Kenya Airways Name Change Policy – Change/Correct Name On Ticket

Kenya Airways Name Change Policy

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a small mistake in your name caused big travel troubles? Worry no more! With Kenya Airways name change policy, you can breeze through those name change hassles like never before. Whether it’s a simple typo or a last-minute alteration, they understand that mistakes happen. That’s why they’ve crafted a seamless process to ensure that your travel plans remain stress-free and flexible. Imagine having the freedom to correct any errors in your name without any unnecessary headaches or additional fees. With this policy, they put you in the pilot’s seat, providing you with the smoothest journey possible. So, get ready to embark on unforgettable adventures with this airline. Here your name is no longer a hurdle but a gateway to endless possibilities. Let your dreams take flight as they take care of the rest!

Kenya Airways Name Change Guidelines 

The airline understands that mistakes can happen when it comes to passenger names. To facilitate a smooth travel experience, the Kenya Airways name change guidelines are implemented. These guidelines aim to provide passengers with flexibility and convenience in correcting any errors or making necessary alterations to their names. These guidelines apply to both domestic and international flights operated by the airways.

Here are the key points to keep in mind regarding name change policy:

  • Request a name change if you made a typographical error, misspelling, or need to update names due to legal reasons.
  • The policy allows for name changes to be made up to a certain period. Before the scheduled departure time, typically 72 hours or more.
  • To initiate a name change, passengers must contact customer service or visit their official website.
  • When requesting a name change, passengers will need to provide the original booking details. It includes the booking reference number, flight details, and personal identification information.
  • There are cases where a name change is required due to legal reasons, such as marriage or divorce. Supporting documents like marriage certificates or court orders may be requested.
  • It is important to note that name changes are subject to availability and the airline’s discretion.
  • Be aware that the policy may vary depending on the specific ticket type, fare class, or booking conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to review the specific guidelines applicable to their booking.
  • The fees might be applied that will depend on the rules of fare type.
  • You must connect with the customer service to get help on your concerns related to name change, cancellation, wheelchair assistance etc. Initiate name changes as early as possible to allow sufficient time for processing and avoid any last-minute complications.
  • If you want to travel with your pet, check the pet policy thoroughly before booking.
  • They also have an option in which you can upgrade your seat. The representative will guide you with the procedure once requested. They reserve the right to refuse a name change request. If it violates any applicable regulations, poses a security risk, or is deemed fraudulent.

Types Of Name Change/Correction

Check Kenya Airways Name Change Policy

The airline understands that passengers may need to make changes to their booking information. Including their names, due to various reasons. To facilitate this process, Kenya Airways name correction policy is in place. This policy allows passengers to modify their names within certain guidelines and conditions. Know about the different types of name changes permitted under their name change policy.

Minor Spelling Errors

One of the most common types of name changes is correcting minor spelling errors. Such errors may occur due to typographical mistakes or oversight during the booking process. For example, if a passenger’s name is misspelled as “Jhon” instead of “John. The airline allows for a correction to ensure that the name matches the traveller’s identification documents accurately.

Legal Name Differences

Sometimes, passengers may have legal name variations that need to be rectified. This could occur when the name on the passport/identification documents differs from the name initially provided during the booking. In such cases, Kenya Airways name correction policy permits passengers to change their names to reflect their correct legal names.

Marriage or Divorce Name Changes

Marriage and divorce are significant life events that can result in name changes. In some situations a passenger has recently gotten married/divorced & wishes to update their name on their flight booking. In that case the airline allows for such changes. Passengers will need to provide appropriate supporting documents. It includes a marriage certificate or divorce decree, to confirm the name change.

Gender Transition

In recognition of the diversity of its passengers, they acknowledge the need for name changes resulting from gender transitions. Sometimes passengers have undergone a gender transition & wish to update their name on their flight reservation to reflect their true identity. The airline permits this change. Supporting documentation, such as a legal name change certificate or a doctor’s note, may be required.

Kenya Airways Middle Name Change 

Passengers may also have the option to Kenya Airways middle name change through the name change policy. This type of change is typically considered a minor modification and can be accommodated by Airways. Passengers should ensure that the name provided during the booking aligns with their identification documents, Including any middle names they wish to include or exclude.

Passport Renewal

Passport renewals often result in new passport numbers and updated personal information. If a passenger has recently renewed their passport and obtained a new name or passport number. They are allowed to update their name on their flight reservation accordingly. This helps ensure consistency between the booking details and the passenger’s identification documents.

Infants and Children

Name changes for infants and children travelling with their parents or guardians are also permitted by the airline. There might be cases of typographical errors, legal name discrepancies, or updates due to changes in the child’s legal status. The airline allows parents or guardians to modify the child’s name in the booking.

How To Name Change On Kenya Airways?

