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Aeromexico Manage Booking

When it comes to air travel, Manage Booking is a powerful tool. Aeromexico manage booking tool is a one stop for all the necessary changes a passengers might need to make while traveling with Aeromexico Airline. So now you will be well informed of the changes that can be made with this amazing tool.

What is the need of Aeromexico Airlines Manage Booking?

Aeromexico strives to make their passengers journey a beautiful and memorable one. So they have this amazing tool featured on their website that makes the passengers work super easy. With just at the palm of their hands passengers can access this tool and make the desired changes necessary. This aeromexico airlines manage my booking tool offers to add special services, make reservations, cancel flights or changes, add baggage and request upgrades. Below in detail all the services are explained that are achieved using this tool.

Accessing Flight Booking Information

If you have a flight booked with Aeromexico and you want to access the booking information. Then Aeromexico manage your booking tool will help you. With this tool a passenger can access their flight reservation information at any time and make sure that they are correct before seeking any correction or changes.

Seat Upgrade At Your Desired Price 

If you wish to make changes to your seat type then it is possible with this tool. With the help of aeromexico manage flight tool, passengers can check and make sure that they eligible for an bid upgrade. Once you login on the official Aeromexico app or website. Then go to My trip tool and next to your flights booked see if you have a chance to upgrade by bid else you can but the upgrade at the airport counter or by calling the customer care line.

Save Time By Checking-In Before Time

Another amazing feature is that you can check-in prior to your flight departure from the comfort of being anywhere. This aeromexico manage trip feature allows you to save a lot of time at the airport and makes it easy for choosing the preferred seat. As after check-in you can choose the seat and download or print your boarding pass in advance.

Last Minute Hassle Free Flight Cancellation 

Any time flight cancellation happens it makes the process of what to do next a bit more difficult. But with aeromexico manage my trips tool, you can just make the desired changes and cancel your flight at one place. Once you login and with your last name and PNR number. Then go to My Trip button. Now you to the flight you wish to cancel and pay a cancellation fee is applicable and click on submit. Once done the airline will notify you of the same via mail.

Modifying the Flight Schedule 

The Aeromexico Manage Flight tool makes it possible to make changes to aeromexico flight date, destination and time possible. Once you go and login on the official website page and then click on my trip tool. List of flights booked opens up and you can make changes to the one you desire. If applicable pay the fee charged and the change will be successful. The airline will notify you of the changes vis mail.

Adding Additional Baggage In Advance

Aeromexico Airlines manage booking allows passengers to add additional bags once the booking is made. Additionally you can buy extra bags online at a discounted price and add them to your flight reservations. This saves time and the hassle of carrying bags and doing it all at the airport. So that you can just relax while you make you trip to the airport.

Requesting And Getting Special Assistance

Passengers can request special assistance such as medical assistance with this Aeromexico Manage flight tool. Once you click on the My Trip section you can request assistance that will be needed by you or for any one else in your reservation. This eases up the process of last minute requests and getting your request canceled. As the sooner these requests are made, higher are the chances of getting it.

Requesting and Getting Assistance With Special Meals

Another amazing feature available is the choice of meals that can be requested as per the seat type of the passenger. Meaning in advance you can request the desired meals and let the airline know if you have any allergies or make your selection in advance based on the many meals available on the airline’s brochure.

Enquiring about the Refunds Eligibility

Furthermore this Aeromexico Manage My Flight tool helps you see if you are eligible for getting your money back. It allows passengers to see if they can apply for refunds and how much will they get back as a refunded amount. The airline will send the money back to your with the same means of payment used for reservations in the first place.

Making Reservations For Pet Travel

It is advisable to check in advance if there is capacity for your pet on board so making reservations in advance help. That is when this aeromexico airlines manage booking tool comes in handy for pet owners who are planning to travel with their pets. This service needs to be requested 48 hours prior the flight departure.

What are the different ways you can access the Aeromexico Manage Booking tool?

The Aeromexico Airlines manage booking tool can be accessed by online means and offline means as well. Online means include visiting the official Aeromexico website and using the mobile app of the airline. Alternatively offline means include visiting the airport counter and requesting assistance or by calling the airlines customer care number.

Access Aeromexico Manage My Bookings Via Official Website

When a passenger needs to make modifications to their bookings they can go to the Aeromexico official website. Below mentioned steps will help you understand how to access this tool and all the features.

  • Go to the official Aeromexico website ( and go to My Trip section
  • Now a list of flights will show up that you have in bookings.
  • You can make the desired changes or cancellations here.
  • Additionally any services needed can be requested here.
  • Once done you will be notified of the same.

Access Manage My Bookings Via Aeromexico Mobile App

The Airline’s mobile application needs to be downloaded first. This is available for android and iPhone as well. Once downloaded you can access the app and login using last name and PNR. Now the booking details will be available and you can go ahead make the necessary changes. Once done the airline will notify you of the confirmation.

Access Manage Bookings Via Visiting The Airport Counter

Manage Aeromexico Booking at Airport

Another way is by physically visiting the Aeromexico airport counter and requesting assistance needed. The staff present will help you and guide you with any aeromexico manage my flight help you are seeking with the airline.

Access Manage Bookings Via Calling Customer Care

Lastly, you can always reach the Aeromexico airline’s help desk by calling them. Just keep your details handy and make sure to provide them to the airline’s employees. So that they can assist you with the aeromexico manage my booking tool. The staff will ask you if you wish to be notified via email or sms.

This article is focused on the information of Aeromexico manage booking tool. This information is going to help you understand in a better way the Manage booking tool and all the services it offers. So that you can make the most of this service and take the desired steps needed. Aeromexico has the most qualified and trained staff to help and assist you throughout your air travel journey with them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a way to check my flight details with Aeromexico?

Yes you can check your Aeromexico flight booking details online with aeromexico airlines manage my booking tool on the official website.

Are making changes to my name possible with Aeromexico manage my reservation tool?

Among many of the features that are provided by this tool there is this service of making changes to the name on the reservation.

Is there a way that I can add special services to my Aeromexico booking?

Passengers that wish to add special services to their flight bookings can do that by accessing the aeromexico manage reservation option online.

Can I make changes or cancellations to my flights using this Aeromexico manage my trip tool?

Yes as per this tool passengers can make changes to their flights as well as make flight cancellations.

Is there a way for me to add additional baggage online to my Aeromexico flight?

Passengers can add additional baggage with the help of Aeromexico manage my booking.

Is it possible to check-in for my flight using Aeromexico manage my trips?

As per this tool passengers can check-in for their flights on their device from anywhere and choose their desired seats as well.

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