Breeze Airways Cancellation Policy – Cancel & Get Refund

Breeze Airways Cancellation Policy

The Breeze Airways Cancellation Policy is in place to help you make informed decisions regarding flight cancellation. When it comes to requesting a flight cancellation with the Breeze Airline it is easy. Airline has mapped out the ways your can request flight cancellation with them. Also the information regarding the Cancellation fee charged and what to do next is also covered here in detail.

Why Do I Need Breeze Airways Cancellations Policy?

Passengers that find themselves wondering about the hows and what ifs of Breeze flight cancellations. This article is for you. Breeze Airways has a passenger friendly cancellation policy laid out to help passengers. All the information regarding different cancellation policies is mentioned in this articel. Here listed below in points is the cancellation policy. So after reading this you will get a better insight of this policy.

  • The Breeze Airline allows you to make cancellations up to 15 minutes before the Scheduled Departure.
  • As per the breeze airways flight cancellations policy, full amount is given back if the cancellations are made within 24 hours of flight bookings.
  • Once this time period passes the airline will end up charging some portion of your ticket fare as a cancellation fee.
  • In incidents where flight cancellation happens due to weather disturbances then no cancellation fee is charged.
  • Tickets sold by Breeze Airlines are Non-Refundable types. So the amount to be retired gets converted into points popularly called Breeze points.
  • Airline has no reimbursements for Breeze flights tickets that are promotional tickets.
  • Flight cancellations that are made within the window of 24 hours are the only ones where you get the money back to you through the same mode of payment as others get credits back.

Breeze Airways 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

If you have been wondering about the 24 hour cancellation policy of breeze airways then here is your answer. Below listed points will help you get a better idea about the policies.

  1. If you cancel your tickets within 24 hours of reservation then no cancellation fee is charged by the airline.
  2. In order to be eligible for this breeze airways 24 hour cancellation you need to make sure that your ticket must have been bought at least 7 days before the departure date.
  3. Once this 24 hour window expires and if you still wish to go forward with cancellations then a cancellation fee will be charged.
  4. Exception to this lies when the airline cancels or change your flight and the reason is bad weather, you are liable to get your money back.

Breeze Airways Cancellation Fee

If you find yourself worrying about the cancellation fee charged by the airline then read ahead. Breeze Airways Cancellation Rate depends on the fare type a passenger has with the airline. Below mentioned information will help you get a better understanding of the cancellation fee charged by the airline.

  • If you have a basic fare type then the cancellation fee charged depends on the route you are travelling to. If it is domestic flights then the fee charged is $150 and $200 for international routes.
  • If your ticket comes under the category of extra fare type and plus fare type then no cancellation fee is charged.

Breeze Airways Cancelled Flights Policy

Check Breeze Airways Flight Cancelled Status

There are times when an airline might end up cancelling flights that is when the breeze airways cancelled flights policy comes in handy. The reason of your query breeze airways cancelled my flight are Weather related issues, long delays and mechanical issues. No matter the reason Breeze has answers ready for all the passengers going through trouble when the airline cancels their flight. The airline will call the passengers and inform them about any delays or cancellations done from their end. The airline has a backed up flight booking ready for the passengers so that they can fly to their destination.

There are a few options available to passengers when Breeze cancels their flights such as waiting for the airline to book you another flight, cancelling one part of your flight and seeking refund or cancelling the entire trip all together. No matter what your choice is the Breeze Airline will be there to assist you with the same. If the airline delays your flight for more than 5 hours or you get stuck at the airport due to delays then also you become eligible for your money back. 

Cancelled Flight Compensations By Breeze Airline

There are times when the airline will cancel your flight and what you do next and what is done next for you is covered here. The compensation offered is based on the flight distance remaining on the unused Breeze Flight tickets. Below mentioned points will give you a better idea about this.

  1. If the remaining distance left is around 400 miles then the compensation offered is $75.
  2. If the remaining distance left is between 400 and 550 miles then the compensation offered is $150.
  3. If the remaining distance left is more than 550 miles then the compensation offered is $300.

Additionally as compensation to passengers whose breeze flight is delayed for 2 or more hours. They are offered complimentary meals and free web access and calls. Also the next flight is booked as soon as possible. In addition to these passengers whose flight is delayed for more than 5 hours get free airport transfer to and from their hotel. Also refund is generated for the unused portion of their flights. If you are denied boarding by the Breeze airline then you become eligible for a compensation fee of up to $300.

