Air Tahiti Nui Flight Change Policy – How to Change Flight?

Air Tahiti Nui Flight Change Policy

With the help of Air Tahiti Nui flight change policy passengers can change their flight or modify their bookings as per their requirements. Sometimes this process leads to the passenger incurring cancellation fees and re-issuing fees on the new ticket. Customers need their reference ID to make modifications through the digital channel of Air Tahiti Nui. In case they lose it or lose their electronic ticket printout post check-ins they are open to contact Air Tahiti Nui assistance. The flight change policy also includes specific declarations such as optional service fees applicable to customers who wish to take along their pets. Now let’s take a comprehensive look at the Air Tahiti Nui bookings, Schedule changes, flight changes, and changes in fees policies. 

Air Tahiti Nui Change Flight Brief Introduction

Check Air Tahiti Nui Flight Change Status

There are some major clauses of the Air Tahiti Nui flight change policy which help passengers modify their bookings at Air Tahiti Nui. We are about some of the major pointers in the policy to get a better idea of it. 

Online Bookings and Cancellations

  • For making changes in the flight route, destination, name on the ticket, or canceling a reservation one can get in contact with the reservation room at Air Tahiti Nui or can reach out to them at their website( and phone contact details. 

Flight change Fees 

  • The fees vary depending on the flexibility of the airfare. 
  • The change fee policy slightly differs in the case of “Pass and Extension”. 
  • Optional fees are applied in case of traveling along with pets. 


  • Refund on a purchased ticket depends on the airfare booked. 
  • It is recommended to contact the office of Air Tahiti Nui for more details on refund availability.


  • Late fees are imposed on cancellations made 48 hours time frame before departure. 
  • On booking Cancellations a ticket may or may not be eligible for refund. 
  • In case of booking cancellations, there isn’t any guarantee of re-boarding into the same flight. 


  • As per the official website of Air Tahiti Nui extra fees and taxes are displayed on the fare selection facets

Air Tahiti Nui Schedule Change Policy Overview

Additionally, Air Tahiti Nui has finalized its flight schedule between various destinations through March 2024, but flight schedules are subject to change. 

Itinerary choices might be affected by re-scheduling so, to know about the details one can either reach out to their travel agent or help center of Air Tahiti Nui. 

Any modifications made to the flight tickets would change their seat and meal preferences as well. 

How to contact Air Tahiti Nui to request a schedule change? 

To request a schedule change for passengers and take any of the below-mentioned routes. 

  • You can consider speaking with their executive over a call at (+689) 40 86 42 42. 
  • You can visit Air Tahiti Nui’s official website to know about info on any query. They also have a FAQ page dedicated to answer all common queries of passengers. 
  • If you booked your ticket through a third party it is recommended to contact them in case of inconvenience. 
  • The schedule-changing details and notifications are exchanged with passengers on their mobile or email registered with Air Tahiti Nui.
  • Consider getting in touch with the Air Tahiti Nui reservation specialist in case of fees on the schedule change.

Air Tahiti Nui Change Fee Policy Detailed Guide 

In this section, we will discuss the Air Tahiti Nui change fees policy and the no-show fee for Air Tahiti Nui flights. 

  • For changing any booking, tickets, or flight for that matter the policy avails its passengers to avail it with a nominal charge of $30. This is for a single seat in case you are planning to book a seat assignment. 
  • In case of uncertainty in the flight date booking, a no-show fee applies at the time of changes in the booking. 
  • If you change your seat class with a seat incurring a higher fare you will be exempted from paying any fees on Air Tahiti Nui ticket changes anymore. 
  • Passengers will need to pay the difference plus 4,000 XPF per adult and 3,000 XPF per child
  • To access refunds with no fees you must do the changes within 72 hours before the departure time on the booked tickets. 
  • Specific sets of rules are applied to changes in the “Pass and Extension” Fares.
  • There will not be any charge on tickets that aren’t being paid for at the time of modification. 
  • If your new ticket is cheaper the remaining money gets refunded. 

What is the difference between Flex and Full Flex fares on Air Tahiti Nui? 

Here is a table Demonstrating the differences between the Flex and Fuel Flex fares on Air Tahiti Nui. 

1.Checked Bags allowance 46 kg23 kg
2.Priority check-inYesNo 
3.Ticket change before issuanceNo feesNo fees
4.Ticket change after issuance without change in fareNo feesNo fees
5.Priority boardingYesNo 

All fares include a welcome drink, carry-on baggage of 5 kg (11 lb), and an inflight magazine. 

Restricted Items On Air Tahiti Nui

Here is a list of items restricted to be carried in Air Tahiti Nui flights. Some of the below-mentioned items can be allowed in special scenarios under the handbag. 

  • Materials with Aerosol such as foaming cream are allowed within a limited quantity of 0.5 liters/0.5 kg (1 lb) per article. 
  • An individual is allowed to carry an Aerosol containing product up to 2 liters/2 kg. 
  • Bulbs in Air Tahiti Nui must be carried in their retail packaging. 
  • One can carry a remote control object with them in their handbag with removed batteries. 
  • A sharp object should be packed in your hold baggage. This includes pointed objects such as knives and razors. 
  • You will have to inform about your health condition while making a reservation if you require to carry a syringe with you. 
  • A Mercury thermometer packed safely within its packaging in hold baggage is accepted. 
  • Dangerous work tools are subjected to be carried in hold baggage only. 

