Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy – The Hassle-Free Cancellation Guide

Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy

The Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy is the set of rules Delta Airlines mapped out to help you. Delta Airlines is one of the oldest airlines still serving passengers worldwide. So they have been in the game for a long and, with the changing times, have adapted to the needs of travelers. So they have mapped out well-thought policies to cover any query a passenger might have while traveling with them. 

One such policy is Delta Flight Cancellation Policy, which covers all your flight canceling doubts. Everything is covered in the policy, from requesting a canceled flight to the fee charged to getting your money back. This blog has information in more straightforward terms to help you make the most of this policy.

What Does Delta Cancellation Policy Offers?

Seeking a cancellation with an Airline could be for several reasons. Sometimes personal and sometimes airlines cancel your flight as well. No matter what your reason is for requesting Delta Flight Cancellations, here you will find what your next step should be. The airline offers you a cancellation policy for this very reason. Based on the fare type you booked your reservation in Delta Airlines with your cancellation fee charged varies. The information below will help you understand your fare type before you seek a cancel flight request with Delta Airlines.

Non-Refundable Delta Airlines Flight Ticket

If you have a non-refundable ticket and want to cancel it, then read ahead. In some cases, canceling a non-refundable Delta ticket cancellation charge is deducted from the cost of your flight. The remaining amount of your ticket is converted into credits, which can be used in future bookings. For non-refundable tickets, you can reschedule them without losing any fare value within a year of the original booking date. 

Refundable Delta Airlines Flight Ticket

These Delta Flight tickets are easier to get a refund for. Make sure these tickets are bought with a check, credit card, and cash. Your flight ticket money will be refunded via the original payment method. 

Can I Cancel My Trip Protection Plan?

While booking, if you bought a trip protection plan, then canceling your ticket means this plan will also be canceled. If you wish to receive the total amount back, then you have to cancel your tickets within 15 days of purchasing this plan. Remember that this will be applicable if you have not filed a claim.

Delta Airlines Cancellation Fee

The fee an airline charges when a flight ticket is canceled is termed a cancelation fee. The Delta cancellation fee charged by Delta Airlines is based on your fare type and specific conditions.

Delta Airlines cancel flight fee charged has an exception for these tickets. So take a look before you cancel your request. No Cancelation fee is charged for Delta tickets that are:

  • Main Cabin and above Delta tickets for destinations within the U.S., Puerto Rico, and USVI.
  • Basic Economy tickets are excluded.
  • Main Cabin and above Delta tickets for routes from the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, or the Caribbean to anywhere in the world.

If your ticket is not on the list above, then your Delta flight ticket is applicable for a cancellation fee. The fee charged starts from $99 and ranges above based on your fare type. The remaining amount of your ticket money will be returned to you as credits.

Delta 24 Hour Cancellation Policy | The Risk-Free Cancellation Window

If you bought your Delta Flight tickets from the main sources, meaning from the Delta Fly App or Delta Website. It gives you the Delta 24-hour cancellation window, meaning no fee is deducted if you wish to cancel your flight. Any Delta flight canceled right after booking it within the 24-hour window will be canceled with no cancelation fee charged. And your full ticket fee money will be reverted back to you. 

The exception to this policy is tickets bought from third-party sources, paper tickets, or partially flown reissued tickets. Also, if you have a Sky Mile Award ticket, then you call Delta Reservations to request canceling your ticket. If you bought your Delta ticket with cash over the call, then your reservation will be on hold for 24 hours. You need to visit an office within 24 hours to confirm your booking or your reservation will be cancelled. These Delta Airlines flight tickets are not eligible for 24-hour cancellations.

Delta Airlines Refund Policy

Delta Refund Policy has answers to your refund-related questions. The airline has summed up all their conditions and exceptions while making a refund request. Here is the list of points that will help you understand the refund policy better. 

  • If Delta cancels your flight or you face a delay of more than 2 hours, then a new reservation will be made for you.
  • Or your Delta Flight ticket will be converted into eCredit for future travel.
  • If you have already canceled your flight and want your money back via the original payment method. Then you have to fill Delta Refund Form.
  • Delta Flight Tickets that are converted to credits will appear in your account on
  • Delta tickets that are paid for by cash or a check will be refunded in the form of a check. 
  • To the person whose name appears on the ticket within 20 days of Delta’s receiving your refund request.
  • If your Delta Airlines flight ticket was bought using a credit card, then it will be refunded to the original form of payment. Within 7 business days of Delta receiving your refund request. 
  • As per Delta Airlines refund policy, once your refunds get processed, it may take up to two billing cycles for them to appear on your card statement.