Breeze Airways Refund Policy

Wondering how to request for refunds with Breeze Airways? And how can you make sure you get your money back? And How many days does it take for the refund to reflect back to your account. Then read ahead. The breeze airways refund policy is in place to actively guide you with all the conditions the airline has in place before they can return passengers money back. Points that will help in better understanding of this policy are mentioned below:

  • You are eligible for getting a refund if you bought following services such as pets, baggage and seat upgrades.
  • If you fail in cancelling your Breeze flight 15 minutes prior to your flight departure, then no refund is provided to you.
  • You get a full refund through the same mode of payment, provided you cancel your breeze flight within 24 hours and the cancelled flight was not modified before. 
  • If cancellations are done on the part of the airline then refunds are initiated by the airline.
  • If a passenger cancels their breeze flight through online means then the refunded amount is given in form of credits to the passengers account that was used to make bookings in the first place.
  • Furthermore if there is a no-show from the end of the passenger then no refund is given.

Keep in mind any time if your refund request is not meeting the requirement of the Breeze airline then the refund issued back to you will be in the form of credit rather than in monetary form. Also if the ticket has been purchased by any third party ways then the only way to request for refunds is the same way.

What are the different ways to request Flight Cancellations with Breeze Airways?

Breeze Airline has provided its passengers with many ways by which they can request or cancel their flights. The ways provided are online as well as offline ways. All the different modes are explained below in detail for further assistance.

Breeze Flight Cancellation Via Official Website

This is the most used and recommended way for flight cancellation that is used by the passengers. As it provides the convenience of making desired cancellation with the comfort of being anywhere. You can follow the steps mentioned below and get it done.

  • First you need to go to the official Breeze website (
  • And then login using your details.
  • Now a portal will open up, click on View Trip and
  • Choose the flight you want to cancel.
  • Once you are done the airline will notify you of the same.

Breeze Flight Cancellation Via Mobile App

Another online way by which passengers can seek flight cancellations is by using the mobile application. The Breeze Airlines mobile app is available on both iPhone and android platforms. First you need to download this application on your preferred device. Then open the app and login in with your details. Now the window with all the booked flights information will show up. You can choose the one you wish to make cancellations to. Once done you will be noticed by the airline.

Breeze Flight Cancellation By Visiting Airport Counter

Passengers that prefer visiting the airport counter can request for cancellations there. The staff present there is warm and ready to assist you with all the needed help. It is advised to show up at the Breeze Airway counter ready with the required paperwork. These include your PNR and passports.

Breeze Flight Cancellation By Calling Customer Care

Lastly if none of the above suits you then you can go and give a call to Breeze. Breeze Airline assistance is just a call away and the staff present is trained to help you with the same. Just keep your id information and ticket information handy. So that the staff can assist your properly.

This article is centric towards Breeze Airways Flight Cancellation Policy. Here mentioned above is all the required knowledge that will be needed when you find yourself wondering what are the cancellation and refund policies offered by the airline. So that your air travel is a hassle free experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Breeze Airways Cancellation Policy

How do I cancel a flight on breeze airways?

There are ways such as online and offline ways available to make cancellations to the Breeze airline flights.

How to cancel and refund breeze airways?

If a passenger is eligible for refunds then it is provided once Breeze Airline charges with Cancellation fees.

How to cancel Breeze airways flight online ?

Breeze allows passengers to cancel flights by visiting the official website of the airline and logging in and cancelling flights from the My Trip section.

Are breeze airways tickets refundable?

Usually Breeze has non-refundable tickets only so as refunds they offer credits to passengers.

How often does breeze airways cancel flights?

Breeze Airways cancels flights due to some unfortunate events that are not in the hands of the airline and it is for the safety of passengers and crew.

Has breeze airways cancelled flights and not informed passengers ?

If you are wondering Is Breeze airways cancelling flights then be rest assured that Breeze always informs in case flight cancellation happens from their end and simultaneously offers solutions aka alternatives to passengers.

Does Breeze Airways cancel flights and give refunds for additional services requested?

As per the breeze airway cancellation policy no refund is initiated or offered for additional services bought by the passengers such as pet travel, seat upgrades or additional bags.

How long do I have to wait for my money that is refunded by the Breeze Airline for Flight Cancellation?

Once issued the Breeze Airways Cancellation Refund shows up after seven to ten business days.

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