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Aegean Airlines Flight Change Policy

The Aegean Airlines flight change policy allows its passengers to change flights even 30 minutes before the flight departure with a small reissue fee involved. It costs 23€ for a single ticket on Aegean Airlines. Passengers can either go for the online or the offline mode for making desired changes. 

As per their, you can claim a free refund for involuntarily canceled tickets due to a schedule change of more than 1 hr from the original schedule. In this article, we will look at the different clauses mentioned in the flight change policy of the airlines. 

Aegean Airlines Flight Change Policy Overview

The passengers need to be clear about the Airline policies of whichever flight they are traveling with. Airlines with easy guidelines do earn some extra points among passengers. It does affect the popularity of that particular airline. A world-class airline like Aegean Airline is expected to have quite inclusive guidelines and they truly meet the expectations. 

There are specific factors that influence the Aegean Airlines change flight policy such as booking category, fare classes, destination, departure time, and the route of the flight. These same factors would apply to the cancellation and refund process of Aegean Airlines. Here is a brief account of information on Aegean Airlines’ change in flight guidelines. 

Refund in case of a change of flights

  • Depending on whether the passenger has purchased travel insurance the refund made would involve a nominal charge of 23€. This is the same for both domestic and international flights. 
  • Taxes are always refunded irrespective of anything. 

Specific Fares 

  • The charge for Aegean Airline change flight would vary depending on the kind of changes made. Like there are different guidelines for each change like date change, name change, flight or route change. For example, a small fare is mandatory in case of a name change in Aegean Airlines. 
  • Reissued ticket with the required changes is released right after the completion of the process. 

Aegean Airlines 24-hour risk-free Cancellation Policy

  • Aegean Airlines has a risk-free cancellation policy on ticket cancellation within 24 hours of the booking. A nominal fee will be involved otherwise. 

Mode of Aegean Airlines Change Flight

Check Aegean Airlines Flight Change Status

Aegean Airlines Flight change is quite an easy process. Here are some of the pointers passengers must remember while opting to make changes to their Aegean Airlines tickets. 

  • The process of Aegean Airlines changing flights would depend highly on the mode you preferred for booking the tickets. Suppose you choose the online medium to book tickets you’ll get the option to cancel the tickets online as well. Or, if or wish to make any change to the booked tickets, you can consider the online mode for that as well. 
  • If you have chosen the offline mode for booking the tickets right at the airport facility, you can check out the executive contact details to follow up for help in making desired Aegean Airlines ticket change. 

Aegean Airlines Flight Change Policy on Redemption tickets 

For redemption tickets from programs such as the Miles+Bonus program, €pistrofi Loyalty program, Bank of Cyprus Antamivi scheme, and Alpha Bonus scheme some special rules apply; 

  • The reissue charge would be the same for the redemption tickets as well which is €23. 
  • In case of a refund, a refund fee would be applied per ticket. The taxes involved per ticket is €23. Also, taxes are completely returned. 
  • For redemption tickets changes on the same category could be made only.

What is the Aegean Airlines Change fee amount? 

Now that we know how and on which condition can be accessed Aegean Airlines ticket change feature as per the Aegean Airline Flight change  Policy. Let’s now know about their flight change fee: 

  • The Aegean Airlines change fee is subject to change based on the day or time of departure, distance of the destination, and ticket class. The fare category is another factor that influences the change fee amount. 
  • The good part is that Aegean Airlines change tickets are given immediately to the passengers once the changes are made. 
  • Passengers are eligible to change their tickets free of cost within 24 hours of booking of flight. 
  • Both online and offline modes are open to make changes in the ticket with the same amount of nominal fee involved with no disparity so, you may choose as per your feasibility. 
  • You can get as many changes as you may want with as much time as you want in a single ticket with the amount being still the same. 
  • Again you need to pay a small Aegean Airlines change fee if the free-change window has been closed.
  • Your refund rights without the involvement of any fee would be protected only if you have a passenger purchase travel insurance. 
  • Aegean Airlines official website( can be visited in case you are still left with any queries regarding the change fee applications. 

Aegean Airlines Change my booking Process

For changing booking with Aegean Airlines one can either go for the offline method or the online method. 

Online method: 

  • For changing the bookings online visit the official website. 
  • It will take a nominal fee of €23 on any and every change made on the bookings. 
  • You might not incur the charges on Aegean Airlines change my booking if it is done within 24 hours of the booking time. 
  • With the use of your booking reference ID, you can manage your Aegean Airlines booking online. 

Offline method:

  • For Aegean Airlines change my booking through an offline method you can get in touch with either the airport desk or place a call at their help centre. 

Changing via My Booking can be done with ease. You can also consider checking out My Booking which is unanimously available on all online platforms of AEGEAN for changing reservations. 

