JetBlue Wheelchair Assistance – Get Wheelchair Assistance On Your Air Journey Or Bring Your Own

JetBlue Wheelchair Assistance

Special assistance is a term coined when a traveler/flyer needs wheelchair assistance. JetBlue Wheelchair Assistance is a policy that lists all the rules that JetBlue has to help flyers who need special assistance. Flyers may require assistance to commute throughout the airport and while boarding the flight. 

JetBlue handicap assistance is free of charge and available to all needy flyers and is not limited to that. In addition, if the flyer is commuting alone, an escort helps the flyer engage in all the airport formalities until the flyer reaches the boarding gate. JetBlue is a compassionate airline that ensures everyone gets an authentic flying experience.

Who Can Avail Of Wheelchair Assistance?

Flyers might wonder what JetBlue disability assistance offers and who can avail of this service. Here is your answer. Jetblue designed this policy to answer all the questions that come into a traveler’s mind when seeking wheelchair assistance or bringing their own. Here is the list of travelers/flyers that can ask/request this service:

  • A pregnant flyer can avail of this service.
  • Flyers flying/Traveling with Service Dogs on JetBlue Fligts can avail of this service.
  • Flyers who need wheelchair assistance at the airport and on the plane. 
  • Flyers who are visually impaired can avail of this service.
  • Flyers who are medically ill and cannot walk can avail of this service.
  • Flyers who met with an accident and cannot walk can avail of this service.
  • Disabled/handicapped/elderly flyers traveling alone can avail of the Jetblue meet and assist service.
  • Flyers who are traveling with their own assistive devices like wheelchairs or scooters.
  • Elderly flyers with difficulty walking and standing up can avail of the JetBlue assistance for elderly.

How To Add Wheelchair Assistance In Jetblue? 

When requesting to add a wheelchair assistance service to a reservation, there are a few key points to keep in mind. JetBlue suggests flyers/passengers make haste while adding special assistance services requests to their bookings. There are two situations where the flyer can request or add Jetblue flight assistance: during initial bookings or after the booking.

How To Book Wheelchair Assistance On Jetblue Flights When Initiating Bookings?

Flyers/Passengers wondering how to add wheelchair assistance in JetBlue during reservations? have their first answer here. Flyers can add this Jetblue special assistance service request when booking online, at the airport counter, at the airline office, or by calling Jetblue’s customer line. Flyers need to avail of SSR(Special Service Request) to ask for wheelchair assistance.

The benefit of adding Jetblue flight assistance is that flyers can book the seat that will be most comfortable during their journey. Flyers, during booking, need to go to the additional information section and choose the option that says I require/need wheelchair assistance. Once done, flyers can make other selections and confirm the reservation.

How To Book Wheelchair Assistance On Jetblue Booked Flights?

Here is the answer for flyers wondering how to add wheelchair assistance in JetBlue when the flyer already has a reservation. A flyer can use the managing reservations tool online to add/request Jetblue disability assistance to an already booked reservation, ask the airport/office, or call the Jetblue customer line. While adding this service flyers can also upgrade their Jetblue seats.

Jetblue that old people/passengers get elderly assistance and have a safe journey and get the requested guidance from the airline. Flyers can use the app or website to access the manage trip tool and select JetBlue flight assistance. Flyers can also visit the airline office nearby to add these services or call Jetblue’s helpline number to ask for help. 

JetBlue Wheelchair Assistance At Airport

Get JetBlue Wheelchair Assistance at Airport

For personnel who are thinking, how do I get a wheelchair assistance at airport Jetblue Airlines has the answer. The airline has considered every scenario possible to ensure that the flyer needing special assistance gets it. Wheelchairs are available at all the airports where Jetblue is operating. Ket points to keep in mind when asking for JetBlue disability assistance at the airport are:

  • Upon arrival, flyers must notify the terminal desk Jetblue employee at the airport that wheelchair assistance is required.
  • Jetblue advises flyers needing special assistance to arrive 3 hours before their flight to go through all the security checks and be able to board the flight on time.
  • Flyers get Jetblue flight assistance with deboarding and boarding their flights at the airport.
  • Once the flight has landed, the flyer’s wheelchair will be available at the boarding gate or the baggage claim area per the flyer’s choice.
  • Jetblue offers a JetBlue meet and assist service at the airport for elderly passengers traveling alone.

Bringing Your Wheelchair? Here Is All You Need To Know

Flyers who wish to bring wheelchairs/assistive devices can do so. The airline transports the devices in the cargo or passenger’s cabin. Flyers carry assistive devices that fit under the seat or in the overhead bin in the cabin. A few key points the flyer needs to keep in mind when bringing their wheelchair/assistive devices are:

  • Flyers must inform the airline about the type of assistive device/wheelchair they are traveling with.
  • An information form stating all the details about how to handle and assemble/reassemble the device needs to be submitted.
  • Flyers must carry this form and submit it to the airline authorities.
  • Flyers can check the cargo dimensions to avoid fuss at the airport and determine whether their device will fit in the Jetblue aircraft.

Rules About Bringing Foldable WheelChairs

When bringing a foldable chair to a JetBlue flight, flyers must know a few things. Here are the points to go through that will explain how the airline handles a foldable wheelchair:

  • JetBlue assistance states that Jetblue carries one foldable/collapsable wheelchair in the cabin.
  • For carrying another, the airline checks for enough space in the cabin.
  • Flyers must be the first to avail of the JetBlue special assistance service by checking their wheelchairs.
  • Flyers who cannot get their foldable/collapsible wheelchair in the cabin can check their wheelchair at the gate, and the airline transports it in the cargo.

Rules About Bringing Battery-Operated Wheelchairs/Scooters

Flyers who own a battery-operated wheelchair/scooter and are wondering how to add wheelchair assistance in JetBlue, here is your answer. Jetblue accepts battery-operated assistive/supportive devices on their flights. Here are some key points that will help a flyer bring a battery device on the flight:

  • Flyers can only travel with a chargeable Lithium battery removed from their wheelchair in the passenger cabin. 
  • Flyers can travel with up to two lithium-based batteries with conditions that can weigh up to 25 gms together and have less than 300 watts of power.
  • Flyers must remember that if the battery is damaged, the airline may refuse to transport the device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get wheelchair assistance at the airport?

Flyers can notify the airline employee before requesting Jetblue handicap assistance at the airport within 48 hours of their flight departure.

How do you add wheelchair assistance to JetBlue Cargo Service?

Flyers can check their wheelchairs at the airport, and if they are too big, they can travel in the cargo with Jetblue.

Does JetBlue assist disabled/handicapped flyers traveling alone with the formalities at the airport?

Yes! The Jetblue special assistance service includes an assistant/escort appointed by the airline to help disabled/handicapped flyers with all the airport formalities.

I am booking a flight for my grandmother; she is traveling alone and needs special assistance. Can you tell me How to book wheelchair assistance on JetBlue for older people?

Yes! Jetblue assistance for elderly is available to book during reservation or later on at the airport or by calling the reservation line. 

Can I fly in the JetBlue Cabin with my battery-operated wheelchair?

No! Battery-operated wheelchairs cannot fit under the seat and overhead bins; hence they only travel in the cargo or baggage compartment, states the wheelchair assistance policy.

How many detachable batteries can I bring for my battery-operated wheelchair?

The Jetblue disability assistance policy states that you can bring up to two batteries provided they weigh up to 25 gms and a little less than 300 watt-hours.

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