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Eva Air Cancellation Policy

Eva Air Cancellation Policy is in place to help the passengers that have any query regarding the flight cancellations with Eva Air. No matter the reason you end up having to cancel your Eva Air flights, this policy listed by Eva Air will guide you through the process of hows and whats of flight cancellation aftermath. This article will help you make sound decisions when it comes to flight cancellation that are made by Eva Air as well.

Overview of EVA Air cancellation Policy

Are you worried about the last minute flight cancellations by Eva Air? Do you wonder about different ways the airline allows you to make flight cancellations with them? Is the fee charged by Eva Air a concern for you? then you are at the right place. This article is centric to all the information that a passenger might need while they are cancelling their flight with Eva Air or come across flight cancellations by the airline itself. Below all the different cancellation policies are mentioned in detail.

EVA Air 24 hour Cancellation policy

EVA Air 24 hour Cancellation policy will help travellers with EVA Air cancelled flights whether it’s from airlines end or traveller’s end. Cancellation of your EVA Air flight before 24 hours can help you save your money and be eligible for full refund. EVA Air 24 hours cancellation policy states that you are eligible to get a full refund by the airline ,If you come under any of these conditions which are :

  • If EVA Air cancel flight happens within 24 hours of your ticket purchase and 
  • Difference between departure date and booking date is seven or more days

Cancellation Fee charged by EVA Air

Knowing cancellation fee comes in handy when you are deciding to cancel your EVA AIR flight due to any reason be it personal emergencies, flight delays or bad weather conditions. EVA Air cancel flight gives traveller means to knowing how much cancellation fee while they are cancelling their EVA Air flight either by online means, calling EVA Air customer helpline number or by physically visiting the EVA Air counter at the airport. EVA air cancellation fee is charged on the basis of fare type and at what time you cancel your Flight. Below mentioned are the cancellation fees that are charged by EVA Air for all the different scenarios:

  • If a passenger cancels their EVA Air flight ticket within 24 hours of purchase or within 7 days of departure date ,no fee is charged by the EVA airline
  • If a passenger cancels their EVA Air flight before 60 or more days from their departure date ,no fee is charged by the EVA airline
  • If a passenger cancels their EVA Air flight within 31 to 59 days from their departure date,69 USD is cancellation fee
  • If a passenger cancels their EVA Air flight ticket within 7 to 30 days before your departure date,99 USD is cancellation fee
  • If a passenger cancels their EVA Air flight ticket within 6 days or 1 hour before your departure date,119 USD is cancellation fee

How to Cancel your EVA Air Flight?

Check Eva Air Cancelled Flight Status at Airport

In order to cancel your EVA Air Flight you need to be aware of what steps you have to follow while cancelling your flight and what mediums can be used, be it online cancellations, at the EVA Air counter at airport or by calling EVA Air customer service number. So to make it easy for you and if  you have questions like how to cancel your EVA AIR Flight? Where can you cancel your EVA Air flight? Then worry no more, here are four ways you can cancel your EVA AIR Flight by calling their customer care number ,at the airport at EVA Air counter, visiting the official website or visiting their physical office near you. Details are provided below:

Cancellation by Phone

You can call on their customer number, you can check the EVA Air official website at https://www.evaair.com/en-us/customer-services/contact-us/contact/?countryCode=Taipei

Cancellation At Airport Counter

EVA Airline aims at providing its travellers evergreen services which extend to helping its passengers with cancellation of their EVA Air flights at EVA Air counters at the airport. So you can simply walk to their counter and request for cancellation of your EVA Air flight.

Online Cancellation of EVA AIR Flight

Travellers who wish to cancel their EVA Flight online by visiting official EVA Air Flight can follow steps mentioned below :

Steps are as follows:

  • Visit the official EVA AIR website(www.evaair.com) and log in to your account 
  • Now look for my Trips section on the website and click on it
  • Their you can choose the flight you want to cancel
  • Click on cancel flight option ,next to the flight you want to cancel
  • Follow the cancellation process that opens up after this.

Cancellation of Flight Reservation booked by Third party/Travel Agent

  • If EVA Air Flight was purchased with the help of a travel agent you can cancel your flight by visiting a physical office near you.
  • If EVA AIr Flight was purchased on a travel website then you can cancel your flight by visiting their respective website

EVA Air Cancelled Flight

Are there EVA Air Cancelled flights today? Cancelled flights are an inconvenience to all the passengers and airlines try to make up for it in best possible ways. It often hampers with passengers schedule. Airlines have Cancelled flight policies to deal with these situations. EVA AIR too has a compensation policy to compensate their passengers for the trouble caused. So If you have a cancelled flight with EVA Air then here is what you need to know.

