Austrian Airlines Cancellation Policy – How to Cancel Your Flight

Austrian Airlines Cancellation Policy

Austrian Airlines has implemented a new cancellation policy to offer passengers more flexibility and convenience. Austrian Airlines allows customers to cancel flights within 24 hours of booking without any charges or penalties. You can cancel your Austrian Airlines ticket up to one hour before the flight, even if you forgot to do so earlier. However, there will be a small cancellation fee charged by the airline. This airline has compiled information about Austrian Airlines Cancellation Policy in one place to assist customers who need help canceling flights. In this article, we’ve provided details on how to cancel an Austrian flight.

Austrian Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policy

Austrian Airlines offers an easy Austrian air cancellation policy with quick refunds, providing peace of mind for travelers. The process is straightforward and summarized clearly to alleviate any concerns.

  • Austrian Airlines allows passengers to cancel tickets for free within 24 hours of booking, providing flexibility.
  • Austrian Airlines only refunds refundable tickets. Non-refundable tickets cannot be reimbursed, even if canceled within the given time slot.
  • The tickets need to be booked at least seven days before the flight departs so the airline has enough time to handle any changes.
  • Passengers are advised to avoid swapping their tickets and instead cancel them through the point of purchase to avoid any issues.
  • Mistakes happen because we’re human. If you double book, cancel one ticket, and the airline will refund the cheaper one.
  • The airline does not offer discounts for canceling tickets with infants or pets. You must pay the full Austrian airlines cancelled flight fee to receive a refund.

Terms and Conditions of Austrian Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

There are a few terms and conditions of Austrian Airlines for flight cancellation explained below:

  • It is simple to cancel confirmed or refundable bookings with Austrian Airlines.
  • Flight cancellations made within 24 hours of booking are exempt from cancellation fees according to the rules.
  • Claim your flight refund without any deduction.
  • If you cancel your flight after 24 hours, you will be charged a cancellation fee based on the type of ticket you purchased.
  • Passengers are permitted to cancel their flights up to 24 hours prior to departure.

Austrian Airlines 24 hour Cancellation

This airline allows risk-free Austrian airlines cancellation within 24 hours for passenger comfort and flexibility:

  • The airline provides passengers with a 24-hour cancellation policy free of charge. If cancellations are made within a specific time frame, the airline will request a full refund.
  • The policy for canceling tickets within 24 hours differs by fare type, so not all tickets are eligible. Some fares allow last-minute changes, while others do not offer free cancellation within 24 hours.
  • Free ticket cancellations are allowed within 24 hours of booking for bookings made at least a week before the expected departure date.

Flight Cancellation Ways

There are different methods by which passengers can cancel their Austrian Airlines ticket. Various options are available for cancellation, such as:

Cancelling Austrian Airlines Ticket Online Guide

  1. Firstly, visit the official website of Austrian Airlines.
  2. The language option on the extreme right of the page lets you choose your native language.
  3. Log in with your PNR number or name.
  4. Click on the “Manage Booking” section after fetching flight details.
  5. Select the “Flight Cancellation” option in order to proceed with canceling their flight.
  6. The airline will show the cancellation fee when you cancel. Fill out the refund form to get your money back from the airline.
  7. Cancellations will be made, or a notification will be sent to the email ID and contact number of the person affected.

Cancel Austrian Airlines flight by phone

You can cancel your Austrian Airline tickets by calling their help center if you don’t want to make changes online. Simply follow the steps provided for a professional cancellation experience.

  1. Call the airline help center for assistance in the local language.
  2. You will be assigned an executive to assist you with canceling.
  3. To cancel a flight, the representative will require the flight number or PNR number as well as an explanation for the cancellation.
  4. They will determine if you are eligible for their services and inform you of any potential cancellation fees.
  5. If payment is made, the representative cancels and refunds you.

Cancel your Austrian Airlines ticket at the airport

If you didn’t find the previously mentioned options convenient? Well, you can always walk to the airport or cancel your ticket in a more reliable manner.

  1. Austrian Airlines has a ticket center at the airport that can be visited.
  2. Wait for customer support to help with cancellation.
  3. To cancel a booking, provide your name and PNR number along with an explanation for the cancellation. Supporting documents may also be helpful.
  4. The executive will inform you of cancellation charges after reviewing the situation.
  5. Once eligible, the airline cancels your ticket and issues a refund. A small service fee is charged for professional assistance.

An Overview of Austrian Airlines Cancellation Fees

Austrian Airlines is a budget-friendly airline with flexible policies. They take extra steps for passengers and expect the same in return. Not following the Cancellation Policy will result in a small fine. During the summer season, there are cancellation charges that apply. The charges are outlined below:

  • The airline will refund 100% of your ticket price without any cancellation fees if you cancel a month before the departure date.
  • If the tickets are being canceled 15 days before the departure, you would have to pay a 10 percent fine from the total airfare.
  • If you cancel your ticket within a week of the departure date or on the second day after booking, you will be charged 20% of the fare.
  • If you cancel your airline tickets on the day of or one day before departure, you will not receive any refund from the airline, and it will be considered a no-show.
  • The airline would charge 30 EUR for cancellations if the ticket was booked with a discount. The cancellation fee applies per segment regardless of when it is canceled.

