Eva Air Upgrade – How to Upgrade Seat Online?

Eva Air Upgrade

Eva Air strives to give its travelers an evergreen and wonderful experience while traveling with them. EVA Air upgrade is how they make experience of travelers flying with them a wonderful experience. EVA Air is a Taiwan based airline that provides its flight services to more than 62 plus destinations both domestic and international routes. EVA air seat upgrade cost is low and that makes it a favorable choice among travelers. EVA Air offers its passengers Eva air first class upgrade  so that travelers can enjoy their flights in comfort and luxury they need.

Since air travel has become a part of our lives, what comes next to passengers is comfort. Every Airline offers tickets in different classes and what services you get with them varies. Higher the class higher are the luxuries and benefits that as a passenger you are provided with. There are many ways through which you can request for an upgrade for your flight reservation with EVA Air. EVA AIR offers three classes to its travelers while traveling with them. This article will help you get a better understanding on how to get an an Upgrade on eva air.

Overview of Eva Air Upgrade

Wondering how I can upgrade my eva air flight? and how to go ahead with Cancellation and upgrade for the same? then this article will help you get all the answers you need regarding this query. Eva Air offers its travelers three classes to travel in such as economy, premium economy and business. EVA Air first class upgrade helps you to upgrade your flight if you wish to travel in more comfort and luxury provided by the EVA Airline. These  upgrades come with costs that airline charges to its travelers and this article will help you get an overview of the prices and how to get it done. Eva Airline provide an upgrade with mile, by bid or by cash into its classes. 

Types of upgrade provided by EVA Air

Check How to Upgrade seat on Eva Air

Eva Air is offering many ways to its passengers through which they can make changes to their flight tickets and upgrade them as they desire. Below listed are all the upgrades Eva Air offers.

Business Class Upgrade 

EVA Air provides its travelers many luxuries, if they choose Eva air upgrade to business class. There are many ways traveler can get Eva air upgrade to business class such as while buying your EVA Air flight ticket online ,you can look if an upgrade is available or you can choose to upgrade to business class from economy or premium economy class. So in order to avail Eva air seat upgrade you can do it buy either buying a business upgrade and pay any applicable fee difference or upgrade with rewards points under the Star Alliance Awards upgrade program.

Getting EVA Air business class upgrade

Ever wondered why people upgrade their flights and end up spending more on their tickets?.The reason why a traveler would want to upgrade to a higher class is answered here.The luxuries offered by EVA Air to its business class travelers covers up seats with larger leg room for comfortable long flights,online check in policy saves traveler’s time,affordable and reliable baggage allowance is provided,In flight entertainment along with special entertainment for kids which comes a blessing for passengers travel with kids.All these luxuries are provided to traveler under eva air first class upgrade.

Ways to get a Business Class EVA air upgrade?

Stuck with an economy ticket? and you wish to go for an eva air upgrade to business class and wondering how you can do it? then look no further.You can avail business class upgrade by either visiting a reservation office for EVA air or using rewards miles.Below is a detailed overview of how you can get an EVA Air Business upgrade through different options.

Buying an Upgrade

Travelers who wish to fly with Eva Air can go for eva air seat upgrade for their flights from economy and premium economy to business class.For this they can buy the upgrade online or at the counter but the upgrade is subject  to availability of the business class upgrade at the time the passenger is looking for  it.

Buying an upgrade using Mile

Travelers can upgrade their class using miles under Star Alliance Awards Program as EVA Air is one of the affiliates under this program.Using miles travelers can book any flight that affiliates under Star Alliance Award Program.Eva Air is the best airline to upgrade from economy to business class and its way cheaper  than other airlines only drawback is you end up paying more miles for cheaper tickets.you can refer to eva air upgrade chart for miles required to make the necessary changes.

Following conditions need to be apply while a traveler is looking for an eva air mileage upgrade:

  • Miles upgrade for EVA Air are available for international flights only
  • Flights such as code-sharing and charter flights are not upgradable
  • For an infant ticket you must pay the fare price and difference in fair in addition to regular EVA flight ticket
  • If you are a holder of Y,B,M,H and Q(economy) tickets then you are eligible for an upgrade award to Business class/Premium laurel and Royal laurel.
  • You can no longer request an upgrade to business class using upgrade award while checking in at the airport

Miles you need for an EVA Air first class upgrade

Is this the question on your mind? Then this will answer your query.Miles required depend on origin and destination a traveler is looking to travel to.So as per your travel route you require different miles for requesting an upgrade with EVA Air.Mentioned below is the eva air upgrade chart for different classes that are available to traveler using eva air mileage upgrade.

