SAS Cancellation Policy – How to Cancel & Get Refund

SAS Airlines Cancellation Policy

Nowadays, SAS offers efficient and hassle-free services like flight cancellation and refund policy for booking flights or canceling reservations. Understanding the Sas cancellation policy can help to avoid unnecessary trouble or confusion when canceling a reservation due to illness, change of plans, or unforeseen circumstances. Canceling a flight ticket can be quite frustrating and time-consuming. It is an unpleasant task that no one enjoys, especially if you are unfamiliar with the airline’s cancellation policy. However, SAS or Scandinavian Airlines has made this process much easier for its passengers by providing a clear SAS ticket cancellation policy. So in this guide, we will briefly help you know everything about this policy.

Overview of SAS Airlines Cancellation Policy

You must follow the airline’s cancellation policy to cancel SAS flight tickets. Keeping this in mind will assist you with your booking cancellation.

  • SAS Airlines allows customers to cancel flights through their website or customer service in accordance with their Sas flight cancellation policy.
  • You can cancel your flight for free within a day of booking, thanks to the Sas 24 hour cancellation policy.
  • If you cancel your SAS flight a day after booking, you will be charged a cancellation fee.
  • SAS cancellation fees differ depending on travel destination and class.
  • You can contact SAS Airlines’ customer service anytime to learn about their Scandinavian Airlines refund policy.

SAS 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

SAS is an airline known for its excellent services and customer-friendly policies, and the airline has introduced a new 24-hour cancellation policy to cater to the needs of its passengers. This extensive policy is designed to provide flexibility and ease to travel enthusiasts who often make impulsive bookings.

Under this ultra-flexible cancellation policy, passengers can cancel their flights without paying any additional charges if they do so within 24 hours of booking. However, it’s important to note that this provision is not applicable to every ticket. Passengers who have purchased tickets under SAS Go Light or SAS Go Smart categories would not be eligible for any refunds even if they follow all the policies set by the airline.

Those who are eligible for refunds upon cancelling their flight within 24 hours of booking, they can get a full refund without any hassle. 

Process of SAS Airlines Cancellation Policy

Check SAS Airlines Cancelled Flight Status

After learning about the cancellation policy of SAS Airlines, let’s review the procedures for cancelling a SAS Airlines flight. The following information is necessary to SAS cancel flight.

SAS Online Cancellation

For online cancellation, you need to follow the below steps:

  • First, go to SAS Airlines official website.
  • To sign in, enter your login information and access your verified account.
  • To access your ticket information, go to the “My Trips” section and enter your details.
  • To cancel a flight with SAS Airlines, tap on the ticket and press the “cancel” icon. An email verification will be mailed to you.

SAS Airlines Offline Cancellation

If you prefer the offline method, then you have to follow the below process:

  • First, call SAS Airlines customer service at 1 (800) 221-2350 to begin the offline cancellation process.
  • Then, Listen to voice instructions carefully.
  • Click the key to connect with a live person as per on-call instructions.
  • After that, share your booking details with the live SAS representative.
  • To cancel a flight with Scandinavian Airlines, simply request the cancellation and await confirmation via email or notification.
  • With these cancellation procedures, you can easily cancel your flight without trouble.

Scandinavian Airlines Refund Policy

Below are the process of SAS airlines refund policy that you need to abide by:

  • SAS refund policy permits customers to request refunds through their website or customer service.
  • To receive a full refund from SAS Airlines, customers must request it within 24 hours of booking.
  • Also, SAS will not provide refunds for non-refundable flight tickets.
  • You can receive your refund within a week in your registered bank account.
  • To learn about SAS refund policy, contact their customer service phone number or visit their website.

Guidelines for SAS 24 Hour Refund Policy

Refund rules vary based on who cancels the trip – you or SAS. The following refund policy applies if you cancel a trip without SAS canceling the flight beforehand.


When canceling a trip, the amount refunded depends on the ticket rules. Refunds are based on whether they are fully refundable and may require a service fee. Regardless of ticket type, taxes will always be refunded to the original payment method used for purchase.

Note: If you cancel your trip, you will not receive a refund for service charges, cancellation fees or any additional travel extras such as pre-selected seats, meals or lounge access.

SAS Refundable Tickets

Customers can receive a full refund for their tickets if they cancel within 24 hours or have purchased specific types of tickets.

  • The SAS airline offers Go Pro and Plus Pro tickets for flights excluding those to/from China and Star Alliance bonus tickets that can be refunded if canceled at least 24 hours before the outbound departure. 
  • Valid points will be refunded but expired points will not, and no points for return trips on bonus tickets will be refunded once started.

