Aeromexico Economy Class – Overview, Booking & Complete Guidance

Aeromexico Economy Class

Flying in Aeromexico Economy Class then this article is for you. So you have an upcoming trip with the airline and you have chosen to fly in economy. This content will help you get an idea about what to expect when flying with the airline. Traveling on a budget is the story for most of us. Spending money when it comes to air travel is a well-thought-out decision on the traveler’s end. Some like to make smart decisions and that is where traveling in the economy Class comes into the picture. Aeromexico gives passengers three options to fly with them in economy class. You can either fly Basic, Classic also known as standard economy or AM Plus termed economy plus by the airline. 

Why should I choose to fly in Economy Class?

Check Aeromexico Economy Class Facilities

The prime reason any passenger will choose to fly with Aeromexico in the economy class is affordability. The services and amenities you get with the airline are mentioned in this content. Aeromexico Airlines has divided the economy class into three categories: Premium Economy, Classic Economy, and Basic Economy. What makes them differ is the seat size, legroom space, priority boarding, and Sky Benefits. Apart from these, there is not much to differ among the seat selections offered in the economy class. So this content will help you decide whether it is worth flying in Aeromexico Premium Economy Class over the basic Economy or Classic Economy.

Aeromexico Premium Economy Class – AM Plus

This class is the economy plus class of the Aeromexico airlines. The purpose is to give you comfort on a budget. You get the space and comfort at an affordable price. This content will help you understand whether flying Aeromexico premium economy class is worth it or not. This experience in the Premium economy is similar to the one in the Basic or Classic economy but with a few tweaks. You get reserved overhead bins and standard seats. This is the most costly economy class to fly in with Aeromexico.

Aeromexico Standard Economy Class – Classic

Ranking under the premium economy class standard economy is the second option available to you. What makes these seats different from the other economy seats is the complimentary seat selection. If you book your flight in these seats it opens up your seat for an upgrade. Also, there is a 25% discount on the checked baggage.

Aeromexico Basic Economy Class

Lastly, this seat option is the least-priced option available to passengers who wish to fly in the economy. It can be said that these seats have limited services. Flying in Aeromexico Basic Economy fare class gives you a complimentary carry-on bag in addition to a personal item. The carry-on item is supposed to fit under the seat. Flying in Basic will not get you a seat selection for free, checked bags, flight changes, or refunds. You won’t be able to earn elite flying points as well.

Aeromexico Premium Economy Seats Vs Basic Economy Seats

When it comes to the seating experience of the economy class Aeromexico has two options. If you have booked a seat in the premium economy then you will find. The seating arrangement is in a 3-3 configuration which is similar to the basic economy. But what differentiates the seats is the pitch size. For AM Plus you get a seat pitch of 34 inches. On the plane, it is easy to differentiate between the seats as you will find AM Plus stitched on the headrest of the plane. These extra inches will give you more space to stretch and move around. This is what you need to know about the Aeromexico premium economy booking class seats. But the ones flying in basic or classic economy seats get to fly in the seats whose pitch is 31 inches. This is the only difference when it comes to the seating arrangement in the economy class of Aeromexico Airline.

Aeromexico Premium Economy AM Plus VS Basic Economy Meals

The next thing to consider is the meals served to the Aeromexico premium economy AM Plus class. Meals offered are similar to the Aeromexico basic economy class. You will get alcohol served which is included in the economy class. So when it comes to meals you will not find any difference in the services offered by the airline.

Aeromexico Premium And Basic Economy Class Amenities 

If you have been wondering about the amenities you would get when flying economy class then here is your answer. You don’t get much as compared to the business class of Aeromexico Clase Premier but you do get a blanket. As far as the term amenities this is what Aeromexico is offering to the passengers in economy on their flights. Both AM Plus and Basic economy passengers get the blankets. 

The Premium Economy Class gets SkyPriority which makes the experience flying AM Plus a different one. So if you have been wondering what is SkyPriority, then here is your answer. SkyPriority is a premium service that offers premium airport services.

These services are mentioned below to give you a clear understanding of the advantages. 

Check-in, Security And Boarding Priority Lanes

These lines allow you to get to your flight faster. From dedicated lines for security checks to baggage you don’t have to wait like the rest. This saves your precious time, especially in cases when you are running late. So you board your flight sooner and are seated on time.

Priority Luggage Tags, Waitlist And Standby

This is another feature offered to SkyPriority members and this enables your luggage to travel with priority. Your luggage will be moved swiftly so that it reaches you faster than the rest. Furthermore, in cases when your flight gets canceled or delayed and you need a different booking. Then you will get a preference among the other passengers especially when you are trying to squeeze yourself on a full flight at the very last minute.

This information mentioned here is centric on the Aeromexico economy fare class. This information will help you decide whether you should fly in AM Plus economy or the regular economy classes. Safe Travels!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am flying in AM Plus economy seats with Aeromexico. Do I get lounge access with this economy class?

Aeromexico Basic Economy Class of service does not offer passengers lounge access.

What makes it different to fly in AM Plus seats offered by Aeromexico Airlines?

The extra legroom and SkyPriority is what makes it different flying in the AM Plus seats on the flight.

I have to fly with Aeromexico this Friday. Can you tell me about the options they offer to fly in the economy and which is cheaper?

Aeromexico has three economy options to choose from Basic economy, classic economy, and Am Plus the premium economy. Basic is the cheapest and Am Plus is the costliest.

Is there a priority check-in, baggage, and security line in the premium economy class with Aeromexico?

Yes, passengers flying in the premium economy get SkyPriority hence they get priority lines at the airport.

I am booking a flight with Aeromexico Airlines. I wanted to know if alcohol will be served on board in economy class. Do I need to buy AM Plus for this?

Alcoholic beverages are served on the flights to all economy passengers irrespective of their seats.

Can you tell me the difference between the Clase Premier of Aeromexico and the AM Plus Class?

Am Plus is the premium economy class offering more legroom and Sky Priority. Clase Premier is the business class of Aeromexico offering the luxury of flying in reclined seats, premium dining, and privacy in the air.

I have a flight with Aeromexico in economy AM Plus class. Do I get carry-on baggage with my flight ticket?

Yes, as per the Aeromexico economy class baggage, you get to bring a carry-on and a personal item as part of your flight ticket.

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