Delta Airlines Pet Policy – The Travel Guide For Your Furry Friend

Delta Airlines Pet Policy

The Policy is crafted by the airline to make the journey of your pet and service animals a comfortable one. Just like we have a list of travel policies by the airline to help us navigate our air travel hassle-free. This Delta Airlines pet policy is to help us understand all the rules and regulations laid out by Delta Airlines to make the journey of our pets safe.

All the information needed such as travel documents, crate safety, and temperature regulations that ensure the safety of your pet, are discussed in this policy. Delta Airlines understands the importance of keeping our pets safe. This blog will help you get an insight into the dos and don’ts of the pet policy laid out by Delta Airlines.

What Does Delta Airlines Pet Policy Offer?

Check Delta Airlines Pet Travel Policy at Airport

There are times when we can’t leave our funny friends behind and when we have to air travel with them. We have to adhere to air travel rules that is when the Pet policy comes in handy. Delta understands that you need to fly with a service animal or your pet. So, they offer pet travel services to make the journey easy for your furry friend. You can fly your pets in either cargo or in the passenger cabin. Only active military dogs can fly in the baggage compartment. In case your flight gets canceled or there are some weather disturbances, then the airline has the right to refuse pet travel. Below discussed are the various pet travel services offered by Delta Airlines. To make it easier for you to get an idea about them.

Pets Flying In Delta Cabin | As Carry-On

If your pet is small, they travel with Delta Airlines in the passenger cabin. Delta allows small animals like dogs, cats, and household birds to travel in the passenger cabin. Pets travel in a one-way cabin. Delta offers pet travel reservations on a first come, first serve basis. So, you need to call the airline and make reservations for your pet as soon as your bookings are done. Also, keep in mind if you are traveling with a service dog then you cannot carry a pet in the cabin. Your pet carrier is counted as a carry-on by Delta Airlines. So, along with it, you get to bring a personal item on board.

A few things to remember when booking a seat with your pets in the cabin are mentioned here. This will help you and make your journey with your pet pleasant.

  • For the entire journey, your pet needs to be inside the soft-sided carrier.
  • The pet carrier must be under the seat directly in front of you for the entire journey.
  • 8 weeks old and above pets are allowed for domestic travels.
  • If traveling to the USA from other countries, then your pet needs to be 16 weeks old and above.
  • If traveling to the European Union, then the pet needs to be 15 weeks old and above.
  • Only one pet per carrier is permitted by the Delta pet policy.

There is an exception to the last rule if two pets of the same size and breed can fit inside the carrier. The pet fee will be charged as a single pet fee as there is a single carrier. The age limit needs to be 8 weeks to 6 months for two pets in the carrier. A pet and their litter are also accepted in the same carrier as long as they fit comfortably inside.

There is an exception for pets to be allowed to travel in the cabin in terms of destination except for service dogs. These destinations are Hong Kong, Iceland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia, Barbados, Brazil/Colombia, Dubai, Hawaii and United Arab Emirates.

Delta Flight In Cabin Pet Carrier Requirements

Once bookings are made, check the aircraft’s dimensions to ensure that your pet carrier can fit under the seats. Delta recommends a soft-sided carrier with a dimension of 18*11*11, as this size fits most aircraft. Make sure that the pet stays inside and is able to move freely without sticking out of the carrier. For domestic travel, ventilation openings need to be on 3 sides, and on 4 sides for international travel. 

Pet Check-in At Airport

At the airport, you need to visit the special service counter with your pet. A Delta airline agent will check the conditions of your pet and the carrier. The pet travel fee will be collected, and a cabin pet tag will be attached to the carrier. Once check-in you need to visit the security counter with your pet. Once the security check is done, your pet has to stay inside the carrier unless to use the pet relief area. If you visit Delta Sky Club, keep in mind the rule is the same that your pet stays inside the carrier.

Delta Pet In Cabin Fee

The Delta Pet Fee the airline charges depends on the destination and is a one-way fee. The information below will give you insight into the Delta Airlines pet fee charged by the Airlines. 

  • For international flights, the pet fee is $200.
  • If flying to or from Brazil pet fee of $75 is charged.
  • If flying to and from the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S Virgin Islands pet fee of $95 is charged.