Looking for a stress-free path on how to change name? With these airways you can change your name via different mediums. It can be either online or offline. With this guide you get to know about the step-by-step guide on changing your name smoothly. When it comes to online processes, you can go with various mediums, be it website/mobile app, email or even chat option. If you prefer a direct approach then you can go with an offline medium with two options available which is phone call or directly at the airport. By following these options you will be able to change your name easily. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Change Name Online

When we talk about online name change, there are many options. Here are the steps to follow if you want to change your name online:

Changing Name Through Website/Mobile App

Here are the steps to change your name via website/mobile app hassle-free mentioned below:

  • First of all, go to the airline’s website( or mobile app.
  • Then go to the Manage my booking option.
  • You will then see a list of the reservations in that tab.
  • Choose your booking, in which you want to change your name.
  • While choosing the booking you must complete the requested data.
  • You will be asked to provide a passport sized photo.
  • There might be a fee for name change.
  • Once you are done with changes, click on the submit button.
  • The airline will mail you the confirmation email.

Requesting Name Change Through Chat Option

Here are the steps to change your name online through the chat option in the website:

  • Firstly, you have to find the chat option on the website.
  • Then start a chat session with the representative.
  • Tell them about your concern. Then provide the required details.
  • You have to follow all the intrusion as told by them
  • At last you have to finalise the completion and you’re good to go..

Requesting Name Change Through Email

Follow these steps mentioned below to change your name online via email option:

  • Start with composing an email to their customer support.
  • Tell them about the concern that you want to raise in the subject line.
  • As per instructions, provide the required details.
  • Define them the cause of name change with attached documents
  • Before sending mail, proofread the email.
  • After sending the mail, wait for the confirmation response.

Name Change Offline 

When there is an offline option to change name, there are two options to follow. They are via phone call or directly approaching the airport. The guidelines are mentioned below:

Name Change Via Phone Call

You can request the name change offline via phone call and directly at the airport for a more personal approach . The step-by-step guide is mentioned below:

  • Firstly, get the customer service number.
  • Call the service representative and tell them about the concern of name change.
  • Then you have to follow all the instructions that are told by the representative.

Requesting Name Change At Airport

If you want to request a name change at the airport, you can do so by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the closest ticket counter in the airport.
  • Go to the service desk and tell them about the concern that you want to raise.
  • Givethem all the relevant information required.
  • You have to nicely cooperate with the support team, as they are ones to guide you with procedure.
  • In last get all the updated documents that shows name change in ticket

Kenya Airways Name Change Fees

There are many passengers who might be willing to get their name changed due to many reasons. But they must know that as per the name change policy they have to pay additional fee for it. Below is the mentioned information regarding the name change fees:

  • The airline charges fees for the updation of the name of the passenger on the ticket or the documents for the travel.
  • They have to pay a specific amount that depends on the fare type and ticket. You must note that the fees can change so keep yourself updated and verify the fees before going for it.
  • The fees for name change will differentiate based on your ticket type purchased. There are few types of tickets that are common including the economy, business and the first class. They all have their own structure of fees when it comes to name changes.
  • Your time of requesting name change  will also affect the fees applied. They have a very precise guide covering the name change request deadlines. Requesting a name change that is closer to the departure date will cost you a fee.
  • Follow the process to not face any problem or irrelevant fees. 

Changing Name On Account

When you want to change your name on the account of, the airline provides you a very simple yet straight procedure. Follow these steps mentioned below to change your name on account:

  • You must make sure of the ticket you have allowed name change as per name change policy. 
  • Keep all the required documents with you. The documents should include identification documents, marriage documents etc.
  • Get to the customer service vai their online and offline options.
  • Tell them about your name change request to which they will guide and instruct you.
  • Be available to give any data required by the representatives.
  • After your request is processed, you have to verify your updated name on the account.
  • You must request the representative to avail a confirmation mail for future reference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Kenya Airways Name Change Policy

Can I change the name on my Kenya Airways ticket?

Yes, it allows passengers to change their names on tickets under certain conditions.

What is the process for changing my name on a Kenya ticket?

The name change process under Kenya Airways name change policy can be initiated through customer support channels. It includes the website, chat feature, email, or phone.

Are there any fees associated with changing the name on a Kenya Airways ticket?

They may have specific fees or charges for name changes, depending on the ticket type and fare rules. It’s recommended to check their website or contact customer support for accurate information.

What documents are required for a name change on a Kenya Airways ticket?

You may need to provide valid identification documents. It includes passport or national ID, as well as supporting documentation like a marriage certificate, if applicable.

Is there a deadline for requesting a name change on a Kenya Airways ticket?

It is advisable to request the name change well in advance before the departure date to allow sufficient time for processing.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else’s name?

Name transfers are subject to the specific policies. Some tickets may not allow transfers, while others may permit it with applicable fees and conditions.

Can I change the name on a Kenya Airways ticket online?

They provide online channels, such as their website and chat feature, to facilitate name changes. However, the specific process may vary, so it’s best to check their website for instructions.

How long does it take for a name change request to be processed by Kenya Airways?

The processing time for a name change request can vary. It’s recommended to contact them directly for an estimated timeframe.

Can I change the name on a Airways ticket at the airport?

The name change policy offers name change services at their airport offices or ticket counters. However, it’s advisable to contact them in advance or check their website for the most up-to-date information.

What should I do if I have already checked in and need to change the name on my ticket?

If you have already checked in, it may be more challenging to change the name on the ticket. Contact customer support immediately for assistance, as their policies may differ in such cases.

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