Air Tahiti Nui Change Booking Process

Here is a brief account of the Air Tahiti Nui change booking process. 

  • Get over call to cancel or make modifications to the booking at Air Tahiti Nui. 
  • Get informed about the fees as it will be influenced by the range of your airfare. 
  • The seat and meal preferences you might have made in the previous heading may have changed. Check for them as well. 
  • As we know Air Tahiti Nui doesn’t guarantee pre-boarding on the same flight on a changed booking ticket. 

To modify your bookings you should have the following information.  

  • Your booking reference number
  • Your last name as it appears on the booking
  • Your departure and arrival cities
  • Your travel dates

Where can I find my Air Tahiti Nui booking reference number? 

To find your Air Tahiti Nui booking reference number, you can check your email confirmation or itinerary, as it should be included in those documents. 

Alternatively, you can retrieve your booking reference number by visiting the Air Tahiti Nui website and entering your electronic ticket number or booking reference number in the “Retrieve Your Booking” section. 

How to change seats on Air Tahiti Nui? 

Air Tahiti Nui’s flight change policy allows passengers to make modifications to their seat preferences. So, you can check the seating arrangement chart of the Air Tahiti Nui flights to book yourself a cozy space. There are several ways a passenger can opt to change seats on Air Tahiti Nui. Some of the feasible ways are been mentioned below: 

  • Through the reservation office: Consider getting in touch with the Air Tahiti Nui Reservations Office to change seats. Remember to contact the office 72 hours before the departure time. 
  • On the official website: By visiting the “Manage Trip” page of the official website of Air Tahiti Nui also a new seat alignment could be requested. You can find the Manage Trip feature in the menu list of the website. It might ask for your reference ID to proceed with the changes. 
  • Phone Call: This is presumably the easiest method available. This way you can secure a seat of your choice based on availability. 

If you are still confused about Air Tahiti Nui change seats, you can dial the official number of the airline (+689) 40 86 42 42 for assistance. 

It is recommended to request seat assignments as soon as you confirm and ticket your reservations so that more seat options will be available. Moreover, an interesting fact to know here is that exit and bulkhead rows can only be assigned at the airport through the reservation office. 

Online Seat Selection in Air Tahiti Nui 

  • Customers are allowed to book online tickets and choose seats as per their wish in the web check-in process of Air Tahiti Nui. 
  • Visit the official website of Air Tahiti and follow the instructions by reaching out to the section “managing trips”. 

Premium Seats in Air Tahiti Nui 

  • There is a fee applicable on the premium Seats of the Air Tahiti Nui. 
  • To ensure more seat options both premium and non-premium, passengers must select their seats right after confirmation of this ticket reservation. 
  • Passengers are allowed to have seat arrangements as they wish to at the time of check-ins as there isn’t any pre-decided seat placement. 

Refund On Unused Tickets 

Passengers can receive refunds on unused Air Tahiti Nui tickets. Here are the documents needed for that;

  • Booked ticket copy. 
  • Or, if you don’t have a copy of the tickets you can still get a refund with your ticket number. 
  • Original form of payment opted by individuals on booking. It includes details such as card number, expiry fare on the card, and type. 
  • Email registered with them at the time of the bookings. They send you a receipt over the provided email. 
  • For receiving cash refunds passengers are needed to provide their mailing address. 

In this article, we took a detailed look at the Air Tahiti Nui Flight Change Policy and its related aspects. Note that passengers can get a refund on unused tickets or partially used tickets. The article also talks about the flight change schedule and fees, change of seats, and change of booking in Air Tahiti Nui flights. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Air Tahiti Nui Change Flight Policy

Can I shift my flight to a different date?

Yes, it is possible to modify the dates of your boarding. To reschedule one can contact the airline or visit their website.

How do I contact Air Tahiti Nui?

To contact Air Tahiti Nui you can visit their reservation office. Or, get in touch with them at their website and over call. You can consider speaking with their executive over a call at (+689) 40 86 42 42.

How to Change Flight Reservations

To change the flight reservations of whichever flight you want, it is recommended to check their website and make the necessary changes. One can even call the Airline’s assistance directly for this.

How long is the Air Tahiti ticket valid?

In usual scenarios, an Air Tahiti Nui flight ticket is valid for about a year. You can only travel along with the flight, class, and space unchanged whether in a year or you want to. The date of validation is marked from the date of issue of the ticket.

How many bags can I take on Air Tahiti?

Air Tahiti passengers are allowed to carry 1 carry-on bag that should be under the standard set dimensions; 55 x 35 x 25 cm (21.7 x 13.8 x 9.9 in). The bag one carries must be under the bag weight limit which is 11 lb.

Can I bring alcohol on Air Tahiti?

Yes, you can bring along Alcohol with some liquid transport conditions applied to it such as it should be within 70% volume while boarding Air Tahiti Nui flights. The alcoholic beverage you are carrying shouldn’t exceed the 5 liters limit. You can’t carry any local or handcrafted alcoholic drink. They should be packed in their retail packaging.

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