Cancellation charges for other seasons 

  • The airline will charge 10% of your fare if you cancel tickets a month before the departure date.
  • If you cancel your flight tickets 20 days before departure, you will be charged 25% of the total fare plus taxes.
  • If tickets are canceled 19 days before departure or ten days before, half of the total amount paid for the tickets will be charged.
  • Tickets canceled 4-9 days before departure will incur a 65% cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel your ticket two days before departure, you’ll be charged 85% of the ticket price.
  • The airline will charge a 100% cancellation fee if you cancel your tickets one day before the departure date, resulting in no refund.

Austrian Airlines Cancel Compensation Policy

The airline has a cancellation policy that benefits passengers when flights are canceled, with strict rules for both the airline and passengers.

  • The Passengers can claim a full refund on the official website if an airline cancels their flight by more than 4 hours, with ground staff available to help if needed.
  • If the airline cancels a connecting flight, passengers will receive free accommodations, meals, or a voucher for essential items.
  • The airline will offer free meals and class upgrades to passengers whose previous flights were canceled.
  • Passengers experiencing delays in their long-haul flights can request reimbursement for meals and accommodations.
  • To receive compensation for a canceled Austrian Airlines flight, attach the receipt, and the airline will refund the amount.
  • The airline will not compensate passengers if a cancellation or delay is due to natural or unavoidable reasons.

Austrian Airlines Refund Policy

The airline offers Austrian Airlines flight refund to customers who meet specific criteria outlined in their policy. Refunds may be given as trip vouchers or cash, depending on the circumstances. Please read the requirements provided for obtaining a refund in accordance with the Austrian Airlines refund policy as follows:

  • If a flight is canceled within 24 hours of booking and is set to depart no later than a week, customers will receive a full refund.
  • The provider’s trip coupon has a one-year limit for use and cannot be used after that time.
  • If you paid for an Austrian Airlines flight with a credit card and need to request a refund due to cancellation, it may take up to seven days for the request to be processed.
  • Refunds for cash and cheque payments may take up to 20 working days.
  • If you have refundable airline tickets, you can return the unused portion of the ticket by submitting it and trip documentation to the air carrier.
  • The airline taxes and fees will be refunded if a tourist does not use a voucher when making a reservation.

Process of claiming a refund from Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines offers refunds on cancellations for tourists who follow their guidelines. Accurate details are necessary for this matter.

  • To claim a ticket amount, visit the provider’s website after ensuring everything is in order.
  • Now, select the My Bookings option or input the necessary information as directed.
  • If your Austrian Airlines flight is canceled, you can access a form for a refund.
  • You will be prompted for specific details to receive a refund. Enter the required data into the state.
  • Lastly, Double-check your information before sending it to the airline.

Austrian Airlines is a subsidiary of Lufthansa Airlines and is based in Austria, and it is a highly regarded airline offering excellent service to its passengers. Making flight reservations with the airline is quick and easy. To book a flight with Austrian Airlines, follow their outlined steps online or through customer service. Familiarize yourself with Austrian Airlines Cancellation Policy for making changes or cancellations after booking.

Austrian Airlines has cancellation and refund policies that consider passengers’ needs. Canceling a flight may incur fees depending on how far in advance it is done, but exceptions apply for unforeseen events like medical emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to cancel an Austrian Airlines flight ticket without any fees or charges?

Yes, You can cancel an Austrian Airlines ticket for free without any fees or charges within 24 hours of booking. Some tickets cannot be canceled within the 24-hour window, so it’s important to check the ticket type at the time of booking.

Can I change my Austrian Airlines flight while traveling?

Yes, You can change your flight ticket with Austrian Airlines while traveling. The policy is similar to their cancellation policy, and changes must be made within 24 hours to avoid fees.
Non-refundable tickets cannot be changed even within the free change window.

What to do if Austrian Airlines cancels my flight?

If your flight is canceled, you have two options: cancel and get a refund or fly on the next available flight arranged by the airline. To get reimbursed for meals or accommodations during a flight delay or cancellation, send the receipt to the airline.

How will I be notified of canceled Austrian Airlines flights?

Air carriers aim to notify passengers promptly of any delays or cancellations through various channels such as email and phone. It is crucial for passengers to register their contact information with the carrier to receive timely updates.

How can I cancel my Austrian Airlines reservation within 24 hours?

To cancel an Austrian Airlines flight within 24 hours of booking, call the customer service number provided on the website for your region or explain why you require to cancel. Follow instructions given by staff and pay any essential fees.

Can I cancel my flight with Austrian airlines?

To cancel a flight, check the terms and conditions of your booking class on the official website. Refunds can be requested through an online form. Online cancellation is not available.

Does the timing of the reversal affect Austrian Airlines cancellation fees?

When canceling a flight, the timing of the cancellation affects the amount of fees charged. Canceling early allows airlines to give your seat to someone else, resulting in lower fees, while last-minute cancellations may result in higher charges as they cannot fill your seat with another passenger.

What are Austrian Airlines’ refund policies for cancellations?

Understanding the refund policy is important when canceling a flight. The policy simplifies refund criteria, allowing for a complete refund if canceled within 24 hours of purchase. However, fees will be deducted from the ticket amount otherwise. Eligibility for refunds depends on meeting other criteria listed in the policy.

When will I receive a refund for my canceled Austrian Airlines flight ticket that was
supposed to be refunded?

If a payment was made using a credit card, it would be refunded within seven days of the refund request. If the payment was made with cash or check, it would take 20 business days to process the refund.

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