Air Tahiti Nui Name Change Policy – Change Name on Ticket

Air Tahiti Nui Name Change Policy

Air Tahiti Nui has created a name change policy to help passengers correct errors on flight tickets. This Air Tahiti Nui name change policy aims to make the process of modifying personal information easier for flyers who may encounter mistakes during booking. This policy for changing names on tickets outlines the rules and conditions. Travelers can refer to this policy when modifying or correcting their name on a ticket. Flyers must have the correct name on their tickets because airlines prioritize safety, and accurate passenger information ensures safe travel.

Air Tahiti Nui Change Name on Ticket

Passengers of Air Tahiti Nui must follow specific rules of name change policy when changing their name. These guidelines assist in a smooth modification process and protect passenger privacy, making it crucial to understand them beforehand.

  • Passengers can only make online changes to tickets booked through the official sources of an airline.
  • If you need to change a reservation made through certain travel agencies, you’ll have to get in touch with the agency directly.
  • Passengers flying with Air Tahiti Nui are only permitted to make partial corrections or edits to their names on tickets rather than changing the entire name.
  • To make use of a name change feature offered by the carrier, passengers must ensure that the name on their reservation matches precisely with their passport or government ID.
  • To change your last name after marriage or divorce, legal documents proving the change are required by airlines for verification.
  • The fee for changing a name on a booking depends on when the request is made. If the request is made within 24 hours of booking, there may be no charge.
  • The airline processes name changes quickly, but updating last names may take time. Requesting changes in advance can prevent airport hassles.
  • You can change any part of your name, such as the middle, first or last name.

Note: The name change policy of Air Tahiti Nui may be updated periodically by the authorities, so it is recommended to check the official website for Air Tahiti Nui change passenger name.

Air Tahiti Nui Name Correction Methods

Air Tahiti Nui name correction policy offers an online option for name changes on their official website, which is simple and accessible from anywhere. This method is ideal for international travelers who prefer technology-based solutions.

  • To change your name on an airline’s official website(, go to the “Manage Booking” section and follow the provided steps.
  • To access the Air Tahiti Nui website, open your browser and navigate to its leading site.
  • To manage your booking on a website, go to the homepage and select the “Manage Booking” tab from the dialogue box.
  • To complete a booking on the website, enter the passenger’s last name and booking number in the designated tab.
  • The fourth step involves submitting the correct details on a website by clicking a red arrow button.
  • To change the name on a flight reservation, select the specific ticket or flight and follow the prompts to update the information.
  • Then, access the name change option on Air Tahiti Nui’s website. Users may need to attach a digital copy of their passport or ID as proof.
  • To change your name, pay the fee if required and wait for a confirmation email to be sent to your registered address.
  • If you need to correct your middle or last name on an Air Tahiti Nui ticket, it can only be done once after booking. If you need to make additional changes, you’ll have to contact the agents for help.

Offline method

The name change policy has created an offline option for customers who are not familiar with their online name change procedures. This is to make it more convenient for travelers.

  • Passengers can now contact airline agents directly to request name modifications, with customer care available 24/7 for convenience and efficiency.
  • To contact airline agents, call the general customer care number or use the country-specific toll-free numbers.
  • To find your region’s contact number for a carrier, go to their official website and look for the “Contact Us” section under the “Information” tab at the bottom of the page. This will redirect you to a new page with contact information for different countries.
  • Then, Introduce yourself and state your reason for calling the agents.
  • To Air Tahiti Nui change name on ticket, and request to use their name correction feature.
  • In order to complete the verification, personal and flight information must be submitted.
  • Submit legal documents for name changes due to marriage or divorce.
  • After, making the necessary payment for a Air Tahiti Nui change name fee through available modes recommended by air authorities.
  • Your request will be processed by agents who may contact you via email or phone to confirm.

Note: Customers of Air Tahiti Nui can use the customer care service to access various features, including flight modification, seat selection, and name changes.

Is adding your Middle Name to an Airline Ticket necessary?

Check Air Tahiti Nui Ticket Name Change Status

Adding an Air Tahiti Nui middle name to an airline ticket is usually not a problem, but if the passenger’s government-issued ID has a misspelled or incorrect middle name, it’s best to use the name on the ID.

Travelers must update their passport or government-issued ID before booking a flight if their name has been modified due to wedding or other reasons, as the name on the ID must match the name on the ticket.

Air Tahiti Nui Name Change Fee

Sometimes there is an Air Tahiti Nui name change fee for changes or corrections, but usually, they’re free.

  • To learn about Air Tahiti Nui’s policies on name changes, check their official website or contact customer service. Policies are subject to change.
  • The Air Tahiti Nui name change fee varies based on the ticket type and reason for the change.
  • According to the policy, Minor name changes are typically free, including spelling corrections.
  • Changing a person’s name can result in fees, which vary depending on how soon the departure date is.
  • If an airline makes a mistake, the passenger will not be required to pay.

What if I change my Name after buying a flight ticket?

When traveling, it’s vital that the name on your flight ticket matches the name on your passport. This means reserving tickets using the same name, gender and birth date as shown on your passport. 

  • If you change your name or identification after making a reservation, contact the airline to request a change of name.
  • Passengers undergoing a name change while flying may be required to provide documentation, and whether or not they will be charged for this service depends on their individual case. 
  • It is recommended that passengers inform the airline of the name change as early as possible.

Air Tahiti Nui name change policy is flexible and accessible to all passengers, with various options for different types of passengers. The fee charged for name changes is minimal, making it affordable.

The policy for name changes is flexible and accommodates different types of passengers, with liberal allowances for various kinds of changes. Airlines aim to offer customers current and thorough information for a smooth flight experience. Assistance is available through experienced consultants at a toll-free number.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Air Tahiti Nui Change Name Policy

Can you change a passenger’s name on a flight ticket?

Tickets are currently transferable, meaning name changes on a reservation are allowed. To change the passenger’s name, one must cancel the ticket and book a new one.

How can travelers contact the Air Tahiti Nui airline?

If there are any modifications to your travel itinerary, they will notify you as soon as possible. To inquire regarding upcoming flights, call 1 (877) 824-4846 in the United States.

What if there is a spelling mistake on traveler’s flight ticket?

To avoid being unable to fly owing to a misspelled name on their flight ticket, contact the airline or Alternative Airlines immediately to correct it. The name on your ticket should match the name on your passport.
If your name is spelled incorrectly on your flight ticket, contact the airline or Air Tahiti Nui Airlines to fix it. If the name on your flight ticket does not match your passport, you may not be permitted to fly.

What if the traveler name is incorrect?

To avoid troubles when traveling, it is crucial to make sure that the name on your ticket matches the one on your passport. If they do not match, you may require to get your ticket changed, which can come with a fee depending on the airline and the size of the error.

May I fly with a misspelt last name on the ticket?

If you have a minor misspelling on your airline ticket, it must be correct. However, if the name is completely different, you won’t be permitted to proceed through security without correcting it with the airline first.

What are the fees of the name change on a flight ticket?

The cost of modifying a name on a flight ticket varies by airline. Minor typos may be corrected for free, however transferring the ticket to someone else or rebooking under a new name could result in fees.

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