Air India Wheelchair Assistance – How to Add?

Air India Wheelchair Assistance

If you or someone you know has reduced mobility and requires Air India wheelchair assistance when traveling by air, it’s important to plan ahead to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. When flying with Air India, the process of requesting wheelchair assistance is straightforward and can be done easily through their official website.

It’s recommended that you make this request as early as possible in order to give airline staff enough time to prepare for your arrival at the airport. It will also help avoid any last-minute confusion or delays. When arriving at the airport on your day of travel, be sure to inform airline staff that you’ve requested wheelchair assistance. Let’s discuss this wheelchair assistance in brief.

Air India Wheelchair Assistance Overview

Below is significant information regarding Air India assistance for the elderly.

  • When traveling by air, travelers who need Air India assistance are strongly advised to pre-book their request at the time of flight reservation. It is because last-minute requests for wheelchair assistance can also cause unnecessary delays and may result in unavailability of the service. 
  • To make sure that all travelers obtain timely and efficient assistance, it is significant to make arrangements well in advance.
  • It is also worth noting that Air India has some restrictions when it comes to carrying wheelchair passengers on flights. 
  • This measure has been put in place primarily for security reasons in case of an emergency evacuation; other travelers must be able to exit the aircraft rapidly and safely without any issues or hindrances.
  • While this restriction may seem inconvenient for certain passengers, it is ultimately a significant precaution designed to save everyone on board the flight.
  • Therefore, if you need Air India wheelchair assistance when flying with Air India, kindly make sure you book your request ahead of time so that your requirements can be accommodated properly and safely during your journey.

How to Get Wheelchair Assistance at airport Air India?

If you have difficulty walking due to an injury or health condition, you may need assistance getting to and from your flights. This service can be especially helpful if you are recovering from surgery or have recently experienced a painful fall.

Below are provided tips on Air India wheelchair assistance request when traveling through an airport.

  • During peak travel seasons, such as summer and holidays, it is advisable to allow extra time between flights due to potential delays caused by busy wheelchair attendants assisting other passengers.
  • When Air India wheelchair assistance booking, opt for the biggest plane possible with over 60 seats and multiple aisles to have more seating and restroom options.
  • To ensure wheelchair assistance during air travel, call your airline at least 48 hours before the trip and request it. The representative will add a note to your reservation record and inform all relevant airports.
  • When traveling, plan ahead for meals, as it may not be possible to purchase food during flights or layovers. Wheelchair attendants are not obligated to take passengers to restaurants or fast food stands. To avoid hunger, consider packing your food from home and bringing it on the flight.
  • If you’re traveling during a holiday period, it’s best to arrive early and give yourself enough time to check-in, go through security, and get Air India special assistance if necessary.
  • If you use a wheelchair at the airport, it’s important to fill out the Air India wheelchair assistance form and inform your attendant of what you can and cannot do before reaching security screening.
  • Passengers who use personal wheelchairs should expect to check them at the boarding gate as airlines do not allow their use during flights. It is recommended to bring instructions if disassembly of the wheelchair is necessary.

How to Book Wheelchair Assistance in Air India?

Book Air India Wheelchair Assistance at Airport

If you require Air India wheelchair assistance on a plane, boarding early can be expected. 

  • It’s important to communicate your needs and abilities to the attendant and flight crew for optimal support.
  • Wait until other passengers have left the plane before exiting. A wheelchair attendant will be available to assist you in getting to your connecting flight.
  • When traveling and in need of a restroom stop, state that you are a traveler with a disability to the wheelchair attendant who will take you to one on the way to your gate. The attendant will give Air India disability assistance.

How to Add Wheelchair Assistance in Air India?

Air India provides wheelchair assistance at airports and never denies special Air India senior citizen assistance to passengers who need it.

