Delta Airlines Wheelchair Assistance – All The Ins And Outs Of Assistance Service 

Delta Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

The Delta Airlines Wheelchair Assistance is offered by Delta Airlines to make the life of a disabled passenger easy. This policy has all the information needed by a Disabled person who needs wheelchair assistance while traveling with Delta Airlines. Delta aims to make the journey a smooth and comfortable one.

This blog has information about what mobility device you can bring onboard or the services the airline offers to passengers. The Airline offers many Delta Airlines disability assistance to disabled passengers on board to make their journey safe and smooth. This content will help you prepare for your upcoming Delta flight or plan for a new one accordingly.

What Does Delta Airlines Assistance Have To Offer?

Delta Airlines understands the significance of a mobility device for you. So they offer Delta handicap assistance with wheelchairs at the airport, onboard, and at the destination airport. This means that when you reach the airport, Delta starts by providing you with their Delta assistance for elderly service. You need to notify the airline before the assistance is needed, and they will prepare for your arrival. The airline has appointed wheelchair assistants who will guide you at the airport and help you throughout the check-in process till you board your flight. In any case, if your flight gets canceled, Delta Airlines will notify you. You can read ahead to get an insight into the services offered and what you need to keep in mind when traveling with Delta Airlines special assistance.

Airport Wheelchair Assistance Provided By Delta Airlines

Delta cares for you, so you will find Delta disability assistance at the airport that you can use. Delta Airlines offers wheelchair assistants to guide you through the airport terminal, security, and your gate. This Delta Airlines disability assistance service can be availed in the My Trips section after you book your flight or by calling the Delta reservation line. You need to notify Delta staff once you reach the airport that you need Delta special assistance while boarding your flight.

Aisle Chairs

As per Delta Airlines elderly assistance, Delta offers the passengers aisle chairs. These specially designed wheelchairs are there to provide you with Delta Airlines flight assistance while boarding and deplaning Delta aircraft. At all times, you will be assisted by Delta wheelchair assistants. Keep in mind that these designed Delta Airlines disability assistance chairs are not self-operating ones. This Delta elderly assistance can also be availed online on the My Trip section on the Fly Delta App or the official website. SkyMiles passengers can avail of these services as per the special Delta SkyMiles assistance offered by the airline.

Onboard Wheelchair Facility On Delta Flights

Most Delta Airlines flights have onboard Delta disability assistance wheelchairs designed to help the passengers. This is what Delta Airlines handicap assistance offers to the elderly and handicapped passengers on board the flight. These wheelchairs fit within the aisle of the aircraft and are for use to and from the lavatory. These wheelchairs can only be used with the assistance of Delta flight attendants. The Delta Airlines Flight attendants are trained professionals in the operation of this wheelchair. However, there are certain things they cannot do, such as lift or carry you. Keep in mind that no Delta Aircraft with less than 50 seats is equipped with an onboard wheelchair service. So, while making a booking, you can confirm the availability on board your Delta Aircraft.

What Do You Need to Know If You Bring Your Wheelchair?

Delta Airlines understands how important your wheelchair is for you, so the airline aims to take great care of your wheelchair as per Delta baggage assistance. So that you can travel without care and focus on the journey ahead. Delta Airlines offers to transport manual and battery-powered wheelchairs, carts, scooters, and any accompanying prosthetic devices. 

Below mentioned points will help you understand the rules Delta Airlines follows while ensuring great care for your mobility devices:

  • You need to notify the airline in advance that you are bringing your own mobility device so that the airline can prepare for Delta Airlines passenger assistance.
  • You can do that by using the Fly Delta App or by visiting the official website.
  • Delta Airlines has a calculator on their official website that you can use to ensure that your wheelchair or assistive device can safely fit on board your flight.
  • Also, you need to complete and fill out the  Mobility Device Handling Form before your flight departure.
  • This form needs to be attached to your mobility device handling instructions if there are any about your mobility device.
  • If your wheelchair or mobility device has any detachable parts, then it is recommended you remove them and carry them as a carry-on.

What Do I Need To Know While Wheelchair Check-In With Delta?

Check Delta Airlines Wheelchair Assistance at Airport

When it comes to arriving at the airport with your wheelchair, there are a few points to remember when you try to check-in. These will help you prepare for your Delta Flight accordingly and get Delta Airlines assistance for elderly.

  • You need to notify Delta Airlines 48 hours in advance of your flight to give the airline any pointers related to your mobility device.
  • The same 48-hour window is applicable for a battery-operated mobility device that you will be carrying on a 60-seater Delta Aircraft.
  • In case your wheelchair is too big and cannot fit the cargo compartment. Then Delta will provide you with a solution to transport your devices safely.
  • You can check with Delta Airlines in advance and let them know the dimensions of your wheelchair to check whether it will fit the cargo compartment.
  • At the check-in gate, you will find a Delta staff member who can instruct you about the disassembly and reassembling of your device.
  • The removable parts of your mobility device, such as a joystick, seat cushion, headrest, armrests, and footrests, need to be removed and carried as a carry-on item.
  • If your battery operated wheelchair fits in the cargo compartment upright, then it will be disassembled before storing in the cargo compartment.
  • Attaching a handling form with instructions to handle your mobility device is essential to the wheelchair.

Storing Your Wheelchair Onboard Delta Flight

Delta offers to store your wheelchair on board if your wheelchair or assistive device, such as a walker or rollator, meets the size and weight restrictions for the approved storage space on the Delta aircraft. You can also store your collapsible personal wheelchair on your Delta flight. Keep in mind that these Wheelchairs on board take priority over other carry-on items that you carry. The standard dimensions your wheelchair needs to meet is 13”x 36”x 42” to fit in a Delta Aircraft, but this can vary, so you can check with the Delta staff. When you check your wheelchair at the gate, it will be returned to you at the gate at your destination or at a connecting airport for use again.

What Can You Do If Your Wheelchair Gets Damaged During Transit?

Delta understands what your mobility assistive device means to you, so they take extreme care while transporting your wheelchair. If your mobility device gets damaged, you can report it while you are at the airport. To a Delta employee, or if you have already left the airport, then you can call Delta Airlines’ grievance line and let the Delta virtual assistant know your concerns. The Delta staff will provide you with the appropriate solution to this situation. If you are a Skymile customer, then you can reach the Delta SkyMiles customer assistance offered to you by Delta Airlines.

The content mentioned here is related to wheelchair assistance. All the information needed while you travel with Delta Airlines as a disabled person is available here. This will help you plan for your Delta Trip accordingly. Safe Travels!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You tell me how to add wheelchair assistance in Delta?

Delta Airlines assistance can be requested after you book your flight via the My Trip section online or by calling Delta Airline’s reservation line.

How do I request wheelchair assistance on Delta Airline online?

You can request Delta Airlines Wheelchair Assistance by either using the Fly Delta App or the official Delta website.

I have a flight with Delta this weekend, and I am disabled. Can I bring my own wheelchair on the flight?

Yes, Delta Airlines allows passengers to bring their wheelchairs onboard.

Do I need to notify Delta Airlines in advance while traveling with my own mobility assistance device?

Yes, Delta requests passengers to notify them 48 hours prior to their flight departure so that they can prepare accordingly.

What services or facilities do I get while traveling with Delta Airlines as a disabled person?

Delta offers a number of handicap assistance options to make the journey comfortable for a disabled person, such as onboard wheelchairs, aisle chairs, and dedicated wheelchair assistance. 

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