Air France Wheelchair Assistance – How to book?

Air France Wheelchair Assistance

Air France offers Wheelchair Assistance for passengers who require extra support during their travels. This Air France Wheelchair Assistance can be added to the booking, and the Airline’s dedicated team of professionals are trained specifically to assist passengers with limited mobility. The program ensures that every aspect of the trip is comfortable and convenient, allowing passengers to focus on enjoying their journey without any worries.

Air France offers a Wheelchair Assistance program to ensure safe and efficient navigation through airports and planes for individuals with limited mobility. Air France provides Wheelchair Assistance to passengers who require extra support during their travels. This guide explains how to add this assistance to your booking. 

Air France Wheelchair Assistance Overview

Wheelchair assistance is a service that caters to the needs of individuals with limited mobility. It is designed to provide them with compassionate support and empower them to navigate through airports and flights seamlessly. This service goes beyond just transportation; it opens up boundless opportunities for unforgettable experiences.

  • With skilled professionals, Air France Wheelchair Assistance offers a helping hand that enables you to embark on adventures, reconnect with loved ones, and explore the wonders of the world. 
  • The experience of traveling can be daunting for any person, but especially so for those who have limited mobility. With this service at your disposal, you can relinquish worries about navigating unfamiliar spaces or getting around in crowded regions.
  • The power of accessibility can’t be overstated when it comes to enabling persons with disabilities to live their lives fully. 
  • Air France special assistance also provides an avenue for individuals who may feel confined by their physical limitations to break free from those constraints and reach new horizons where no limits exist.

So why not embrace independence? Let the wings of wheelchair assistance carry you towards new experiences where your spirit can soar without any restrictions. Unleash the power of accessibility today, and let your dreams take flight!

Different Kinds of Air France Wheelchair Assistance

The Airline offers wheelchair assistance to passengers with limited mobility, ensuring their travel experience is comfortable and accessible. Different categories of wheelchair assistance are available at each stage of the journey.

  • Pre-Flight Arrangements: To receive wheelchair assistance during air travel, it’s important to inform the Airline in advance. This can be done while booking a ticket or by contacting customer service. Advance notice allows the Airline to make necessary arrangements for assistance throughout the journey.
  • Airport Assistance: The Airline provides air france airport assistance for passengers with limited mobility, offering wheelchairs and trained staff to guide them through check-in, security, and immigration procedures.
  • Boarding assistance: The Airline gives priority to passengers needing wheelchair assistance during boarding. Two options are available depending on the passenger’s needs.
  • Wheelchair Ramp Assistance: Passengers who can walk short distances or need minimal assistance are offered wheelchair ramp support to board the plane independently. 
  • Staircase assistance: Passengers with mobility challenges can receive ambulant or staircase assistance. Ambulifts and staircases are available for those who need them. An ambulant is a vehicle with a lift that raises passengers to the aircraft’s door level.
  • In-Flight Assistance: The cabin crew will assist passengers with limited mobility on the flight, helping them to their seats and providing necessary aid. If specific seating arrangements are needed, it’s best to inform the Airline beforehand.
  • Baggage claim: After arriving at your destination, trained personnel will continue to provide wheelchair assistance and guide you through arrival procedures, immigration, customs, and baggage claim. They can also retrieve checked baggage if needed.

Air France Wheelchair Assistance Tips

If you need wheelchair assistance, follow these tips for a comfortable trip.

  • To request wheelchair assistance for your flight, notify the Airline at least 48 hours in advance through their website or customer service.
  • To ensure proper assistance, it is important to provide accurate information about your mobility needs when requesting help. Be clear if you require a wheelchair for the entire journey or only at specific points.
  • To ensure a smooth transfer between connecting flights, it is recommended to request Air France disability assistance for each leg of the journey and coordinate with staff.
  • Arrive early to the airport for check-in and security procedures. For international flights, arrive 2-3 hours before departure time.
  • To receive Air France wheelchair assistance, clearly identify yourself and wear clothing or accessories that indicate your need for mobility support.
  • When requesting wheelchair assistance at the airport, it is important to inform airline staff upon arrival.
  • There are professionals who can help you with procedures and connect you to the appropriate assistance team.
  • Be prepared with your identification, travel documents and medical certificates. Make sure you have the required medical clearance documentation if necessary.
  • Choose between an electric or manual wheelchair based on needs and communicate any additional requirements such as seat cushions or back support.
  • The staff will assist you with security screenings and customs procedures to ensure a smooth process.
  • To ensure wheelchair assistance needs are met during flight delays or changes, it’s important to stay in contact with staff for updated information.