  • Air India has the right to deny boarding to passengers with certain medical conditions or disabilities that could pose a risk to other passengers. This includes situations where the passenger’s condition may be harmful during the flight.
  • Air India may refuse to allow the passenger to board their flight.
  • A passenger’s medical condition could pose a risk to other passengers. In such cases, the airline may deny boarding or require additional measures to ensure the safety of all passengers on board.
  • Passengers with contagious medical conditions or those traveling in an incubator or stretcher without an escort may not be allowed to travel on a flight.

Air India Wheelchair Charges

Passengers who require a wheelchair at the airport can request one from the airline without having to pay any additional charges, as per passenger civil rights.

To receive Air India wheelchair assistance and mobility assistance for your flight, request it during booking or from the reservation office.

Air India Provides Facilitation

Air India offers facilitation services to passengers with disabilities or special needs.

  • Air India prioritizes the needs of disabled passengers by boarding them first and deplaning them last while informing the crew about their medical conditions. 
  • In case of a connecting flight, they will be escorted to another carrier to ensure a smooth travel experience.
  • An airline is offering mobility assistance to passengers who use wheelchairs.
  • Air India offers assistance to passengers with special needs, such as wheelchairs and airport check-in aid. 
  • Passengers can select the service that best suits their requirements, while expectant mothers and parents of unaccompanied children can review policies on Air India’s website( before flying.
  • The airline offers assistance for passengers with various disabilities and medical needs, including those using crutches or prosthetics, visually impaired individuals with certified guide dogs, hearing-impaired passengers, those needing spinal support or medical assistants, and travelers with intellectual or developmental disabilities. 
  • They also accommodate passengers traveling with internal medical devices.
  • For those persons who need oxygen aid and a stretcher, the Airline will provide them easily.

Methods to Solve Air India Wheelchair Assistance

Airlines have observed that some passengers without disabilities use wheelchair assistance to skip security lines, causing delays for those who genuinely need it. 

  • Passengers are advised to allocate enough time for check-in and security procedures.
  • Sometimes wheelchair attendants at the airport may leave passengers in baggage claim or other areas. It is recommended to have a cell phone with important numbers programmed in case this happens so that one can call for help from family, friends, or a taxi.
  • If you need a wheelchair at the airport, airlines prefer 48 to 72 hours notice, but you can still ask for one when you check-in. However, it’s best to give yourself extra time if it’s a last-minute request.

If you are someone who requires Air India wheelchair assistance at the airport, it can be quite daunting to navigate through the process. However, with Air India’s special assistance services, getting wheelchair assistance has become a lot easier. In this article, we have provided detailed information on how you can get wheelchair assistance when traveling with Air India.

Air India offers different categories of wheelchairs based on your specific requirements, such as whether you require an aisle chair or a ramp for boarding/deboarding the aircraft. It is essential to carefully read through these categories mentioned in the article and select one that best suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Air India Wheelchair Assistance

How to avail of Air India travel assistance?

Air India offers special assistance and allows for quick and easy booking of their flights through an official website. They can easily book Air India Wheelchair assistance.

What is Air India baggage allowance?

Air India allows only one cabin of baggage weighing up to 7 kg and with dimensions not exceeding 115 cm. The bag must fit under the seat or in the enclosed storage compartment inside the cabin. For more information on Air India’s baggage allowance policy and other benefits, visit their website.

How to get airport wheelchair assistance?

To request special assistance at the airport, contact your airline after buying a ticket and use their specific codes.

What’s an airline wheelchair attendant?

The Wheelchair Agent assists airline passengers with mobility issues by safely escorting them through the airport terminal from one point to another.

Do I require to book special assistance at Air India?

To receive assistance during travel, it is recommended to request it either at the time of booking or 48 hours prior to departure. It can be done through a travel agent, tour operator, or airline, and the information will be shared with the airport and service provider.

What is Airlines wheelchair fees?

Passengers with wheelchairs or other assistive devices can check up to two of these items for free, along with any medical equipment. However, additional charges may apply for checking more than two devices or those used for sports purposes.

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