to check with the airline regarding Air Serbia refund policy before booking.

  • If you cancel your reservation within 24 hours, you will receive a full refund. However, this only applies if the cancellation is made at least seven days before the flight’s scheduled departure.
  • Air Serbia’s flight cancellation policy requires passengers who purchased tickets within a week of departure to pay cancellation fees, even if they cancel on the same day as their reservation.
  • To cancel a reservation with Air Serbia, use the same booking media that was used to make the reservation. 
  • If you booked offline, cancellation must also be done through an offline channel and may incur additional administration fees in addition to Air Serbia’s cancellation fees.
  • The Air Serbia refund process is easy if you follow their cancellation policy.
  • Air Serbia cancellation policy states that passengers will receive their refund within seven to thirty business days.
  • Air Serbia’s ticket refund policies only apply to valid tickets purchased through authorized channels. Invalid tickets are not eligible for reimbursement.

How to Get a Refund from Air Serbia?

Here are the following steps for an Air Serbia refund:

  • For Air Serbia refund request, Visit the official website of Air Serbia, which is
  • Click “My Trips” on the website.
  • Enter your Last name and Confirmation code on the next page.
  • To proceed with a reservation, click “Continue,” and you will be directed to the Reservation Summary page.
  • Choose the option Cancel Reservation.
  • The page will display the refund amount along with cancellation fees on its final page.

Air Serbia Cancellation Fees

Below are the details regarding the cancellation fees.

  • Air Serbia offers free cancellations to passengers, but if a cancellation is not made within the specified time frame, a portion of the total cost may be charged as cancellation fees. 
  • Air Serbia has a cancellation policy that takes into account four factors when calculating cancellation charges.
    • Cancellation time
    • Cancellation reason
    • Ticket types
    • Flight route
  • Air Serbia charges cancellation fees to passengers who cancel their flights outside of the risk-free cancellation period.
  • Air Serbia charges an administrative cost on top of cancellation fees for offline flight cancellations.
  • If an airline cancels or delays a flight, passengers may not have to pay cancellation fees.

Air Serbia Cancellation of Flight Compensation

Passengers may request monetary compensation for flight delays or cancellations. 

  • The amount varies based on the distance of the flight, with up to 1500 km resulting in $259 USD or €250 Euros, 1500 km to 3500 km resulting in $414 USD or €400 Euros, and beyond 3500 km resulting in $621 USD or €600 Euros.
  • If an airline offers a standby flight to the same destination, your compensation will be reduced by 50%.
  • If the alternative flight takes off within two hours of the original flight on flights less than 1500 km, compensation will be reduced.
  • Flights delayed up to 3 hours on routes between 1500 and 3500 km and up to 4 hours on flights over 3500 km are subject to the same conditions.

How to Get Compensation?

To get compensation credited back to your account, file a claim by following the given steps.

  • Visit the Passenger Support section on an airline’s official website.
  • Access the “Complains and Compliments” page, select the complaint option, and choose from a list of categories.
  • Choose the “Flight” option and access additional choices.
  • Then check the “cancellation” tick box.
  • Click on a red button labeled “fill in the form.”
  • Now filling out information under three different sections: Personal Information, Itinerary, and Bank Account.
  • When filling out a form, personal information like first name and address is required in the appropriate section. The itinerary and bank account sections also require specific details about flight and banking information.
  • To send a request, one must fill out all sections and use the “send request” option.
  • You’ll get an email confirming compensation for your canceled Air Serbia flight.
  • Note: If an airline does not respond to a claim within a few days, it is possible to contact their agents directly for assistance.

Air Serbia Claiming Compensation Eligibility

The cancellation policy states that compensation is only available to those who book directly with the airline and meet certain conditions.

  • If your arrival and departure flights follow ECAA regulations, you will be considered eligible.
  • You have a confirmed reservation for the flight, but make sure to bring all necessary documents for check-in and boarding.
  • Customers who book reservations under the “Etihad Guest” category can take advantage of sudden cancellation benefits.
  • After finalizing your compensation request, you can choose to receive the amount through a bank transfer or an EMD voucher.

Ineligible for Compensation

Passengers may not be eligible for compensation in certain situations when their tickets are canceled, regardless of the reason. These circumstances include the following specific cases.

  1. Passengers must be informed of flight revocations at least two weeks before the scheduled departure.
  2. The flight reversal notification was given a week ahead, but a standby flight was offered just two hours before takeoff.
  3. When You arrived only 2 hours later despite a 7-day cancellation notice.
  4. When you book a ticket at a reduced price for any reason.
  5. If the flight is revoked due to circumstances beyond the airline’s control.
    • Poor weather
    • Increased Air Traffic and Government orders.
    • Storms
    • Strikes and attacks 

So no refunds will be given for any of the situations listed.

Air Serbia offers a flexible cancellation policy, providing peace of mind for travelers who may need to cancel their flights due to unforeseen circumstances. With excellent services and lenient regulations, Air Serbia is a reliable option for those looking to plan a stress-free holiday.

The airline has a lenient cancellation policy and is known for its outstanding services. To assist customers, the airline has provided clear information about their Air Serbia cancellation policy to avoid confusion and ensure accuracy. Hence, Air Serbia offers worry-free holiday planning and ticket booking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I cancel my Air Serbia flight and get a refund?

According to Air Serbia cancellation policy, If your flight is cancelled, you are entitled to a full refund of the airfare within seven days. You can also opt to rebook for a later date or claim a full refund if it was part of a package holiday.

Can I cancel a Air Serbia flight?

Air Serbia allows passengers to cancel their reservation without penalty within 24 hours of booking, as long as the reservation was made seven days or more prior to the flight’s departure. This is in compliance with regulations that require airlines to allow consumers to cancel and receive a full refund within 24 hours.

What will happen if my flight gets rescheduled?

In case of flight cancellations, passengers will be notified via email or phone but won’t receive a refund. Except for New York, they can book other flights on the Air Serbia network without additional charges, and modifications are free of cost.

Is it possible to receive compensation for a two-hour delay on an Air Serbia flight?

You are entitled to compensation if your Air Serbia flight is delayed by two or more hours due to the airline’s responsibility. The same applies if your flight was canceled less than 14 days before departure.

Will I receive a refund if my flight is canceled and I cannot book on the preferred date?

Air Serbia offers customers the option of receiving a voucher if their preferred booking date is unavailable. The voucher has an expiration date and can be used as payment for future bookings. Customers who have not received a refund can contact Air Serbia’s customer service team for assistance.

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