Flight Cancellation Compensation

If you face certain expenses in case a delay is caused by Delta Airlines or due to a canceled flight. That happened due to a fault on the airline’s end. Then Delta will reimburse travelers. You can submit a request, and the airline will update you on the status of our request.

There are certain exceptions to requesting Delta Flight cancellation compensation. They are mentioned below to give you a better idea of the scenarios in which you cannot seek reimbursements.

  • Weather Delays
  • Delayed baggage expenses
  • Air traffic control delays
  • Child or pet care
  • Ticket costs for missed connections on other airlines
  • Hotel expenses for stays outside of the city of disruption
  • Alternative transportation to your final destination
  • Prepaid expenses
  • Lost wages,
  • And Delta Sky Club or other lounge fees

How Can I Cancel My Delta Airlines Flight?

If you are wondering about the different ways with which you can request Delta flight cancellations. Then here is your answer. Delta Airlines offers online and offline methods to help you make the desired cancellations. This content will help you pick the method that makes the most sense to you while canceling your flight. Below mentioned in detail are how you can achieve delta cancellations.

Flight Cancellations Via Official Delta Website

The most commonly used way for Delta Flight Cancellations is by visiting the official website. It is the most loved method as it gives you the freedom to make any desired changes to your reservation from the comfort of being anywhere. The steps mentioned below will help you cancel your reservation with Delta Airlines.

  • Visit the Delta Airlines official website online on your device.
  • Now enter your credentials and login.
  • A window opens up, go to My Trips window.
  • A list of your flight bookings with Delta Airlines will appear.
  • Choose the one you wish to cancel.
  • If needed, you will be notified of the cancelation fee charged.
  • Now click on submit. 
  • You will also be notified via mail of successful flight cancelation.

If you are eligible for a refund, then you can check your delta refund status via this means as well.

Cancel A Flight With Fly Delta App

This method is convenient as you cancel your flight just at your fingertips from the comfort of being at home. The Delta Airlines application is available on both platforms, IOS and Android. The first step to cancel a Delta flight is to download the application for your device. Then open the Delta App and log in using your name and ticket number. Now a window will open, select My Trips. A list of your bookings will open up; choose the flight you wish to cancel. If needed, pay a cancellation fee and click on submit. You will get a notification regarding the cancelation of your flight by the airline on your mail or mobile device.

Flight Cancellations At The Airport Counter

Check Delta Airlines Flight Cancel Status at Airport

You can also visit an airport counter of Delta Airlines and request the staff present to assist you cancel your reservation. Bring your passport and ticket details with you when you visit the airport counter. It will help the staff to identify you and help you faster. Once done the airport staff will inform you of the successful Delta Flight Cancellations done. And notify you via mail as well. If you are eligible for refunds, knowledge about the same will also be shared.

Cancel A Flight By Calling Airlines Customer Line

If visiting the airport or going to an airline office is not possible for you. Then, you can cancel your reservations with Delta Airlines by calling the customer care line of Delta Airlines. You will be assisted over the call by a trained professional to help you with your requested query. Before you call the airline, it is advised to be ready with your paperwork. It will help identify you in the records faster, and the whole process will become easier. You will be informed if you have changed any cancellation fee or are eligible for refunds. The airline staff notify you of the successful changes, and while on the call, you can seek help with any further queries you have.

All the information mentioned here is related to the Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation policy. Any information you need about the policy is covered here in simple terms to give you an insight into the policy. You can use this information and make the needed changes to your reservations accordingly. Safe Travels!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you cancel Delta flight within 24 hours and get your full ticket money back?

Yes, Delta offers a 24-hour cancellation policy to travelers, which applies to tickets bought from either the official Delta website or the Delta Fly App.

How to cancel a Delta flight online and Check for refund eligibility?

You can follow any of the above-mentioned ways to seek flight cancellation with Delta Airlines. And if you are eligible, then you can make a delta refund request.

Can you cancel a Delta flight at the airport counter?

Yes, canceling your Delta Flight is allowed at the airport counter. Just bring all the required documents that the airline staff will need.

I recently canceled by Delta Flight. How can I check the status of my refund?

If you wish to check the status of your Delta refund request, you can do it by either calling the airline customer care or online by logging in on Delta’s official website.

How much is the Delta cancellation fee charged by the airline?

The cancellation fee charged could be $99 and onwards based on your fare type and condition. 

What happens to my flight if Delta Airlines cancels it? What options do I get as a passenger?

For canceled Delta flights, the airline will immediately look for an alternate flight for the passenger and book it. You have to right to deny this reservation if you do not wish to fly anymore. The airline will process either refunds or credits based on your ticket type.

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