Note: Fees for travel extras are not refundable unless the ticket is cancelled within 24 hours of purchase and falls under their money-back guarantee policy.

Refundable Fee Tickets

The following ticket types are eligible for SAS claim compensation for canceled flight:

  1. SAS, the Scandinavian airline, offers three classes of service: SAS Plus Smart, SAS Go Pro (only to/from China), and SAS Plus Pro (only to/from China).
  2. SAS Business Smart (excluding Canada and the US).
  3. SAS Business Pro (only for flights to and from China).
  4. SAS Bonus tickets will only refund valid points and not expired ones.

Non-Refundable Ticket

The SAS airline only refunds taxes and fees for certain types of tickets, including SAS Go Light, SAS Go Smart, SAS Business Smart (from Canada and the US), and SAS Youth tickets.

Process of Refund on Tickets Issued by SAS

Customers can do this online by entering their booking reference and last name or logging in, selecting the travellers and flights they want to be refunded, and clicking “Continue.” If unable to apply for a refund online, customers should contact SAS reimbursement customer service. In cases where SAS cancels the flight, customers can choose to rebook or claim a refund as either a SAS Travel Voucher or money back through My Bookings.

SAS Travel Voucher

SAS offers a travel voucher as an option for customers seeking a refund for cancelled flights. The voucher can be used for any SAS destination and is valid for one year from the date of issue, with any remaining amount being refundable after that time.

Flight booked through a travel agent 

To get a refund for a flight booked through a travel agent or online agency, contact the agent directly or fill out an online form.

Cancel due to visa rejection

If you are travelling to a country, it is your responsibility to have all the necessary documents required by law. If your visa gets rejected, SAS will only refund the fare paid for travel, except for China, where they require an official visa refusal copy uploaded to cancel the trip.

Cancel due to death in the family

If a death occurs in your immediate family, you can cancel your trip and   receive a refund by completing an online form.

How to Receive SAS 24 hour Refund?

It is best to get information regarding the Scandinavian Airlines refund policy before getting into the refund procedure of SAS. Here are some effective ways to apply for a refund quickly.

  • You can utilise SAS Airlines official site.
  • Scandinavian Airlines offers customer service to assist clients to obtain their refunds.

Hence, Follow these steps closely for a simple refund procedure.

By following these steps carefully for Sas cancelled flight refund, getting a refund for a SAS flight cancellation should no longer be overwhelming. So, this article offers guidance on how to cancel SAS flight and receive a refund. Note that time is crucial when requesting a refund from SAS; the sooner you initiate the process after the cancellation, the more likely everything will go smoothly.

In case your SAS Airlines flight is cancelled, it can be stressful. But by paying attention to each step of the process for obtaining a SAS cancelled flight refund, you can take control and get your money back. Hence, the SAS cancellation policy is very useful for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of SAS Cancellation & 24 Hour Refund Policy

Can I receive a refund under this policy?

Passengers can receive a full refund if they cancel their SAS flight within 24 hours of booking. Refunds are also available after this time, but the amount refunded decreases as the departure time approaches.

What’s the cancellation cost for a SAS flight?

SAS offers a 24-hour free cancellation window for their flights. SAS Airlines may charge SAS cancellation fees that negate the possibility of a refund for some tickets. Passengers should check if their tickets are refundable before booking.

What if SAS Airlines cancels my flight?

To get a refund or book another flight with SAS Airlines after a cancellation, contact customer service right away.

Can I get a refund from SAS at the airport?

You can get a refund from SAS Airlines by consulting the help desk at the airport. The process is simple, and an official will assist you in applying for a refund.

How to check if my SAS flying ticket is refundable?

To determine if your SAS flying ticket is refundable, contact SAS Airlines customer service or check the information during booking.

Where to get SAS flight cancellation compensation form?

You can get the SAS flight cancellation compensation form directly from their website. You just need to download and fill it out properly. After that you can send it on their mail or contact them directly.

Who can utilise SAS 24 hour cancellation policy feature?

SAS offers a 24-hour cancellation feature for travelers in certain fare classes, such as SAS GoPro and SAS Go Bonus. This allows them to cancel their flight on the same day of booking without penalty and receive a refund. However, this feature is not available for tickets in the SAS Go Light and SAS Go Smart fare classes.

Are SAS flights refundable?

Regardless of your ticket type, SAS flight tickets are completely refundable if canceled within 24 hours of purchase. You can claim the refund directly from their website or by calling their customer care.

How do I know if my SAS flight is canceled?

If the flight is discontinued due to bad weather or any other reason, the company will inform you via email or SMS on the basis of the contact details provided at the time of booking.

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