Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy – Change Name on Ticket

Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy

Booking reservations for the first time and did you make a mistake? Then this content is for you. Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy is in place to help passengers make corrections to their names. It is essential that your name is similar to the one on your passport. Failing to do so will lead to you not being able to board your flight with Alaska Airlines. Be it Human error or machine error, no matter what leads to a misspelled name on your reservation. What is important is to fix it before you board your flight. And that is when understanding the policy comes in handy.  

The content is centered around the Alaska Airlines change name policy. To give you a clear and better understanding of how the policy works. The name change or correction fee charged and what documents are needed are also covered here. If you need more assistance like adding pet travel to your flight then it can also be done while you are making these changes.

Why is the Alaska Airlines Name Correction Policy needed?

When it comes to making changes or corrections to your name on your fight ticket. There could be a number of reasons that lead up to this. You could have legally changed your name, gone through a divorce, or gotten married. All of these require you to show up with proof documents in support of your name change. You could have made a spelling error or the system error caused a misspell. All of these reasons require a name change policy in place so we have Alaska Airlines change name on account policy in action. The mentioned points below will give a better insight into the policy.

  • If you make the request for name corrections within 24 hours of flight bookings then there is no fee charged.
  • If you miss the 24-hour window then there will be a fee for corrections done.
  • If your name changes legally after your reservations are done but before your flight departure. Then you do not have to make changes to your reservations as it won’t be considered a mistake.
  • Just bring your document with you as proof so that the airline staff can check that. It would mean you have the paperwork but the official ID is yet to be received.
  • Single-letter changes are allowed by the airline.
  • Passengers that have tickets from third-party sources need to get the corrections done from them only.
  • As per Alaska Airlines middle name policy, there is no need to mention a middle name in the reservation.
  • When you are requesting a name change due to Alaska Airlines name change marriage policy. Then you will have to show up with a marriage certificate.

Alaska Airlines Name Change Fee

If you have been wondering about the Alaska Airlines name change fee charged. Then read ahead. There is no Alaska Airlines name change on ticket fee charged If you make these changes within 24 hours of bookings. You will have to pay for the name change or correction fee when you miss the 24-hour window. The fee charged can range up to $125 depending on the fare type. 

How to change a passenger’s name on an Alaska Airlines flight ticket?

Alaska Airlines is offering passengers many ways by which they can make corrections or changes to their name on the reservations. These changes can be done by means of online ways and offline ways as well as per the Alaska Airlines name correction policy. The online ways include visiting the official website and using the airline’s mobile application. The offline ways are by visiting the airport counter physically or by calling the customer care line of the airline. Below we have mentioned these options in detail to help you with the Alaska Airline name change on your flight tickets.

Alaska Airlines Name Correction Via Official Website

The most widely recommended and used Alaska Airlines name correction way is with the help of the official website. With the convenience of making changes from anywhere, this is the most preferred way. This method is not just limited to this but you can cancel your Alaska Airlines flight using this as well. Follow these steps to be able to make corrections to your name using the airline website.

  • Open the official Alaska Airlines website.
  • Now login with Your name and PNR Number
  • Click on submit and go to My Bookings
  • Click on the reservation you wish to make changes to
  • Make the necessary corrections and pay a fee is required
  • Click on Submit.
  • Once done you will be notified of the corrections made.

Alaska Airlines Change Passenger Name by calling Customer Care

Alternatively, a different way to make corrections or changes to your name on the Alaska reservations is by calling the airline. The empathetic Alaskan staff available on the line is trained to assist the passengers with any help that they need. Be ready with all your information and the documents to prove your correct name. So that the whole process can happen in an easy way for you. Let the staff know that you called for Alaska Airlines Change passenger name service and they will assist you accordingly.

Alaska Airlines Change Name on ticket At The Airport Counter

Check Alaska Airlines Ticket Name Change at Airport

Passengers who like to visit the airport and get things done this option is for you. The Alaska Airline staff president at the airport counter are trained professionals who are waiting to assist you. They will solve your query regarding Alaska Airlines change name on ticket policy, that you walk up to them with. Just bring all your documents and reservation details along with you. As it will help the staff in identifying you to begin with. Bring the document in support of your legal name that you want on the reservation. 

Alaska Airlines Change Name on Account Via Mobile Application

The Alaska Airlines mobile application is available on both the Android and IOS platforms. First, you need to download it on your devices and then open the application. After that login into your account and choose the flight you wish to make changes to. Then make the corrections or changes required. Pay a fee for Alaska airline name change if applicable and then click on submit. Now the changes are done and you will be notified of the Alaska Airlines change name on account via your mail.

This content gives an insight into Alaska Airlines change name on reservation policy. So you can use this information to figure out what to do next when there is a misspell or correction needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy

Can I change the name on my Alaska Airlines ticket within 24 hours of flight booking?

Yes, you can make corrections to your name as per the Alaska Airlines change name policy. Within 24 hours of flight bookings without paying any name change fee. 

Can you tell me how to change name on Alaska Airline tickets?

You can change your name via online methods and offline methods as well. Read the point mentioned above in the Alaska Airline name change policy for more clarity.

How to change name on ticket for Alaska Airlines by calling Customer care?

The 1-800-654-5669 number is for customer care make sure you call the airline and ask them for assistance regarding changing name.

How to change your name on Alaska Airlines mileage plan after marriage?

Just bring along your marriage documents and make sure you get your name changed based on that. Additionally, you can update your personal details as well.

How Do I change name on Alaska Airlines ticket without paying a dime?

You can make changes to your name free of cost within 24 hours of flight bookings. 

Can I board my flight with an Alaska Airlines misspelled name ticket?

No, you won’t be able to board the airline flight due to Alaska Airlines misspelled name policy. Which states that the name of your ticket needs to match the one on your passport. 

Is it essential to fly with Alaska Airlines with a middle name on the ticket?

No, as per Alaska Airlines middle name on ticket policy, there is no need for your middle name. Only your first name and last name are essential to match the one on your passport. 

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