  • For making a change in reservation My Booking fee is processed through the Aegean Airlines call centre helpline. 
  • If a ticket is used partially changes on such a kind of ticket could also be made through this digital channel. 
  • For changes in routes or Aegean Airlines Change Flight Destination re-routing also you can visit My Booking. 
  • The option to cancel the booking is also accessible on My Booking. 

Aegean Airlines Ticket Change Policy

How great it would be if you have the option to make amends in a booked flight ticket even 30 minutes before the time of departure. Yes, Aegean Airlines does allow their passengers with these facilities but with a very little fee involved. There are many other such guidelines of Aegean Airlines’ ticket change policy which we will look at now. 

  • The Aegean Airlines ticket change policy allows passengers to change tickets within a deadline of 30 minutes before departure. 
  • For free tickets change the modification needs to be made within 24 hours of booking of tickets. 
  • For changing the name, date, and time on the tickets a small fare is needed to be paid. 
  • Even if you had booked your tickets through a third party you are open to make changes through the official website. 

Aegean Airlines Change Flight Date Process 

In this section, we will discuss Aegean Airlines change flight date process. 

  • You are allowed to change the date on your booked tickets through the official website of Aegean Airlines. 
  • The deadline for Aegean Airlines’ change date is 30 minutes before the departure time with a small cost of 20 EURO. 
  • For changing the flight date online enter the “My booking” service on the Aegean Airlines website. 
  • For offline Aegean Airlines change date, you must contact the executive through their contact details present on the official site. 
  • To request a flight date change you need to enter your first and last name and Aegean flight confirmation number. Then enter the new flight details carefully. The website will automatically calculate the fare and end the process by paying for it. 

Aegean Airlines Change Flight Destination Process

In Aegean Airlines changing flight destinations on a booked ticket is not possible. Here is what you need to know about Aegean Airlines Change flight destination. 

  • This policy is not allowed as per the Aegean Airlines guidelines. 
  • Aegean Airlines changing flight destination affects the cost of rescheduling. 
  • Or making any change in the flight destination in Aegean Airlines once booked tickets taxes will be refunded in full on all tickets. 
  • To avail of a free faculty on destination change passengers must do this within 24 hours of the booking. 
  • For clear guidance on whether the departing destination can be changed or not contact the official page of Aegean Airlines. 
  • The deadline for changing a flight destination with Aegean Airlines is up to 30 minutes before the flight’s departure time.
  • The confirmation of the destination change on Aegean Airlines booked tickets will be received by passengers on their registered contact details. 

Changing a flight destination with Aegean Airlines

If the ticket was purchased through a third party, passengers can still change their flight date up to 30 minutes before the departure of the flight at a small cost of 20 EUR by visiting the official website of Aegean Airlines. However, the destination is not eligible for modification on booked tickets irrespective of how you booked it. 

Aegean Airlines Change Flight Time

Here are the three pointers to remember for Aegean Airlines change flight time. 

  • There are two ways to change the flight time of Aegean Airlines. The first one is the offline mode where you can speak with their support team. The second one is the online method which needs you to visit their website. 
  • The Aegean Airlines change flight time is allowed until 30 minutes before the departure time with a non-reversible fee of €23. This is known as the reissue fee. The new tickets with modifications in flight time are issued right after the completion of the time-changing process by Aegean Airlines. 
    • You are allowed to make one change free of cost if done within 24 hours of the booking time but there would be charges applied afterward.

In this article, we discussed the Aegean Airlines flight change policy. To summarise we can conclude that only one involuntary reissue is allowed unless new ticket flights are also canceled or rescheduled for more than one hour. Their fare condition policy is influenced by various factors and it outlines their terms and conditions. Their rebooking policy allows changes to be made to the original flight dates and status, with the date of reissue being taken into account. Managing passenger details and adding extra baggage can be done through their online site with ease. We hope to have helped by understanding the flight change policy in detail. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the flight be changed once booked?

Yes, you can change the flight first booking as per the cancellation and rescheduling guidelines of the particular airline you have booked with in most cases you will be required to pay a nominal fee some factors that influence the cost of changing flights or cancel linking them are fare category, class, destination, route, and others.

Can you change flights or get a refund?

In most cases yes you may get a refund. Be sure about getting it if you have a purchase of travel insurance but for cases otherwise, the guidelines of that particular airlines need to be looked through. However the cancellation is from the airline’s side, the federal laws make it necessary for them to pay refunds to all the passengers.

Can I change the name of the ticket in Aegean?

Yes, as per the Aegean Airlines change flight policy, you can but changing names would demand a non-refundable fare of 23€ on both domestic and international flights.

How do I contact Aegean?

Most of the info related to cancellation and Aegean Airlines policies could be found on their official page Or you can either speak to their executive on their contact number 801 11 20000 (or +30 210 6261000 which is reachable 24×7.

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