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LOT Polish Airlines Cancellation Policy

Last minute changes can make our travel plans go haywire. Last minute flight changes make us change our schedule. Lot Polish Airlines cancellation policy is in place by Lot Polish Airlines thoughtfully curated to help all the passengers flying with them that are facing flight cancellation issues at hand. This article focuses on the cancellation policy, the fee charged and the cancelled fight policies created by the Lot Polish Airlines. So passengers can now make plans with Lot Polish Airlines with a free mind and not worry about the how’s and what’s of the cancellation policy.

When is Lot Polish Cancellation Policy needed?

If you find yourself wondering about what to do when Lot Polish Airlines cancel their flights? Will I get the funds credited back to me? How Can I go ahead with the flight cancellation? What different methods are available to cancel my Lot Polish Airlines flight? Then read ahead. All the concerns a passenger can face while requesting flight cancellation, or seeking refund with the Lot Polish Airlines is all covered here. This lot polish airlines flight cancellations policy is in state to make it easy for passengers to ahead with what to do and how to do it. Here in detail mentioned below are all that is listed in the cancellation policy offered by the Lot Polish Airlines to its passengers be it frequent flyers or new ones.

Few things to keep in mind regarding the Lot Polish Airlines flight cancellation policy are listed below:

  • Passengers are not eligible for receiving Lot polish airlines refund if they have a basic economy ticket and they have missed the 24 hour free cancellation window.
  • For passengers holding a non-refundable ticket, the airline charges a cancellation fee ranging from $200 to $500 for Lot Polish Airlines cancelled flights.
  • For non-refundable tickets funds are transferred back to the passenger in the form of credits that can be used in future to make new bookings.
  • If the flight is delayed for more than 3 hours then also the passengers can request flight cancellations free of charge.

Lot Polish Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Lot Polish Airlines have a policy named Procedure 24h which is also known as 24 hour cancellation policy. As per this cancellation policy, the airline allows the passengers travelling with them to cancel their flights within 24 hours of flight bookings. If passengers are successful in cancelling their flight bookings within 24 hours then they becomes eligible to get a full money back. As per the Lot Polish Airlines flight cancellations policy in spite of the ticket fares purchased if once opted for flight cancellation within 24 hours of bookings then passengers get there full money back. Few things to keep in mind to makes sure that you get your money back are as such:

  • Keep in mind that the ticket cancelled must be numbered 080 at the beginning.
  • To make sure you are eligible your flight tickets purchased must be from contact centre, travel agency and lot.com.
  • Make sure that requests for refunds are made within 24 hours of purchase but before 6 hours to your flight departure.

Passengers can request for Lot polish airlines cancellation fee via means of your mode of purchase.

Lot Polish Airlines Cancel Flight Policy

Are you wondering what happens when a Lot Polish airlines flight cancelled happens? For times when passengers come across cancelled flights by the airline, the airline offers them compensation. If the airline notifies passengers around 2 weeks from flight departure or flight cancellation, then they become eligible to receive compensation offered by the airline. The Compensation offered range from €250 to €600.Passengers who are travelling with Lot Polish airlines when faced with flight delays of 3 hours or more makes them eligible to claim compensation from the airline. The compensation fee offered by the airline depends on the length and distance of the flight delay. The lot polish airlines cancelled flight compensation amount offered ranges from €250 to €600 for short haul and long haul flights respectively. One thing to keep in mind is that if the flight delay happens due to extraordinary circumstances that are not under the control of the LOT Airline then they are not bound to offer financial compensation to the passengers. 

Below mentioned table states the Compensation fee offered by the Lot Polish Airlines when flight is delayed as per cancellation policy.

Duration of Flight DelayCompensation Fee Charged
3-6 hours$150
6-9 hours$300
9 plus hours$450

Below table shows the Lot Polish Airlines cancelled flight compensation fee offered by the Lot Polish Airlines when the Flight is rescheduled and it is arriving late at least 3 hours or more to the destination.

Destination Flight Arrival TimeCompensation Fee
3-6 hours$250
6-9 hours$400
9 plus hours$650

Lot Polish Airlines Cancellation Fee

When passengers request cancellation as per Lot Polish Airlines flight cancellation policy, the airline charges a fee based on the time period the passenger takes to initiate a request for the same.Below listed information helps in clarifying when it is best to apply for cancellation and how much fee will be deducted by the airline for the same.

  • If the passenger applies for the cancellation within 24 hours of bookings or if the purchase happened at least 7 days prior to flight departure then no fee is charged.
  • If the passenger applies in a time period of 60 days or more before departure then also no cancellation fee is charged.
  • If the passenger applies in a time period of 31 to 59 days prior to flight departure then a fee of $69 is charged.
  • If the passenger applies in a time period of 7 to 30 days prior to flight departure then a fee of $99 is charged.
  • If the passenger applies in a time period of 6 days to 1 hour prior to flight departure then a Lot Polish Airlines cancellation fee of $119 is charged.

