Lot Polish Airlines Upgrade – How To Upgrade Seat?

LOT Polish Airlines Upgrade

Looking for a way to enjoy the services of a business class air travel at the price of economy? Then Lot Polish Airlines Upgrade is for you. The Lot airline offers its passengers a way they can enjoy the benefits and perks of the services at the airport and on board for a premium class in the money they paid for economy class. Its the best feeling to win an upgrade and Lot makes it even sweeter for its passengers. So your air travel with Lot is filled with fun times and memorable moments.

What does Lot Polish Airlines upgrade offer?

Check LOT Polish Airlines Seat Upgrade Status

The Lot airline offers upgrades to its passengers by notifying them if there is an availability on the route. Additionally passengers can always upgrade themselves if there is availability last minute at the airport counter or by calling the customer care line. There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to upgrade like what to do, what is offers and the route the offer might be available to you for. So if you wanna make sure you are eligible for one then read ahead.

  • In order to be qualified for an upgrade offer with Lot it is essential that your ticket was issued before 24 hours of your departure.
  • The upgrade offers are not provided for all the routes.
  • Additionally the number of available seats as per this offer are limited.
  • When in group bookings this offer is provided it is for each and every member in the booking.
  • Even when you get the upgrade keep in mind that the baggage allowance and fare condition of your original ticket type remains the same.
  • Lot Flight upgrades can also be made by using the miles.
  • Passengers who have Lot premium economy are given upgrade to business class for long haul flights.
  • Passengers who have a Lot economy ticket can apply for upgrade to premium economy for long haul flights and business class upgrade for short haul flights.

You can also check on the website (www.lot.com) via My Bookings and see if there is an upgrade link available next to your flight details and if you do then fill in the details and submit the offer. The airline will update you once they receive your offer.

Short Haul Flights Lot Flight Upgrade

When you win an lot polish airlines upgrade to business class with the airline for your short haul flight you get access to certain business class services which makes your experience of air travel sweet. If you get lot polish airlines business class upgrade then you services like fast track security check, priority boarding and access to check-in counters for business class. Additionally access to business class lounge service ,a dedicated customer care line and a priority counter at Lot transfer center also opens up. Passengers also get access to special meals and requested meals along with alcohol with business class upgrade.

Long Haul flights Lot Flight Upgrade

Benefits of upgrade won for long haul flights are mentioned here. These services are provided due to the upgrade to premium economy for long haul flights. The service offers priority boarding, special Check-in counters, access to business lounges on the departure airport.

Special meals and inflight entertainment offered makes the upgrade even sweeter. So you enjoy your Lot flight in comfort. Benefits offered to passengers who got upgrade to business class for long haul flights are provided with welcome drinks on board plus the seat comfort along with the inflight entertainment with special meals and wine collection. Along with the onboard service passengers are also provided with services at the departure airport. All in all your journey with Lot becomes more luxurious with these upgrades.

Routes where Lot Upgrade is Offered 

For now the routes where you might end up getting an upgrade bid eligibility are mentioned here. Be it short haul flights or long haul flights the destinations are mentioned below. For Short haul flights the destinations are as follows between Warsaw and Beirut, between Tel Aviv and Lublin, Tel Aviv, Nur-Sultan and Dubai, Wroclaw, Cracow and for European routes as well that have 5 hours journey and for Long Haul flights the destinations are between Warsaw and Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Delhi, Colombo, Mumbai, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto and on direct flights between Krakow and Chicago, New York, and Rzeszow and New York between Budapest and New York.

Lot Polish Airlines Upgrade Automatic Service

When you log in to the official Lot airline website and check if your flight is eligible for Lot airline upgrade automatic service and find that no upgrade bid is available to you then there are other ways to get the upgrade. These are also applicable when you are unsuccessful in winning an upgrade with Lot Polish Airlines. Just remember that these are upgrades offered by the lot airline are subject to availability. These other upgrade options are as follows:

  • Lot customer Care: You can call the Lot Polish customer care line and request for an upgrade and the agent will assist you in getting the same. Keep in mind that the request via this method has to be made 72 hours before departure.
  • At Airport Check-in: Furthermore the passengers can request for lot polish airlines seat upgrade by visiting the airport counter of Lot Polish Airlines. This has to be done 5 hours before scheduled departure if you wish to request for an upgrade at the airport counter.

How to upgrade Lot Polish Airlines?

If you find yourself wondering about how to apply for upgrade to business class then you are at the right place.

  • For any passenger flying with Lot Polish it is essential to wait as the bid upgrade offer is provided by the Lot airline. This can be done online as well by checking your bookings and making sure you are eligible for an upgrade bid offer on the website.
  • Additionally The passenger is notified via mail to inform them of the upgrade bid offer available to them.
  • Once you get the link you need to click on it and enter your details and the amount to upgrade your seat to the option available to you. Keep in mind you are allowed to make bid offers 24 hours before your Lot flight departure.
  • Once you have made your offer for the bid upgrade then you need to mention your card details.The airline won’t be charging your card right away it will only be charged if your upgrade Lot Polish Airlines offer is accepted by the airline and that is one way you will find out about the bid acceptance.
  • So once done the airline will notify you via email of the offer submitted. If you wish to make changes to your bid amount then you can do that by clicking on the link received in the mail.
  • You are allowed to cancel or modify your Lot Polish Airlines seat upgrade offer before 24 hours of booking or till the offer is accepted. If your upgrade bid is accepted then you will be notified by a mail before 23 hours of your flight departure.

This article is centric to the upgrade Lot Polish Airlines policy crafted by the airline. Lot polish airlines upgrade policy is in place to map out all the details and information a passenger will need while they are bidding for an upgrade or if they choose to buy an upgrade themselves. The services and comfort adds a sense of comfort to your air travel with Lot Polish Airlines. The Lot Polish Airlines is a passenger centric airline so it has a number of policies mapped out to help you and guide you in air travel such as pet travel for all the pet friendly passengers,passengers traveling with infants get one too and so does the children traveling alone.If you stumble upon the cancellation and refunds question you are covered as well.Need last minute flight changes or name changes the Lot airline has got you covered.So plan your trip Lot with a ease of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What class can I upgrade with miles on Lot Polish Airlines?

If you wish to use miles for Lot Flight upgrade then you can do that by upgrading to Lot Polish Airlines upgrade to premium economy and business class as well.

How does Lot Polish Airlines seat upgrade work?

Lot polish airlines seat upgrade if available on select flights it is notified to the passenger and the bid service opens up for the passenger to bid on.

What benefits do I get with Lot Upgrade?

The benefits offered are the ones you get based on the class you get upgraded to be it business class or premium economy. 

What happens when my Lot Polish flight gets canceled and I win an upgrade for it?

In such cases where you win an upgrade and your flight gets canceled then your bid amount is transferred back to your credit card and a different flight is rebooked at the initial flight booking price.

Does winning an upgrade means my baggage policy is also changed?

No even if you win an upgrade it does not change your baggage policy. It remains the same that you got with your initial fare type.

Is the Lot polish airlines seat upgrade transferable?

No the Lot polish upgrade is neither transferable nor refundable once the offer is accepted.

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