Breeze Airways Pet Policy – Travelling with Pets in Cabin

Breeze Airways Pet Policy

Breeze Airways Pet Policy will help you understand in detail what you need to bring while travelling with your pet. This pet policy focuses on making your life easy and convenient while making bookings for air travel. Breeze only offers pets to travel with them in Passenger cabin. With Breeze you pet cannot travel as Checked baggage or in Cargo Compartments. This article is centric to Breeze Airways travel with pets policy.

Why is Breeze Airways Pet Travel Policy needed?

Check Breeze Airways Pet Travel Policy

Have you been wondering what are the breeze airways international pet travel requirements mentioned by Breeze Airways. Or are you wondering about the breeds allowed on board, then you are at the right place. There are times when we need to fly with our pets. And Breeze Airways understands how special and important our pets are to us. So Breeze has mapped this pet travel policy to help you and ease your mind. Even if your flight gets cancelled and you want to know what to do next. Breeze Airways has go you covered with their breeze airways flying with pets policy. So you can make your travel plans with a clear mind.

Pets Travelling In Cabin With Breeze

Breeze Airways welcomes you and your furry friend to fly with them on board. The Breeze Airways allows pets on boards that are small in size. Furthermore in details all the information are mentioned below.

  • Animals allowed on board to travel are cats and dogs.
  • The Breeze Airline has a first come first serve policy for pets travel.
  • The capacity of the pets per flight on board allowed is up to 5 pets.
  • The weight of a pet allowed on board as per breeze airways pets on board policy is 25 lbs plus the carrier.
  • If the pet is travelling in the carrier then make sure it has one soft side to it.
  • Pets allowed in the cabin are equal to or more than 8 weeks old.
  • Only well behaved pets are allowed on board else as per breeze airways travelling with pets policy, the airline has the right to deny them boarding.

In-Cabin Carrier Requirement

When it comes to pet carriers it is very important you bring the right one for your pet. As your pet will stay for a long time inside it, so their comfort needs to be prioritized. Breeze Airways pet travel in cabin is to ensure that the carriers must be of dimension 17*8*13. Carriers must be soft sided and properly ventilated. Make sure your pet has enough room to turn around and lie down and nap inside the carrier. Keep a padded layering at the bottom of the carrier to ensure no leakage happens during the journey.

Service Dog Flying With Breeze Airways

Breeze airways welcomes service dogs onboard with their owners. So here below you have all the information regarding service dogs travelling with the Breeze Airways.

  • Breeze Airline only accepts Dogs as service animals on their flights. You need to notify the airline in advance if you are planning to travel with a service dog.
  • This is recommended to be done 48 hours prior to flight departure by submitting the Service Animal Air travel transportation form.
  • Best thing is that passengers are allowed to travel with up to 2 trained service dogs as per Breeze Airways pets in cabin policy.
  • As per Breeze Airways travelling with pets policy
  • Any service dog that is in training is considered as a pet so they are allowed to travel as pets only.
  • For the entire flight duration that starts from arriving at the airport till reaching the destination. The service dog must be harnessed and on leash attached to their owners throughout the journey.
  • Furthermore the service dog must be seated on the passengers lap or at the floor at all times during the flight.
  • Additionally passengers can buy a separate seat for their support animal provided the animal stays in the seat.
  • Also the service dog that is seated on your lap must be less than 2 years old as per breeze airways flying with pet in cabin policy.

Keep in mind at any time if your service dog fails to perform the required tasks or misbehaves. Breeze Airline has the right to deny you and your dog boarding.

In case you fail to provide proper documentation for your support dog then they end up travelling as a Breeze Airways pet in cabin with the airline.

This article is centric to the information based on the Breeze Airways pet policy. All the information a passenger needs regarding the pet travel is covered here. Weather you want to know about the pet travel fee or about the safety measures the airline follows. All of it is covered here in detail. So you can worry less about your pet travelling with Breeze Airways.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Breeze Airways Pet Travel Policy

Does Breeze Airways allow pets to travel in the passenger cabin?

Yes as per the Breeze Airways pet travel policy pets are allowed to travel in the cabin with their owners.

Does Breeze Airways allow pets in the cabin to travel in separate seats?

No, only service dogs can travel in separate seats but pets travel on the floor on board.

Is there a pet travel fee charged by the Breeze Airways? How much is it?

The pet travel fee charged by Breeze Airways is for one way. The breeze airways pet travel cost charged is $75.

Does Breeze Airways allow pets to travel in Cargo hold?

Unfortunately, Breeze Airways has no breeze airways pet cargo policy to allow pets to travel in cargo.

Can I fly with my emotional support animal with Breeze Airways?

No such service is available on Breeze Airways, so you cannot fly with your emotional support animal.

What breeds of pets are allowed to fly with breeze Airways?

Breeze Airways allows small cats and dogs to fly with them in the passenger cabin.

Does Breeze Airways allow pets on board that are emotional support animals?

No Breeze Airways does not allow emotional support animals to fly with them.

Does Breeze airways fly pets as checked baggage in the baggage compartment?

Unfortunately Breeze Airways doesn’t fly pets as checked baggage.

Do I need to submit a health document to fly my pet with Breeze Airways?

Breeze does not need you to submit any sort of health document to fly your pet. 

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