How can I cancel my Lot Polish Airlines flight?

Check LOT Polish Airlines Cancelled flights Status

If you find yourself wondering things like how to cancel my Flight with Lot Polish Airlines? What methods can I do it with? Then read ahead. This article helps passengers get a better understanding of the ways they can go for Lot Polish Airlines cancel booking be it online ways or offline ways. Online ways include mobile app and via official Lot Polish Airlines website. Offline ways include at the airport or by the customer care line. Lot Polish Airlines have a bunch of trained professionals who are ready to assist passengers whenever they need help with lot polish airlines cancellation policy. Here all the ways to request and initiate cancellation are listed below.

Flight Cancellation via Official Lot Polish Airlines

 Passengers can go through the process of Lot Polish airlines cancel flight, online from the comfort of their device.Below mentioned steps will help you with the process:

  • Go to the official website www.lot.com
  • Now enter last name and PNR and click on Find.
  • Now go to My Bookings and find the flight you wish to cancel.
  • Click on cancel flight and now if applicable pay fee and select confirm.
  • You will be notified via mail of the change.

Flight Cancellation via Calling the customer care

Passengers that wish to apply for flight cancellation via customer care can do it by giving a call to Lot Polish Airlines on +48 22 577 77 55. The airline has a well versed staff that is trained to guide and provide assistance with any queries passengers have. It is advised to be handy with the details like your name and your booking reference number before calling the customer care line. It eases the work of the airlines staff member assisting you in order to identify you and look for all the right alternatives to offer you.

Flight Cancellation via Lot Airline Mobile App

Passengers also get to cancel their flight via finger tips using the mobile app of Lot Polish Airlines.Below mentioned steps can be followed to successfully do flight cancellations on your mobile device.

  • First you have to download the Lot Airline Mobile app.
  • Open it and click on My Bookings.
  • Enter your PNR number and last name and click on find.
  • Now a window pops up choose the flight you wish to cancel and 
  • Pay the fee applicable if needed
  • The Lot Airline will notify you of the cancellation.

Flight Cancellation at the Airport

Some passengers prefer the personal touch in things so they can visit the Lot Polish Airlines Airport counter and seek guidance for flight cancellation. The Lot Polish Airlines have a team of professionally trained personnel waiting at the airport counter to assist passengers. Just make sure when you arrive at the airport counter be ready with all the required paperwork to ease the process of seeking flight cancellations.

Lot Polish Airlines Refund Policy

Lot Polish Airlines refund policy states all the information that a passenger needs when eligible for a refund from the airline. So if you find yourself wondering if you are eligible for refunds? Do you get the full amount back? or Is there a fee charged then read ahead. In cases when your flight is cancelled by the airline, you need to fill the refund form and submit it to the airline. The ticket refund is initiated back to the passengers account the same way they paid for the ticket. Additionally there is always the option to exchange your ticket for vouchers that can be used within a time frame of two years to buy a new ticket. If you wish to get voucher for cancelled flight and you have applied for the same then the same gets issued to you within 14 days. If you made your refund request within 24 hours of booking then the entire money is refunded to you as per the refund policy. If you miss the window and then apply then the cancellation fee is applied based on the fare type and distance and remaining amount is eligible for refunds to the passenger.

This article focuses on the questions like cancellations, refund policy and fees charged by the Lot Polish Airlines. Passengers who are planning to travel with Lot Polish Airlines in future or are frequent travelers can do it with ease of mind due to all the policies the airline has in place. Be it last minute plans change or any personal reason that makes you cancel your flight with Lot Polish Airlines, it all becomes easy due to the policies in state such as pet travel. When cancels your flight they make sure to provide you a solution or a compensation which ever is preferable by the passenger. Be assured that the airline staff is well versed to assist you with your issues or concerns regarding cancellation policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Lot Polish Airlines give 24 hours to cancel?

Yes with Lot Polish Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy if passengers make cancellation within a window of 24 hours from original booking they can cancel their flights.

How to cancel a reservation on Lot Polish Airlines?

If you wish to opt for a lot polish airlines cancel ticket then it can be done online as well as offline.

How to cancel Lot Polish Airlines flight?

There are four ways offered by the Lot Polish Airlines cancel flight through the official Lot airline, via mobile app, by calling customer care and by visiting the airport counter.

How to request lot polish airlines ticket cancellation via calling customer care?

You can call +48 22 577 77 55 to reach customer care of Lot Polish Airlines and seek assistance.

Is Lot Polish Airlines cancelling flights? What can I do about it?

If Lot Airline cancels flight then that makes passengers eligible for receiving compensation from the airline.

What is the cancellation fee for delayed Lot Airline Flights?

For delayed flights the lot polish airlines cancellation fee ranges from 250 to 600 euros.

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