Aeromexico Business Class – Seats, Lounge Relaxation & Wi-Fi

Aeromexico Business Class

Aeromexico Business Class popularly known as Clase Premier by the Aeromexico airline offers a way for passengers to travel in class and luxury. The Mexican Airlines has this business class for passengers to offer them a royal air travel experience while they are on board. So here we are doing a business class review for you to help you get an indigo about this flying class.

Is the Aeromexico Dreamliner Business Class Worth it?

Have you been curious about the business class of Aeromexico Airline? Are you wondering about what you will get here? then read ahead. Spending a big chuck on money for your air travel is a big decision and if you have been looking for some answer to justify you flying in business class then here you will find your answer. No matter you bought the business class experience or got upgraded the amenities and experience offers is the same. Here is the airline aeromexico reviews business class in detail to help you.

Benefits Of Flying With Aeroméxico Business Class

The benefits of flying with business class are many and they all are mentioned here in detail. Keep in mind that Clase Premier is only available on Dreamliner. Here are the business class benefits listed.

Super Comfortable Flying 

The comfy seats and extra leg space make this aeromexico airlines business class experience worth every penny spent by the passenger. The seats are recliners and the best part is that they recline flat into a bed. So that you can nap and relax in comfort and wake up refreshed for your destination. This is available on long haul flight and the seats have power outlets attached with them. The seats are very comfortable and the airline allows you to upgrade to aeromexico business class seats by bidding or by purchasing the upgrades. These business class reviews about the seats in the class will help you decide weather you want to fly with the airline or not.

Business Class Airport Experience

What makes business class so special is the additional attention and importance provided to the Business class passengers. And it starts right from the beginning of your journey with them at the airport. The Airline offers many services such as special check-in counters, fast track security ,premium lounge experience to add to the sweetness of being a business class traveler. All of these is to makes you time valuable and counted with the Aeromexico airline. And the fun doesn’t end here you also get priority when it comes to baggage claim and also special attention is given while deboarding plane.

Exquisite Flavors In The Air

Who doesn’t love amazing cuisine during their journey. Aeromexico offers business class menu that is curated for the business class experience. The first meal offered on board is the small meal and the drinks are offered alongside it. Food is served in designer ceramic bowls for the business class passengers. Food options provided to choose from are are beef, seafood, chicken or pasta. These meals offered depends on the flight duration of the passenger flights. Meaning for Short haul flights what is available is sometimes a sandwich.

For passengers who wish to make a request for special meals they can do that prior the flight. This service can be requested online as well as by giving a call to customer care line.

There is no fine dine service on board except for flights flying to Japan. This is the review business class has for meals served on board.

Beverages For The Luxury Class

The Aeromexico dreamliner business class is incomplete without the beverage experience. As soon as a passenger boards their flight, the Airline staff on board offers a choice of drink. The options offered are an orange juice, water or champagne. Once the flight takes off then more options are served and offered. You get beer, wine, juices and coconut water offered as well.

There is also a self service bar on board the business class flights with a handful of food and beverages that passengers can help themselves with.

Aeromexico Business Class Lounge Experience

Check Aeromexico Business Class Facilities

Aeromexico passengers traveling in the business class get to experience the premium experience of lounge services. The lounges of Aeromexico are termed as Salon Premier Lounges. Lounges are a perfect place to rest before boarding your flights. The services offered here are free wifi that can be accessed for work and surfing, edible arrangements, a bar and comfortable seating space. This service of business class lounge access is available to business class passengers only.

Business Class Amenity Kits 

All the business class travelers are welcomed with an amenity kit on the flight. These amenity kits especially designed for the luxury class experience are of brand ETRO which is a Italian brand. What is included in this kit is an eye mask, socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, earplugs, comb, slippers, mouth wash, nourishing lip balm and body lotion. Among these toiletries what extra is included is a pen and a fields note pad. The whole idea of this is to help the passengers journal their feeling and the journey experience on board. This kit is available to passengers in long haul flights.

Entertainment In the Air

In the air you will enjoy business class seats with a personal 18 inch screen entertainment attached to all the seats. There are noise canceling headphones also present. These 18 inch screens are touch screens that can be navigated manually or by touch. The best thing offered here with these screens is that if you are traveling in a group and you wish to reach out to your party member. You can do that by a chat feature easily accessible in the screen. This will help you communicate in private without disturbing other business class passengers.

Business Class Baggage Allowance

The passengers flying in business class are traveling in class with the business class baggage allowance policy in place. So you get to bring more stuff with you on board such as two checked bags and for your carry on there is a private compartment.

This article is centered around Aeromexico Airlines business class review. In detail all the benefits that the Airline has to offer for its Business class passengers are all mentioned here. All the information stating the amenities offered are here as well. So you can know what you will experience once you decide to travel with Aeromexico in Business Class.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Aeromexico business class like for long haul flights passengers?

The airline’s business class review is that it offers all the services and amenities to passengers that makes their experience flying with them a luxury one.

What is business class inflight wifi service like?

The inflight wifi in Aeromexico is free but the passengers can buy a plan for longer hour options or for a whole flight journey.

Does Aeromexico have business class in dreamliner?

Yes Aeroméxico business class is only available on Dreamliner.

How much is the aeromexico baggage allowance business class?

As the baggage allowance a passenger gets to bring 2 checked bags (32 kg each)and 1 carry-on bag with one personal item on board.

How can I upgrade to Business Class?

There are many ways by which a passenger can go to Aeromexico Upgrade to business class such as by bid upgrade, by cash, for free due to elite status or with the help of miles.

Does all business passengers get access to lounge service with Aeromexico?

The business class lounge access is available to all the passengers flying business class except the ones who have been who originally had an economy ticket and bid their way to business class experience.

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