Miles needed for economy class upgrade to premium fare class

  • Route –  Within taiwan and mainland china

Class(Q/H/M) – 8000 miles

            Class(B/Y) – 6000 miles 

  • Route –  Within taiwan and southeast asia

Class(Q/H/M) – 10000 miles

            Class(B/Y) – 7500 miles 

  • Route –  Within asia and europe/america(except New york,chicago,houston and toronto)

Class(Q/H/M) – 25000 miles

            Class(B/Y) – 18500 miles 

  • Route –  Within taiwan and New york,chicago,houston and toronto

Class(Q/H/M) – 30000 miles

            Class(B/Y) – 22500 miles 

Miles needed or premium economy class upgrade to Royal laurel

  • Route –  Within taiwan and mainland china

Class(Q/H/M) – 10000 miles

            Class(B/Y) – 8000 miles 

  • Route –  Within taiwan and southeast asia

Class(Q/H/M) – 15000 miles

            Class(B/Y) – 13500 miles 

  • Route –  Within asia and europe/america(except New york,chicago,houston and toronto)

Class(Q/H/M) – 35000 miles

            Class(B/Y) – 31500 miles 

  • Route –  Within taiwan and New york,chicago,houston and toronto

Class(Q/H/M) – 40000 miles

            Class(B/Y) – 36000 miles 

Miles needed for economy class upgrade to Royal laurel

  • Route –  Within taiwan and mainland china

Class(Q/H/M) – 18000 miles

            Class(B/Y) – 14000 miles 

  • Route –  Within taiwan and southeast asia

Class(Q/H/M) – 25000 miles

            Class(B/Y) – 21000 miles 

  • Route –  Within asia and europe/america(except New york,chicago,houston and toronto)

Class(Q/H/M) – 60000 miles

            Class(B/Y) – 50000 miles 

  • Route –  Within taiwan and New york,chicago,houston and toronto

Class(Q/H/M) – 70000 miles

            Class(B/Y) – 58500 miles 

Premium economy upgrade

Looking for an upgrade to premium economy? Wondering what the eva air upgrade to premium economy cost and wondering how it works?Here is what you need to know and what you get with premium economy? When you upgrade to a Premium economy with EVA Air you get separate cabins for peaceful  journey ,you also get recline seats   that are extra wide for better comfort ,better meals and amenity kits for longer flights along with priority boarding privileges.All of these make up a premium economy experience for travelers better who are flying with EVA Air weather they are a first time flier or a frequent flier of EVA AIr.

Wondering about EVA Air Bid

Eva Air bid is a way by which you can upgrade to a higher class without paying the full fare difference.By placing bids a traveler can upgrade to premium economy or business class,once your bid is accepted you get the upgraded seat and the benefits that come along with it. 

Eva air upgrade bid program is available for selected flights and travelers are notified via mail if they are eligible for the bid.Travellers can check online via EVABidDeal if they are eligible and submit their bid.You have to make sure to place your bids at least 50 hours before your departure time.

Some tips to keep in mind while you bid

  • Changes can be made on your bid or you can cancel your bid before bid closing 
  • Make sure to place your bid 50 hours before departure time
  • Once successful, EVA Air informs you your bid has been accepted
  • Then EVA Air charges your credit card with the bid amount and upgrades you to higher class along with the high end services 

EVA Air Free Upgrade

All things in life that are free makes us so happy. And doesn’t a free upgrade while traveling sounds amazing. EVA Air free upgrade offers free upgrade to its frequent travelers who are a member of Airline’s Loyalty program, Infinity Mileage Lands. These programs offer travelers benefits and perks including the chance to get free upgrades.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – EVA Air Upgrade

How do I upgrade my EVA Air flight?

EVA air upgrade flight can be done by travelers who are first time travelers or are part of miles program which avails them to use rewards points and they can also use cash once they are aware of  upgrade cost  for their desired upgrade, it can also be done  by bids organized by airline online and EVA air notifies travelers when they win a bid.

How do I upgrade my seat on Eva air?

Upgrade on Eva air comes with business and premium economy upgrades as Eva air upgrade class. Travelers can get the desired upgrade by one of the following ways as by online means through EVA airline website, by winning a bid as Eva air free upgrade and with cash at the airport counter.

How many miles are required to upgrade to EVA AIR First class?

As per EVA Air mileage upgrade program the number of miles required for your Eva air first class  upgrade depends upon destination and origin of traveler. So instead of cash traveler is paying for upgrades by miles he/she has collected from traveling before. Travelers can refer to the EVA air reward table mentioned above to get information on how many miles are required for upgrade for traveling to their desired destination.

Can I upgrade to premium economy on Eva air?

Yes you can easily upgrade to premium economy on Eva air after checking Eva air premium economy cost that may vary based on your travel destination. For any upgrades to higher class traveler needs to check for availability for the upgrade he/she is looking for. Once availability is there ,you can easily upgrade.

How much does it cost to upgrade on Eva air?

Eva air upgrade cost depends on what means you choose for the upgrade. If you chose miles then no cost is there, if you win an upgrade is a bid no cost is applicable then the initial. For upgrades you buy at the counter it can vary from 100$ to more depending on your location.

How to check if Eva air upgrade is available?

To check availability for upgrade on Eva air we can go online and check on the website(www.evaair.com) if upgrades are available or we can ask for upgrades at the airport counter.

How much does it cost to upgrade to premium economy?

Ans. Depending on the availability and distance the Eva air upgrade to premium economy costs around 200$ to 800$ and for travelers using miles reward from previous flights, they can use miles to buy the upgrades. Amount of miles required for upgrades depend on the destination traveler is flying to.

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