How to Book Wheelchair Assistance in Air France?

You can request wheelchair assistance online or offline using different methods.

Online Options

There are two online options available for adding wheelchair assistance when flying with Air France.

Through Website Request

There are the following instructions for adding wheelchair assistance on a website.

 Visit the Air France website and follow specific steps. 

  • Choose “Manage my Booking” or “My Trip”.
  • To access your reservation, simply enter your booking reference and last name.
  • Choose “Request Special Assistance” or “Add Wheelchair Assistance”.
  • Submit a request with the necessary information.

How to Add Wheelchair Assistance on Air France App?

Users can request wheelchair assistance through the mobile app.

  • To manage a booking or trip, simply open the app and log in to your account, then navigate to the appropriate section.
  • To request wheelchair assistance for your reservation, locate it and select the appropriate option.
  • Then provide the necessary information and send a request.

Offline Options

Here are two offline options for adding wheelchair assistance in Air France.

Contact customer service

Contact customer service representatives through various means.

  • Call the customer service number for their country or region by phone
  • To contact customer service, send an email to the provided address on the website.
  • If you need help, reach out to official social media channels.

Visit Ticket Office

Book Air France Wheelchair Assistance at Airport

There is the following information on how to visit a ticket office in person for those who prefer face-to-face interaction.

  • Check the website( for a list of ticket offices and their hours of operation.
  • To request Air France handicap assistance for your flight, visit the office and speak to the staff.

Can I bring my Wheelchair on board?

Air France allows passengers with limited mobility to bring wheelchairs that comply with specific rules on board. 

  • Personal mobility vehicles are not allowed, but two wheelchairs or personal mobility devices can be transported as checked baggage. 
  • Passengers should book their flight 48 hours before departure and check in at least 2 hours beforehand so the Airline can arrange for transportation and device handling.

Manual Devices:

Passengers can bring manual devices such as wheelchairs to the boarding gate as well as aircraft opening.

  • Passengers will soon receive their electronic devices back upon arrival at their destination.
  • Passengers can bring a wheelchair on board as long as it meets certain size requirements, including being no more than 11 inches deep, 37 inches wide, and 35 inches long. 
  • The wheel diameter must also be no larger than 26 inches, and the cumulative thickness of the wheels cannot exceed 6 inches.

Electric Wheelchairs:

Passengers must check in electric wheelchairs and other personal mobility devices as baggage, as they cannot be brought on board. These devices cannot be reclaimed at stopover points unless there are special reasons for doing so. They will be returned with the rest of the passenger’s baggage upon delivery.

Onboard Wheelchairs:

  • Air France provides two onboard wheelchairs for passengers who require assistance, with flight attendants available to help those who cannot move independently. However, the use of washrooms may be restricted for these passengers.
  • To arrange Air France special assistance, customers can contact their reservations service for help. The agents are available to provide the necessary services for a comfortable and easy travel experience.

Air France is a renowned airline that caters to the requirements of all its travelers, including those with disabilities. The Air France Wheelchair Assistance offers a range of services to aid travelers with disabilities and make their journey relaxable and hassle-free. One such service is wheelchair assistance, which can be booked in advance when making flight reservations.

For passengers who need more information about wheelchair assistance on an Air France flight, there are several resources available online. The Airline provides detailed guidelines on its website regarding what to expect when traveling with a wheelchair. Air France prioritizes accessibility and inclusivity in its operations, providing excellent services to ensure everyone has an enjoyable flying experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Air France Wheelchair Assistance

1 How do airlines provide assistance to passengers who use wheelchairs?

According to Air France wheelchair policy, You can check your wheelchair as baggage with most airlines. It will be returned to a specific area upon arrival, either at the regular or oversize baggage claim, depending on where it was checked in.

2 How can airlines accommodate wheelchair users?

An airlines provide support for disabled passengers, such as accessible toilets, changing rooms, buggies, and hover buses to assist with navigation.

3 How does airline assistance work when arriving at the airport?

When arriving at the airport, locate an assistance point either inside or outside of the terminal. These points are identifiable by a disability-related logo and have a buzzer or telephone to call for help if no staff is present.

4 What are the Wheelchair users’ needs?

Wheelchair users require a suitable wheelchair that provides postural support, which varies depending on individual needs. The backrest, cushion, footrests and armrests offer the necessary support when adjusted to fit the user’s size.

5 What’s the cost of taking a wheelchair on a plane?

Flying with a wheelchair or other assistive device is free for up to two items, in addition to checked bags and medical equipment. Additional charges may apply for checking more than two devices or those used for sports.

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