Under Eva Air Cancelled flights policy you get a compensation by Eva Air under EC261 Law ,If the airline informs you in 14 days of flight departure date,€600 (approx $700)

You are not eligible for this compensation in case Flight cancellation is due to bad weather, medical emergencies or a disruptive event disrupting the airport.

Incase airline is able to provide you an alternative flight that lands at the same time as your flight, then no compensation is given by EVA Air.

Law EC261 is applicable for flights departing EU airports only.

EVA Air Refund Policy

Getting a refund from airlines becomes hectic if you are unaware of the hows and ifs of their policies.Every airline has a set of refund policy they follow to help their travellers.If you are wondering what EVA Air Refund policy is then look no more.

Points to consider:

  • IF a passenger booked their EVA Air flight online on the EVA Air website,then refund is eligible after the request is made.
  • Its recommendable to book a refundable ticket that can be easily made changes to if required that includes refund ,cancel or change of destination
  • Passengers can cancel their EVA flight by the points earned before by them from previous bookings and refund is issued based on the EVA Air refund policy.
  • It’s recommended to  choose a good airline service while booking which can help to pick a refundable ticket that makes it easy to make changes to your ticket easily.
  • If passengers can give EVA Air the right reason for their cancellation of flights and are able to submit documents in support of it, then they can get a refund under the EVA Air Refund Policy.

Eligibility for Refund by EVA Air

After going through the EVA Airline refund policy,once you check for the amount you are eligible to get the refund for, you can get it if you fall under any of the following points mentioned below, if:

  • A passenger cancels their EVA Air Flight at least 60 days prior to departure date.
  • A passenger cancels their EVA Air Flight within 24 hours or  as long as it departs at least 7 days later.
  • EVA Air cancels EVA AIR flight itself
  • Your Eva Air flight  is delayed by at least 2 hours.
  • Your EVA Air flight is rescheduled and you are not comfortable with the new flight schedule..
  • EVA Air cancellation happens due to an emergency provided they can submit related  documents in support of their emergency to the Airline

Making a refund request with EVA AIR

In order to make a refund request to EVA AIR, your request has to go through the EVA AIR flight cancellation policy, and if you qualify for a refund then you can select the refund option once it becomes eligible. When you cancel your EVA air flight due to emergency then you might get an opportunity to get a refund from EVA AIR under EVA Air Refund policy if you give reasons for flight cancellations and documents to support your claim to the airline. If you cancel your EVA Air flight by using your flight points then a refund is provided smoothly. Domestic flyers can cancel their EVA Air flight within 24 hours of booking and initiate a refund request immediately.

Time taken by EVA Air for refunds

Refunds are a hassle and worrying about getting your money back can be stressful. So if you find yourself  wondering how long will it take for your money to get wired back to your account when EVA Air cancelled flight happens? Then this article will give you some insight on this. Every airline has a set time period for their refunds they issue back to their travellers flying with them. EVA Air refund takes around 7 to 14 days working days to refund travelers.if you request for cash and cheque payments you get it in 20 working days and 7 days for card payments.

For more queries you can always reach EVA Air at their customer number to give exact time periods and exact EVA Air refund amounts that you are eligible for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – EVA Air Flight Cancellation Policy

How to cancel your EVA air flight?

As per EVA Air cancellation policy you can cancel your EVA AIR Flight by many ways such as by visiting their website online, By calling EVA Air customer care number, at the EVA AIR airport counter or by visiting the physical or traveller agent office you made bookings at.

Does Eva Air have a 24 hour cancellation policy?

Yes, EVA Airline has a 24 hour cancellation. If you booked your ticket and a reservation through the EVA AIR official website or EVA Air reservation/ ticketing office for EVA flights to/from USA one week (168 hours) or more prior to your flight’s departure date then EVA Air gives a cancellation and full refund.

How to get a refund in Eva air?

After going through cancellation policy If you are eligible for an refund you can get it by filling an online form through the website or by calling their customer care number.

How much does it cost to cancel a flight with EVA Air?

As per EVA Air Cancellation policy, it allows cancellation of tickets and provides a full refund if you do it within 24 hours of your EVA Air flight purchase. However if you are cancelling domestic flight, there is a cancellation charge of 50$ and for travellers cancelling international flight ,cancellation charge is 100$.

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