JetBlue Pet Policy – A Travel Petiquette Guide For Your Fur Ball By JetBlue 

JetBlue Pet Policy

Most airlines have flexible and strict policies regarding flying/traveling with a pet. JetBlue pet policy is a simple-to-point guidebook for flyers planning trips with their pets. JetBlue does its best to offer your fur balls a pleasant flying experience with them.

Jetblue Airlines pet policy also dictates whether service dogs can travel with the owner on the flight. Before flying with their pets on a Jetblue flight, everything a flyer needs to know is available here. This blog offers a clear outlook on preparing for a JetBlue flight with pets.

What Does JetBlue Pet Travel Policy Offers? An Overview

 Does JetBlue allow pets? This question is the first thing that comes to mind when preparing for a trip with your fur ball. If you had or are having the same thought, here is your answer. Yes! Jetblue does offer travel to pets that are flying with them. Read the rules/highlights of the JetBlue Pets policy:

  • The Jetblue pet fee that flyers pay for their pet is nonrefundable.
  • JetBlue advises booking reservations for pets as soon as possible, as a limited number of pets( six) can fly on board.
  • Vaccinated Pets entering the US traveling/commuting from high-risk countries or rabies must travel through the JFK Airport.
  • 16-week-old rabies vaccinated (1 month before air travel) Puppies can enter the US per the JetBlue airlines pet policy.
  • Pets cannot fly with their owners in the Mint Class.
  • Minors flying with JetBlue As Unaccompanied Minors cannot travel with pets.
  • Flyers can bring one pet with them, with a few exceptions.
  • If the flyer brings another pet, they must pay the Jetblue pet fee.
  • The pet fee is $125 for each pet one way, and it is up to $250 for a round-trip with JetBlue.
  • If flyers cancel their JetBlue flights, the pet fee becomes credits available for up to a year.
  • Loyalty members of JetBlue traveling with pets earn/make up to 300 points per segment when they add pets to their booking.
  • Carriers are considered carry-on items by JetBlue Airlines. 
  • Flyers with Blue Basic tickets do not get complimentary carry-on, so they can only bring their pets and a personal item(bag/purse/laptop).
  • Flyers on Jetblue flying with pets can not bring their pets to destinations like Trinidad and Tobago, the U.K., or Europe.
  • Paperwork requirements vary at different destinations, so the flyer must travel with and carry all the applicable documents before catching a flight with their pets.
  • On codeshare/interline booking reservations, pets are not allowed.

What documents do you carry for pet travel with Jet Blue?

JetBlue Pet In Cabin Policy

Check JetBlue Pet Travel Policy

JetBlue only allows pets to travel in the cabin per the JetBlue pet policy. This option is the only way your pets can travel with the airline. However, there are a few things that flyers have to keep in mind before they are on Jetblue flying with pets. Here are the highlights of the policy:

  • Only small animals like cats and dogs are allowed on JetBlue flights, per the Jetblue Pet in Cabin policy.
  • The Jetblue pet carrier and pet can weigh up to 20 pounds.
  • Pets must be on the floor at all times unless they are small and can fit in their owner’s lap without any part of their body touching or hanging out.
  • The Jetblue pet carrier must be at most the dimensions/measurements specified and must fit under the seat before the Flyer. 

When bringing a carrier on board, flyers can check the requirements and accepted dimensions of the Jetblue pet carrier on the airline website. This information will help you choose the right Jetblue pet carrier size and avoid the chances of missing your flight if the pet carrier doesn’t fit.

How To Prepare Your Pets For Traveling?

JetBlue understands how special your little fur balls are to you, and to ensure that their time on board is comfortable, a few things need to be taken care of. Going through certain things, like a checklist, is essential before putting your pet on their flight as JetBlue pets.

  • Ensure you have all the documents indicating your pet got all the vaccine shots before heading to the airport.
  • Keep all the pets’ ID tags safe.
  • Bring the Pet travel license/passport.
  • The Jetblue pet carrier you have with you must be approved and within the dimensions that will fit under the seat ahead of you.
  • Bringing pet toys is a good option as their ears can sometimes pop, too, so having something too much on will help.
  • To help your furball sleep, try bringing their favorite toy with your smell.
  • Give your furball a little intense workout before their journey so that they can sleep during it.

How To Book Pets With JetBlue?

 When flyers are planning to fly and want to add their furballs to their reservation, they can do that in many ways. JetBlue travel with pets is easy; you can call the airline reservation line and ask the representative to add your pet to your reservation.

Alternatively, the best way to add pets to your reservation is by making a reservation online with the airline website or mobile application. If the reservation is already booked, flyers can add their pets as JetBlue pets later by checking the reservation information afterwards. 

Service Animals On Jetblue Flights

Service Animals are guide/medical alert dogs trained and certified to perform tasks to benefit a disabled person. Dogstakes preference as service animals on Jetblue flights. There are certain rules to remember when traveling with a guide/service dog, and the rules are listed here:

  • Only disciplined and trained service/guide dogs can fly with JetBlue as per the pet policy.
  • Service/guide dogs must be calm, harnessed, and good at always following the instructions given by the handler.
  • At the airport, a behavior assessment of the service/guide dog takes place for the security of other passengers.
  • Flyers must notify JetBlue 48 hours before flying with a service dog. 
  • If Flyers book a JetBlue flight that leaves in 48 hours, then Flyers must fill out the pet/aminal transportation form at the airport.
  • Approval by the animal center is required when traveling to London airports Heathrow and Gatwick.
  • Service dogs undergoing training can not travel with JetBlue.
  • Larger Service dogs can only fly on the JetBlue flight if they fit perfectly between both the legs of the seat.
  • Service dogs can travel with their owner in the JetBlue Mint Class per the pet policy.
  • Flyers in Mint class cannot use the lie-flat feature as they have to adjust their large service/guide dogs on the floor.

Freaquently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have wanted to book a flight with my cat on Jetblue. Does JetBlue allow pets?

Yes! Per the JetBlue pet policy in cabin, Flyers on JetBlue traveling with pets can fly with their pets in the passenger cabin.

How do I add a pet to my Jetblue flight?

Adding pets to your Jetblue reservations is accessible by calling the reservation line or online via the official website.

Does Jetblue allow pets in cabin, as I am planning a trip with my dog next month?

Yes! Jetblue airline pet policy states that pets can travel with the airline in the cabin.

How much is the JetBlue pet fee charged by the airline for one way?

JetBlue pet travel fee charged by the airline is $125 for one way.

Is there a JetBlue pet cargo facility to transport big animals/pets?

No! JetBlue Pets policy does not offer a pet travel option to fly in the cargo facility.

Does JetBlue allow pets to travel in the baggage compartment?

No! Pets cannot travel in the baggage compartment with the airline.

Can my minor traveling with Jetblue travel with a pet?

No! Jetblue Airlines pet policy says that minors traveling alone can’t fly with their pets with the airline.

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