Military Pets With Delta Airlines – Flying As Checked Baggage

The only pets that travel as checked baggage with Delta Airlines are active US Military or State Department offices with active duty partners with active transfer orders. There is a pet travel fee for checked baggage transfers by the airline. You need to make reservations 48 hours before arrival, and the fee charge is based on the destination. The pet travel fee is $150 if traveling from and to Brazil. For flights to and from Canada $200 pet fee is charged. Traveling to and from the US, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico the checked baggage fee is $200.

As checked baggage, the airline allows two pet crates per passenger. The animals that are accepted in the baggage compartment are Cats, Dogs, Housebirds, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, and Hamsters. The exception lies with snub nose cat and dog breeds. Delta Airlines has the right to reject boarding to any live animal if weather conditions are unfavorable. Pets are not accepted as checked baggage or Cargo on the 767, A330- 200 Delta Airlines aircraft. You can refer to the official Delta website for any information needed to check the pet travel related restrictions.

Delta Pet Cargo Service

For larger breeds, Delta Airlines offers a Pet Cargo Service. Do not worry about the safety of your pets in cargo, as they are provided with a safe and reliable environment for traveling. There are certain things to remember when booking a cargo flight for your pet. These points will help you understand them in a better way:

  • While booking a separate flight for cargo services, you need to make the booking by calling Delta Airlines services.
  • You cannot make reservations for your pet in Delta cargo until there are 14 days to your flight departure.
  • Delta Airlines does not guarantee that you and your pet will get the same flight or flight schedule as you.
  • Pets must be picked up and dropped off at the Delta cargo location. 
  • You must be at the location 4 hours before your flight for domestic travel. And 6 hours for international travel.
  • Pet check time for Delta domestic flights is 2.5 hours and 4 hours for international flights.

Requirements to fly pet in Cargo

There are certain factors in which your animals and their carts need to comply to fly in Delta Cargo. These are mentioned below:

  • Your pet’s carts or containers need to comply with the IATA-LAR regulations.
  • A health certificate deeming your pet fit is a must. The certificate needs to be issued ten days before your pet’s travel.

For more clarity, you can check out the official Delta page to refer to the cargo requirements for pet travel.

Service Animals Flying With Delta Airlines

When flying with a service animal, Delta understands how important they are for you. So, with their pet policy, they have made it easier for you as a traveler to travel with them. Delta Airlines accepts dogs only as service animals. The condition is that your service animal needs to be trained, and you have to submit DOT forms. Keep in mind that Emotional Animals are not considered service animals. They will be carried as pets by Delta Airlines.

While on board, your Service Dog must be seated under your seat or on your lap. Service animals and their travel-related items travel for free. You must submit the travel form indicating that your service dog is vaccinated. Delta Airlines can reject boarding if they find your service dog behaving aggressively. You can travel with two service animals as per the pet policy of Delta Airlines.

This content is centric on Delta Airlines pet policy. All the information you will need while planning a comfortable ride for your pet with Delta Airlines is mentioned here. This will help you in making informed future travel plans with the airline. Safe Travels!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am booking a flight with Delta Airlines to travel with my Service Animals. Does the airline allow you to travel with multiple service animals?

As per the Delta Airline Pet Policy, you can only travel with two service dogs.

At the airport, are pet relief areas available when traveling with Delta Airlines?

Yes, pet relief areas are available at the airport to prepare your pet for their air travel journey.

I am traveling with Delta Airlines with my pet this weekend. Can my pet travel in the baggage compartment with Delta Airlines?

As per the Delta Pet Policy, your pet cannot travel in the baggage compartment. Only Military active duty animals are allowed to travel in the baggage compartment.

I am making reservations with Delta Airlines and traveling with my pets. Can you tell me about the pet travel services that Delta offers?

Delta offers to travel your pets in the cabin and cargo as per their pet policy.

What documents are needed for a pet to travel in the Delta Cargo facility? 

For pet travel, the documents needed are a health certificate, a Pet passport, and a vaccine report to fly with Delta.

How can I make reservations for my pet to travel with me on Delta Flight?

You can add pet travel while making reservations or by calling Delta Airlines reservation lines later. The Delta Staff will assist you accordingly.

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